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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 29th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Rajeshwari offers Rani Ramo’s position

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 29th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Pinku says you proved that servant’s kid can be an officer. I will be your assistant. I will take 10% of your salary. Rani is shocked. Rani says I will say myself Rani Singh. First class passed in diploma. Rani comes to Rajeshwari says the same. She tells about her diploma. Rani says I am a champ in maths. First prize winner in sports and Hindi competition. My objective for working in a company is to make a profit only. Rajeshwari says are you done? She says you’re 4 minutes late. Rani says sorry. the rickshaw was moving like a cow cart. I wanted to thank you for giving me this job. This mark sheet is useful for the first time. Rajeshwari says you have to pay back for every favor. Would you? She says yes I will give no complaint. Rajeshwari says never to waste my time again like this. Use our hands more than the tongue. Kumud brings uniform. She says will I have to wear it in the office? It looks like my dad’s. Rajeshwari says this house is your office. This was Ramo’s uniform and now this is yours. Rani is shocked. Rajeshwari says this is my world and here there’s no space for your low class mentality and this marksheet and diploma. Things happen here as I want. Rani says but I am educated. She says I know. We can find educated people but not someone who can handle my house.

Rani says but I can handle your office’s accounts. Rajeshwari says you have to handle this house. Cleanliness, food, who likes what, you have to manage all that. Rani says how can I do that? I thought there’s some vacant position in office. Rajeshwari says Ramo’s place is vacant in my house and that’s what I called you for. You are a servant’s daughter. I told you I am doing a favor on Ramo and I will take it back. It’s give and take. I will help you in getting Ramo out. And as a payback, you will take his place. He has always listened to me. I knew being a servant is in your genes. Your new life is starting from today. Rani is in tears. She recalls Ramo saying I was a servant so you could fly. Rani leaves. Rani is in tears.

Rajeshwari’s husband says she wants to study and become and engineer. You could hire anyone on a better salary. She says your hire ‘anyone’ brought their dirt in our house. It mixed in our family and I couldn’t ever clean it. He says what has that got to do with this girl? She says servants are here to nod to our orders only. We don’t hug them. We show them their worth. He says this is your misunderstanding. This girl is educated you won’t be able to control her. She says you’re right, you were also educated. I wasn’t able to control you either. I saved her from doing a mistake. Her dreams can never come true. They forget their worth and reality. She’s a servant’s daughter. I kenw she would say yes. A servant can never say no.

Rani walks into a dark room. She looks at Ramo’s picture and recalls him promoting her all the time. She recalls what Rajeshwari said. Rani looks at the uniform. Dadi calls Rani. She says Rani there’s big news for you. You passed in the engineering college’s test. You did so well. You have to go to college for interview now. Dad on shop and daughter in office. When are you coming back? Rani is in tears. She says it will take some time but we will come back. I will bring dad with me.

Scene 2
The next morning, Rani dances in the house and wakes everyone by hitting steel plate. Everyone comes to the hall. Rani says listen.. listen.. listen.. Vikram takes the plate from her and says what’s the news? Rajmata comes. Rani takes her blessings. Rajmata says this is a good way of waking someone up. Did you do this in village as well? Rani says see how everyone woke up. Rajmata says good. Rani says I used to wake up at 8 every morning. Rani says I am taking his place so I thought I have to wake up something in new way. Nandani says what way is this? Rani says this is my way. My dad told me to do something memorable on day 1 in a unique way. She says how is my first impression? Vikram says I liked it. Something happening is happening in this house. Ramo kaka was so boring like take your juice or coffee. Rani says his way was right. I thought I would do it like him but then I thought there are so many doors here. Rajeshwari says totally disgusting. She comes downstairs.

Rajeshwari says this is our royal house. Maintain our class and respect it. Don’t do these monkey low-class things here. You’re here on Ramo’s place. So work like a servant.

Precap-Rani says I have put my dreams on hold, didn’t shatter them. Pinku says will we be able to go back? Dad was living this life for years. Rani says I am just trying to pay back for their favor.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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