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Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 14

Hi frnds/sissy’s. thanks for ur likes and comments. I know u all r excited for this episode. Well lets start now.

Milan comes near sanskar. He helped him to stand and makes him to sit in car. He took him to mansion and made him sleep on bed.

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Milan brings coffee to sanskar. Sanskar got up and takes the coffee. He all over silent like already lost his life.

Mil: sir, now u came to know who was behind all this. U can go to swaragini and tell them truth. They will understand.

San: in sad voice only. Wat can I tell them Milan. Same thing I was abt to tell. Whatever he told them its truth only. Difference is that I had to tell before him. He told before and made me wrong. Now no one will understand. No solution for this Milan. Only one thing is that atleast shekhar uncle wud be happy. Coz of me I cant let him suffer. Marrying swara is only solution.

Mil: but sir u don’t love her. How will u spend life with her when ragini is in ur heart.

San: don’t know Milan. My mind is not working nw. let happen whatever will happen.

Mil: sir I’ll tell to shekhar sir everything.

San: no Milan . u’ll not tell him anything. I don’t want him to be worried. Its my order for u.

Mil: ok sir. In mind atleast I can tell ragini.

@ragini home

She was sitting at one corner and crying. When sanskar left, from that time still she’s on same position thinking and crying.

Rag: why sanskar? Why u dint tell me truth? Why u dint tell abt swara? If u wud hav told I wud hav tried to stop my feelings growing towards u. I cud have stop loving u. u ruined everything sanskar. I know u love me. I can see that in ur eyes. I know u r rite abt swara wat u told. Its attraction not love. I believ ur each and every word sanskar. I know its true. But u made mistake by hiding. I was waiting to tell my love to u. its gud that I came to know truth or else I cud have hurt swara. Wats her fault in this. She also loves u, whether u do or not. But first u approached her. If u marry me, everyone will point at u, that u r characterless, always changing girls. I cant hear anything bad abt u. for that I can do anything. I can sacrifice my love also. But one thing is true, no one will love u like me. I love more than my life, more than my life. M sry for hurting u sanskar. M sry.

She keeps on crying only. When she saw some one was standing at door. It was Milan. She wiped her tears. Became normal.

Rag: wat r u doing here?

Mil: I heard everything ma’am. U love sir so much then y u r hurting urself and him? There sir also suffering.

Ragini was silent.

Mil: please ma’am. Don’t do like this. I cant see sir like this. In life he never knows abt pain or hurt. And now he’s suffering like anything. He’s like lifeless ma’am. Pls ma’am. Its my request to u.

Rag: I know. But I wont change my decision. M doing this for everyones gud. This is only solution where all will b happy. Sanskar also forget me after some days or months. Everything will be normal as time goes on.

Milan leaves from there. Ragini goes and opens the drawer and takes the ring which sanskar had made of wire and made her weared her on date.

Rag: only this is with me as ur memory. I’ll never let this go. It’ll b always near to my heart. Its more precious than Kohinoor to me.

She holds it near heart and cries.

Aftr 1 day. Swara comes to ragini home.

Rag: smiles hiding her pain. swara.come.

Swa: how r u ragini? Not happy seeing me here ?

Rag: m happy swara. Y r u talking like this?

Swa: y u act like this ragini? U know everything very well. Abt sanskar, me and all.

Rag: yes but on last day of month I came to know the truth.

Swa: abt ur love for sanskar also?

Rag: no swara. U took it wrong. Sanskar loves u.

Swa: and u?

Rag: smiling. Wat me swara? He’s only gud frnd for me.

Swa: only gud frnd? U don’t love him?

Rag: no swara. I don’t love him.

Swa: but he told me that he loves u.

Rag: its his childishness swara. He was with me for 1 month. So he thinks that he loves me. Its nothing like that. He loves only u.

Swa: ok I believ u. r u sure that u don’t love him?

Rag: yes. M sure.

Swa: fine then. Tmrw is my marriage with sanskar. U shud come.

Rag: abt to cry but holds. Ok swara I’ll come.

Swa: u shud come early. U have to make me ready. U r my best frnd na.

Rag: smiles. Of course swara. I’ll make u ready.

Swara goes from there. Ragini starts crying.

Rag: no. y m crying? Everything is going has per me. Sanskar and swara r getting married. I hav to control my feelings.

Next day at marriage venue.

Everything was decorated grandly and beautifully. Each and everthing was present. After all its sanskar maheshwari. Great buiseness man’s marriage. All NRI people and many rich people invited.

Ragini comes early. Sees everything. Hurt from inside.

Rag: I’ve to control my feelings. I cant be weak. Or else sanskar will be sured abt my love to him and he can do anything. I cant let anything bad happen in his marriage. It shud be done in very beautiful manner.

She goes to swara’s room. Swara was sitting there.

Swa: ragini u came? Thanku so much. U proved that m wrong. U r really my best frnd. She hugs her.

Ragini smiles.

Swa: now help me in getting ready.

They start getting ready.

Sanskar side

Sanskar was already in beautiful costly sherwani. He was luking damn hot and handsome. But his face was dull, which cud have added more cheerfulness and happiness to him.

Milan tries to make his mood gud.

Mil: sir u r luking vry hot. M sure when u go to mantap all girls will come and starts fight to marry u.

Sanskar was silent.

Mil: u don’t believ me sir? Even if I was girl I wud have kidnapped u from here only.

Sanskar smiles fakely for name sake.

Shekhar comes there.

She: sanskar beta. Mahoorat time is near. R u ready? Panditji will call u any time.

San: m ready uncle.

Shekhar comes near sanskar.

She: r u happy with this marriage?

San: yes uncle.

She: then y m not luking that happiness in ur eyes?

San: nothing uncle. Its just coz of tiredness and yesterday I was not slept properly.

She: r u sure?

San: yes uncle.

She: if any prob is there, u can share with me. U r like my son for me.

San: nothing like that uncle. Don’t wry.

She: ok beta. B ready. Panditji can call any time. M going to see whether swara got ready or not.

San: ok uncle.

Shekhar left.

San: m happy that atleast u r happy uncle. I cant take this happiness from u.

Precap: twist

Don’t wry its ragsan only. Its all twist and turns of their life.

Waiting for ur like and comments sissy’s .

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