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RadhaKrishn 27th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha Challenges Krishna To Get Sudevi Married To Bhairav

RadhaKrishn 27th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Ayan tells Krishna that if he wants to fool his heart then let it be, but this is my challenge that Radha will never permit you to dance with her. Krishna promises him that Radha will come to him and asks him to dance. Ayan says it is impossible. Krishna asks him to just wait and watch. He says he will make the impossible thing possible. Ayan says I won’t let this happen at any price. Krishna sees the girls talking about Sudevi being the lucky girl. She says she heard that she heard that real lover will get his love on Sharad poornima and they dance happily. Radha says such things don’t happen. Krishna looks at her.

Jatila sees a man tossing a coin and thinks this is the same half coin which I send to Maharaj Kans with the letter. She thinks he got the message for her. Man looks at him.

Sudevi cries while getting ready. Radha asks the girls to go. She tells Sudevi that she understand her, and asks her not to sit for marriage with sad heart. Sudevi says she tried to forget Bhairav, but can’t forget him. Radha says heart is yours and asks her to accept the truth. She says your parents chose the right guy for him. Sudevi thinks I have just Bhairav in my heart and wishes she gets married to Bhairav. Kaki comes. Radha tells that she made Sudevi got ready. Kaki wishes her marriage happens nicely. Radha goes to get ready.

Vrishbhan catches the man and asks who is he? Man says he is Kans messenger and came to meet the person sending letter to Kans. Vrishbhan looks at the half coin and thinks who might the person sending letter to Kans with this half coin. Jatila looks at him.

Radha gets ready and thinks why her hair is moving. Krishna comes and asks shall I style it. Radha looks at him. Title song plays. She asks what are you doing here? He says I am watching you getting ready. She asks if he don’t feel ashamed. He says I used to steal Gopis’ clothes when they go to pond to take bath. She asks what they would do then? He says I made them agree to my sayings. She says he is not ashamed to say. He says you shall be ashamed as you acted to befriended me, but then also I came to you. He says I came to talk to talk about Sudevi and Bhairav. Radha says you said that you will let the marriage happen. Krishna says let them get married and don’t tell me that I didn’t alert you. Radha says Sudevi’s baraat will come at anytime and asks him not to stop her marriage. Krishna says I promised that Sudevi’s marriage will happen, but she will marry the person she loves. Radha challenges Krishna to make them married. Krishna challenges her to try to stop him.

Ayan comes to Radha and tells that Krishna is not having any strength to do what he said. Radha says I am sure that he did a big planning. She says we have to keep eye on Krishna and his friends. Ayan says Krishna is very clever, we have to use power to defeat him. Balram comes there and asks him to take his full name. He asks him to ask what he wants to know from Krishna. Radha says nothing. Balram says you both were talking about Krishna, and says we have to do something. I am fed up of him. Radha asks what happened? Balram says Krishna planned to make Sudevi elope? Radha and Ayan looks on.

Krishna laughs. Sudama tells that he is scared. Krishna says whatever I am going to do today will be wrong in many people’s eyes, but it is not wrong in my eyes. Sudama asks him to think. Balram asks Radha to stop Krishna. Ayan asks him to slap Krishna. Balram says it is not easy to raise hand on him. I loved you and taken care of him since he was a child, and my love became my weakness. Radha says I can’t agree that Krishna will not agree to you. Balram says I know you will not believe me and asks her to come. He comes to the temple and swears that whatever he said is truth. Krishna hears him and gets impressed with him. Radha asks how we will stop Krishna and says shall we tell my parents. Balram says Sudevi’s parents will be insulted and this marriage will not happen. He says Kanha’s lover can stop him. Radha says even I feel the same. Krishna smiles.

Precap: Krishna says Sudevi will marry whom she loves. Radha tells that she will dance. Balram says Kanha will dance with you. Both Radha and Krishna dance. He tells Radha that Sudevi is marrying Bhairavi. Radha says she won’t let this happen.

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