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Preeran FF ; Realization Part 70

Bharadwaj house

Kabir feeds Kritika before sunrise making sure she finishes finishes sargi.

Kabir : now hurry up there is very less time

Kritika : thanks you have been up whole night why don’t you go sleep for a while

Kabir ; thats fine I will get ready, you take some rest whole day you are hungry

Kritika nods

“This will be best Karvachaut of your life I promise to make it memorable Kabir looks her from behind the wall

“Fasting? and you oh my god Elina widens her mouth in shock

Kabir ; how can I eat when she is going to hungry whole day

Elina ; not bad i think somebody hit you hardly with hammer

Kabir ; bhabhi please

Elina ; okay sorry but don’t forget you have to gift something to your wife

Kabir : why don’t you come with me?

Elina : I promised Kritika to go with her today for shopping, you know what she likes bring something very special

Kabir goes to mall for Kritika’s gift when he sees Ruchika whose car break down on road.

Kabir ; whats wrong?

Roo ; my car tyre got punctured (pouts) I want to go for mall to buy gift for Arjun

Kabir ; i am going to same way, if you don’t mind lets go together

Roo ; sure why not, I have to get back before evening

Kabir ; come lets go

Roo : driver uncle you take car home directly

The duo drives to mall together sharing little awkward moment.

Kabir : by the way congratulations, you made right decision of marrying Arjun, he is very nice guy and perfect for you

Roo ; thank you, how is Elina didi

Kabir : she is fine you know how pregnant ladies get during this stage

Roo ; yea, why are you going to mall

Kabir ; actually Kritika is fasting and bhabhi told me to buy gift for her but don’t know what should I get for her

Roo : I can help you but what can I get in return

Kabir ; who taught you this exchange offer

Roo : god made me in free time thats why I am very talented

Kabir ; please stop with your self obsession you are getting married

Roo ; you didn’t answer what will you do

Kabir ; what do you want?

“I want to plan a surprise for Arjun on our engagement day now you and Di think what you have to to Roo says

Kabir ; then get ready for big dhamaka your eyes will remained shocked

Roo : well lets see

Ruchika helps Kabir find special gift for Kritika. She shows him very beautiful red dress and matching earrings

Kabir : this is so gorgeous but very simple like her (looks at earrings)

Roo : my job is done now you start preparing for my surprise

Kabir ; buddy promise

Karan, Rishab and Sameer sees them together.

“Bhai you here she asks happily

Karan ; we should ask same thing what are you both doing here

Roo : actually my car broke down and I came to get gift for Arjun and he came for Kritika id’s gift

Kabir : yea, bhabhi said we are supposed to give gift to our wives on Karvachaut

Rishab ; really? but mom didn’t told us anything

Sameer : bhai we are also fasting will they also give us gift

Karan ; shut up Sammy if we asks for gift they will hit our head with prayer tray

Rishab ; your both wives are naive mine one is trained in police, don’t know which degree she will use on me this time

The boys share laugh hearing his words

Karan : bhai being a business man you are so scared of your wife

Rishab : just because you got innocent wife you are taunting me for being scared

Sameer : bhai you better not defend that tall pole she is no less either

Kabir : the most dangerous one is in my house

Rishab ; hey at least don’t criticize our innocent sister, she is very naive

Kabir ; naive? please she forbidden me eating outside food (cooks up fake story) after marriage what should I say how am i living, everyday she gives me bitter gourd very sad story

Unaware to him Kritika and Elina stands behind him who have come to shop there before him. The boys does not tell him about her presence

Karan ; what were you saying? she gives you karela everyday

“Of course just look at me, how much weight I lost after marriage Kabir becomes damsel in distress

Rishab : shut up yaar Karan and you please turn back you will see whole universe today

Kabir : I would love to (turns around to see her) Krit..krit (Stammers)

“Kritika she shouts

Kabir ; yes Kritika sorry I forget name when I panic thank god you reminded me

Kritika : what were you saying? I am giving karela whole day, don’t worry from tomorrow  I will increase the dose

Kabir nods no

“Today you showed me how much you care for me I hate you she leaves with huff

Kabir : Kritika listen to me I was joking

The other girls were also present Preeta, Shrishti Anu and Piyali who are angry at their husbands

“Mr husband you said I applied which degree, let me think I will use 10th degree torture now Piyali stamps bag on his feet

Preeta : and you (tells Karan)

“Kareli, Pree,,, Preeta he stammers again

“Oh god eat almonds Preeta Karan Luthra, from today your entry in room is banned for a week Preeta leaves as well

Sameer looks at Shrishti who is giving him very sweet smile

“My lambu why are you giving me that smile, I am getting scared Sameer keeps moving back

Shrishti : my little shorty, I won’t kill you with my smile but rip you off (shouts out loud) now you dare to come in room today

Anu laughs at all of their faces

Sameer : hey little mice, stop laughing before i break your teeth

Karan (taps on his head) ; fool why are you blaming her you all never leave chance to taunt this girls and I am the one who gets trapped.

Luthra house

The girls remain extremely angry at their husbands for taunting them.

Shrishti : let him come I will teach him such good lesson he won’t forget

Later in evening everybody gathers for Karvachaut ritual. The girls are desperate for the moon to come out

Roo ; I can’t wait anymore yaar when will this moon come

Anu eats delicious food in front of them.

Karan ; see see what world have come, she is eating in front of hungry person you will get sick

Preeta : you still didn’t come out of your stupid antics shut up

Anu : di please tell them not to eye on my food, I don’t like to get sick and those medicine are yuck Karan : perfect this is doctor she will give you best medicines

“Moon came woman’s shout

Arjun is mesmerized with Roo’s attire with red punjabi and curly hair.

Rakhi : you girls come here, first we will offer water to moon

Haathon mein pooja ki thaali.. (Hunmm..)
Aayi raat suhaagon vaali (Hunmm..)

Preeta sees Karan through sieve blushing. Both feeds water and sweet to each other

Rishab offers water to Piyali who has been starving from whole day. She stops in midway and makes him drink

Piyali ; don’t see like that, I know you very well

O.. chaand ko dekhoon (Hunmm..)
Haath main jodoon (Hunmm..)
Karvachauth ka vrat mein todoon (Hunmm..)

Kabir feeds water to Kritika happily playing with her teasingly.

Elina and Suraj gets very happy seeing them.

Tere haath se peekar paani
Daasi se ban jaoon rani
Aaj ki raat jo maange koi wo pa jaaye re
(Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaaye re
Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaaye re) Ghar aaja pardesi.. tera.. des bulaaye re

Precap : The boys manages to convince their wives romantically

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