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Preeran FF ; Realization Part 69

Luthra house

Piyali’s hand start shaking with fear seeing Rajnath in front of her. He pretends to not recognize her to avoid clashes.

Rakhi : Piyali you and Preeta get some snacks for them

Preeta takes her inside and ask reason of not behaving properly. She does not reveal the truth for Roo and Arjun’s sake.

Piyali : sorry I am not feeling well

Preeta ; are you sure? why do I feel you are hiding something

Piyali : nothing I told you na I don’t feel good

The family is highly impressed with Arjun’s dad but remains unaware of his past mistakes

Arjun : mom we should start going

Nandini : Rakhiji, now give us permission, oh yea I forgot again tomorrow is karvachaut

Rakhi : you want Ruchika to keep fast

Nandini : only if she wants, I will still send sargi as part of ritual, Roo dear no force you can keep fast only if you like

Roo : thats okay aunty I will fast

Arjun makes fun of her

Roo : whats that stupid smile for?

“Actually you and fast are two impossible things together it sounds like tortoise and rabbit running together Arjun pulls her leg

Roo : I wont spare you wait (runs after him in whole house)

Rakhi : this two are still kids but I know Arjun will handle our crazy daughter

Nandini : I say truth I could not get better girl for my Arjun

The duo messes up Ruchika’s room.

“You leave no chance to make fun of me in front of others, you don’t care for me Roo pouts sadly

Arjun (bends down) : look here which fool said I don’t care of you, that day I just that heavy words only for sake it? you are such a kid

Roo : you are happy na with my decision

“But first you tell me why did you agree for this marriage even after you know everything he holds her hands

Roo : I don’t care about your past, I am marrying you because I want to give one chance to our relation

Arjun : can I hug you?

“Most welcome she whispers

Kritika sees them feeling extremely happy for her sister moving on.

Kritika : excuse me if you both are done with this usual silliness aunty is calling you

Roo ; di you are insulting us

Kritika : not him but you

“I hate you, I won’t talk with you’ she says

Kritika :mend your ways you are getting married soon

Arjun and his family leaves

Shrishti ; karvachaut that means whole day fast without water I will die out of starving

Sameer : at least for one day your stomach will rest

Shrishti : I can say same thing, why don’t you give me company

Sameer : but this is for woman

Rakhi : which saint said that even man keep this fast for their wives

Anu ; aunty is this only for married girls?

Piyali : oh madam you can’t starve for one hour and you will stay hungry for whole day

Anu : who said I will fast? my husband will what say Shrishti di

“For first time you went on right track keep it up Shrishti laughs

Karan : mom I heard woman’s lose good amount of weight in this fast

Preeta ; even man can lose weight, Rakhi ma this time I tell you this men will also fast with us right Mr husband, my swami

Karan : haaye if you say so sweetly I will die for you

Preeta : shut up

Kritika : this years Karvachaut is very special because our Roo madam is keeping fast

“Oh godji I said in excitement that I will fast for Arjun but me and staying hungry is climbing on everest mountain, please help me Roo talks to herself

Rakhi : Roo are you sure you will be able to keep fast

Roo : of course mom

The boys decide to keep fast for their wives long life.

Piyali : you will keep fast but you all might not have habit

Rishab ; we were not used of having wives

Piyali : seriously was that a joke

Rishab (plays with her hair) : whatever you consider

Piyali : you are in romantic mood today

Rishab : weather is changing my love how will I not change

Piyali : then keep your romance in control for a while

Karan : baby doll I am shivering from right now imagine me and keeping fast

Preeta : who told you to become hero? I have no problem if you don’t fast I was only joking

“How can I not when my baby doll will remain hungry whole day for me, I can keep this fast every year to keep you with me Karan pulls her closer

Preeta ; okay now leave me I have lot of work to do and you have to go for practice

Karan : such a romantic weather and you are so boring

Preeta : aha when is your mood not for romance, let me go I have to meet Elina

In evening all the ladies gather to do prayer for karvachaut and eat sargi. Elina gives sargi to Kritika for ritual.

Elina : this was my first karvachaut after marriage but I can’t keep it

Kritika ; bhabhi you might have kept it last year do it next time

“No worries I will fulfill my wife’s demand and keep fast instead of you happy Suraj hugs her from back

Kritika : how sweet of him

Elina : let it be only because I am pregnant or else he would not even think about it

Suraj : you think i don’t love you enough

Elina : when did I say that?

Suraj : but you meant same, I am offended you don’t respect my love (pouts)

Elina : did you see? now let her eat peacefully she is fasting whole day

Suraj ; first send your spoiled brother in law to give her company

“Okay now come on Elina takes him away

Kritika sees the window shaking due to heavy rain and goes to close it. She have hard time holding window with strong wind when a hand touches her fingers. She turns around to find Kabir asking her to move back.

Main taa tere naal hi rehna ji
Har gham sang tere sehna ji

Main taa tere naal hi rehna ji
Har gham sang tere sehna ji
Jo jag se kaha na jaaye woh
Mujhko bas tujhse kehna ji

Both closes window together

Sohna sohna itna bhi kaise tu sohna

Tere ishq mein jogi hona

Mainu jogi hona 

Mainu jogi hona 

Kabir : bhabhi said you are keeping fast

Kritika : yes you don’t mind right?

“Why would I mind? for one day I can eat peacefully teases her

Kritika : what do you mean?

“I mean I was thinking to eat gol gappas, chaat everything you know you will stay hungry tells her funnily

Kritika : when did I stop you from eating?

“You did not but thing is after marriage you put on weight and if I eat alone you will eye on my food and I can get sick so tomorrow I will eat my favorite food Kabir stands up knowing her reaction

“You fool here I am going to stay hungry whole day for your long life and you are making me jealous what did you say you will eat gol gappas, chaat I will make you throw out all food Kritika throws thing at him

Suraj : look at them, this guy will never improve, stop stop

“Bhai see na what he is saying, he said he will eat so much food tomorrow and I am staying hungry Kritika says like kid

Suraj : we both are so unlucky na, this two will get good food and we have to starve

Elina : jealous? Kabir I will give my list also bring my favorite snack and desert

Kritika : bhai (tells Suraj)

Suraj : don’t worry after fast we both will go for dinner only we both brother sister let this two gluttons stay here

Kritika ; I will have chinese

Suraj ; everything for you chinese, italian (looks at Elina who is raging)

“Ah madam loves chinese okay Kabir smirks

Luthra house

Roo : mom I am so nervous, me and fast

Kareena : bhabhi its true none of our girls did fast whole life

Preeta : Piyali you might not also used of this fasting and all

Anu : no didi, Piyali sis have done many Monday fasting for shivji thats why she got gem of husband

Piyali : and what about me? did your so called jiju not lucky to have me

Anu : I am not sure about that actually very tough question lets think

Piyali : go in your room right now and don’t use your mind in crazy things

Rishab ; only wise people can think about that logic

Karan ; exactly bhai now see na this girls might have done many fasting to get gems like us right Dr Preeta Arora

“Preeta Karan Luthra, learn to say the name first she stamps on table scaring others

Anu ; was that earthquake thank god I am safe (laughs)

Preeta : but others are not, what do you mean we got precious gems

Piyali : you all should be lucky we are able to handle mom’s spoiled brat

Mahesh ; what a line, proud of you

Piyali : thank you papa

Sameer : chachi they are insulting your sons not fair

Rakhi : Maheshji don’t bother my sons or else you won’t get your sweet tea

Preeta : no worries we are their daughters we will make special tea for them

Mahesh ; so sweet of you

Rishab ; but make sure you all add less sugar you know dad is diabetic and you are already way too sweet its poisonous

“Rishab you are getting too much this days, wait I won’t spare you today Piyali runs after him angrily

Karan ; mom did you ever see bhai so happy

Rakhi : I just pray nobody should cast evil eye on my children’s happiness

Precap : Karvachaut for all couples. Arjun and Piyali’s emotional reunion

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