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Preeran FF ; Realization Part 68

Luthra house

At night Ruchika keeps thinking about Arjun’s confession.

Roo : I could never understand this guy, one side he shows himself as fun loving and other side so much pain is inside his heart, I wish I could help him yaar (calls Arjun at night)

“Yes today Ms sleeping beauty is not sleepy he teases her

Roo : I just love this hobby of yours teasing me sounds relief

Arjun : listen I have some work, I will talk later you go to sleep good night

Roo; good night (hangs up happily)

Arjun thinks about Piyali how she is very similar to his younger sister.

Arjun : why am I feeling so connected with her? like I know her from many years


Arjun’s dad Rajnath married his mother Nandini first but with condition if he stands on his feet and well settled. Left with no choice Rajnath married Janvi (Piyali’s mom) secretly trapping her into his love. Both women were not aware of each other and became his victim. Janvi was disowned from her family again foiling Rajnath’s plans and got no wealth he married to her for. He abused Janvi and Piyali verbally and physically venting his frustration.

Nandini undergone into depression after knowing his affair. In dark storm Janvi raised Arjun for few years as her own son and both siblings Arjun Piyali formed relation of real brother sister. Soon after Nandini became fine she took Arjun with him but did not accept her husband. The brother sister departed in family tiff. Everybody blamed Janvi and accused of having affair with married man. All the misunderstandings were created by Sakshi to frame Janvi. Kareena’s husband was business partner with Vikram (akshay’s father) those days but Kareena hardly knew Rajnath. Sakshi and Rajnath made heinous plan to get rid of Janvi and framed her in Kareena’s husband murder. Arjun who was sent to US remained unaware of everything happened in his house.

Flashback ends

“Wherever you are choti please come back I really miss you yaar Arjun looks at a locket

Luthra house

Piyali : why did I feel somebody is calling me badly? (feels restless)

Rishab ; who are you recalling other than me (holds her closer)

Piyali : can I dare to that but there is somebody who was very close to me

“Really? asks her

Piyali ; my brother, I really miss him, its been so many years I don’t even know if he would remember me or not

Rishab : some relation are too deep to forget I can say that

Preeta organizes her room when again Karan ends up messing everything

Preeta : not again (throws clothes at him) were you born like this

Karan ; I don’t know baby doll I might have to ask mom

Karan : I am going to take shower (goes inside washroom)

Preeta cleans room angrily at his antics

“Baby doll I forgot my towel can you please give me he shouts from inside

Preeta hands him towel but he pulls her inside quickly.

“What are you doing, leave me she tells him to leave her hand

Karan : baby doll you cannot refuse your husband’s wish

Both stands under shower sharing intimate moment. Karan takes her back to room lifting in arms lovingly. The duo share passionate kiss while making out.

Luthra house

Ruchika informs her family about her decision to marry Arjun.

Roo : mom I am ready to marry Arjun

“What? oh my god family gets very happy and informs Nandini

Arjun :what happened mom who was it

“It was Rakhi ji, Ruchika have agreed to marry you, we will go today itself at their house with shagun Nandini gets very happy

Arjun gets emotional and happy at the same time.

“I told Roo everything about me but her family don’t know, if they get to know about mom and dad dont know what will happen he starts to worry

On other side Rajnath reaches india and talking on phone with somebody. He goes back home but is ignored by his wife and son like always

Rajnath : I came to meet you both canceling everything and you are ignoring me

Nandini : you didn’t do a favor, and remember I told you even if you repent whole life I will never forgive you

“Am I doing right, by bringing Ruchika in this house when I know nobody is honest here except mom Arjun questions himself

At Luthra house everybody starts arranging for Arjun’s family to arrive.

Preeta : Piyali are you done, give me those veggies please

Piyali is lost into deep thinking about something

“Piyali I am talking to you are you listening Preeta shakes her

Piyali : sorry I was just

“Is everything okay don’t tell me you had fight with Rishabji that would be million dollar joke, what happened Preeta asks her

Piyali ; don’t know why but I am feeling very restless about something

Preeta : you are overthinking, nothing will happen wrong you, now come on hurry up Arjun’s family is coming

Shrishti : you both are chatting here, di his family has left to come here come on

The girls decorate the house. Arjun’s family arrive there. Everybody greets his father whom they saw first time. Kareena doubts initially having seen him before

Rakhi ; congratulations ji

Nandini ; you too, I feel very lucky your daughter is coming to my house, I liked her from very first day

Ruchika takes her blessings

“This are our ancestral bangles Nandini makes her wear on her hands

Mahesh ; girish get water for our guest, what did you say your name was

“Rajnath he says

Kareena ; this name sounds very familiar

Rakhi : they are our sons Rishab Karan Sameer and Kritika her daughter

Dadi ; this girl are our daughter in laws but no less than our daughters, Preeta Shrishti

Mahesh ; where is Piyali

“Sorry sorry she comes out of the room

Rishab : thats Piyali and Anu

Piyali is freezed seeing the person in front of her. She starts getting flood of bad memories of her childhood incidences.

Rakhi : dear this is Arjun’s dad

Piyali does not greet him but is instead standing in shock

Shrishti : di what happened to her

Preeta : I don’t know (shakes Piyali)


Ruchika and Arjun’a marriage ceremonies takes on full swing. Rishab asks Piyali about her problem

“That person is unfortunately my father who is responsible for what I am today Piyali breakdown in front of him

Preeta and Karan finds out the same

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