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Naagin Season 3 28th October 2018 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 3 28th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mahir asking Bela to give him hospital address. Bela says everything is handled and asks him not to worry. Mahir says I need it, if needed we will take Maa to abroad. Bela asks him to give his hand first and says she will apply ointment. Mahir insists. Bela asks him to be listen to her and keep quiet. She tries to open the medicine bottle, but the blue color like of ink falls on Mahir’s face and shirt. Bela smiles and wipes his lips with tissue. Mahir asks what did you do bela? Bela says you was insisting to open and says it was your mistake. She says I told that I could do. She says there is still some medicine in the bottle and applies on his hand. She looks at his shirt and says stain will be there on the shirt. Mahir asks her not to start her OCD. Bela asks him to

come and not to argue. She says stain is deep and asks him to come to washroom and wash it. She asks him to stand in the bathroom. Mahir asks her to listen and tries to tell about the tap, but she doesn’t listen and switches on the tap. Shower water comes and falls on Bela. Mahir says I wanted to tell you….., but you didn’t listen to me. He smiles…..Bela cries. Mahir switches off tap and asks why is she crying. Bela says I couldn’t do anything rightly and hurt you emotionally, mentally and physically. She asks why don’t you ask me to get out of your life. I can’t do any single good thing for you. Mahir asks if she wants to do anything right or good for him and hugs her. He says this is right for me, if you want to do something for me then this is good for me. He says do you like it. She nods yes. Mahir says we shall do what our heart says, I am very happy. He closes his eyes. Jaan se lag gayi jaan ki….Bela says sorry. Mahir asks why are you saying sorry?

Andy tells Sumitra that fight is ended. Sumitra says don’t you think we shall go and talk to them. Andy says we can talk in the morning. Sumitra says there is so much mess in their life and now they are fighting in room. Andy says lets go. Vikrant thinks there is a silence till now, it seems Mahir is killed.

Mahir asks why she thinks she does wrong always. Bela says it happens and says she has realized one thing and says sometimes human shall do some mistakes. She opens the tap of shower and makes Mahir fall under it. Mahir smiles as shower water falls on him. Bela closes the tap and says I thought you will back off. Mahir smiles and says I can’t back off as this thing is giving you happiness. She opens the tap and shower water falls on them. She closes it and says lets go out, I need to talk to fake Yuvi. Vikrant comes out of room to go and check, but hides seeing Sumitra and Andy. Sumitra knocks on the door. Bela says fake Yuvi must have come and asks Mahir to be there. She opens the door and sees Sumitra. Sumitra asks why her clothes are wet. Vikrant thinks Bela might have killed Mahir in the bathroom and asks to show his dead body.

Bela tells Sumitra that she went to bathroom to wash her leg, and then shower tap opened by mistake. Sumitra comes inside and says I heard you both fighting as it is husband and wife’s matter. Vikrant comes out of his room and eavesdrops on them. Sumitra looks at the vase and asks what is this? Bela says it broke mistakenly. Sumitra asks about Mahir. Bela says he went out. Sumitra says she wants to talk to Mahir about Yuvi and her and says situation is getting out of control. She goes. Bela closes the door and goes to bathroom. Vikrant sees Andy coming and hides. He becomes Yuvi and asks Andy what happened? Andy says Sumitra is upset with both of them. Yuvi asks him to go and talk to Bela and asks him to tell Mahir to move from Bela and his life. Andy says you are like me and asks him to go to his room. He says matter is serious. Yuvi turns and takes out his poisonous tongue. Mahir wipes his hairs. Bela tells him that Maa came and says she said that he went on a walk. Mahir says you would have told her. Bela says that we were standing under the shower. Andy knocks on the door. Bela asks him to go and talk to Sumitra, tell her that she went to other room. Mahir asks are you crazy. Bela says yes, and asks him to do what she said.

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