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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Kuhu’s Baby Shower

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 28th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Mishti calls Badimaa and informs her that Kuhu denied for goadbharai/baby shower rituals. Badimaa says its an important ritual. Mishti says its Kuhu’s right. Badimaa says child is Mishti and Abir’s though. Kuhu gets emotional and disconnects call. Badimaa asks Varsha to speak to Kuhu. Varsha says when she warned her before, she didn’t hear her, then why should she interfere now. Badimaa says its a question of her future grandchild. Varsha walks away saying she doesn’t have answer for her question.

In the room, Abir tries to cheer up Mishti. Mishti says when Kuku told baby is kicking her tummy, everyone saw it except her, will the baby connect to her emotionally. Abir says definitely and gifts her a book. She reads Baby Bee She and asks what is it. He says baby’s name is not yet decided, so. Kuhu sleeps thinking baby’s papa loves him/her a lot and he/she should connect with maa also. She says I love you. Abir hugs her saying I love you too.

In the morning, Kuhu orders party organizer her preferences. Mishti walks down. Kuhu asks her to bring milk and continues her idea. Mishti gives her idea. Organizer likes Mishti’s idea and asks how is she related to baby. Kuhu gets jealous and interfering gives Mishti guest list and asks to invite them. Mishti sadly tries to leave when Meenakshi stops her and says though party is Kuhu’s, baby is Mishti’s, so she should give her suggestions. Mishti walks away saying its okay. She sends baby shower invitation thinking her baby’s aunt/Kuhu wants her to invite these guests. She looks at sonography film and tells baby that once he/she comes in the world, they will speak a lot.

Abir over phone invites Badimaa and family for baby shower ceremony. Badimaa asks Varsha to get ready as she hasn’t spoken to Mishti since 6 months. Jasmeet walks in excitedly getting ready and asks Varsha if she will not come. Badimaa says no and takes her away. Varsha gets a call and says her answer is same, she will not come at any cost. Badimaa and Jasmeet reach Mishti’s house. Jasmeet praises decoration and says everywhere Kuhu is seen. Badimaa thinks where is Mishti in it. Meenakshi and Mishti greet her. Kuhu walks down with Kunal. Everyone clap for her. Kunal asks where is Mishti’s pic, only she is seen here. Abir says he is glad that Kunal can find out wrong in this house. Kuhu says Mishti should be blamed for this as she asked Mishti for her suggestion and she didn’t. She then asks Badimaa if she brought her gift. Jasmeet gives her gift. Kuhu asks Badimaa where is her ghee-less ghevar. Badimaa says she told she doesn’t need ghevar. Kuhu says she didn’t at that time, but now needs it. Varsha enters reminiscing Mishti convincing her over phone. Kuhu gets happy seeing her mamma and says this is her best gift. Guests discuss that they should give gift to Mishti instead as she is baby’s mother. Mishti hears that and gives gift to Kuhu saying she saw her checking this dress online, so she brought it. Kuhu shouts if she is made, she can’t wear it in pregnancy. Mishti says she can wear it in postdelivery parties. Kuhu yells why she tries to make her realize that baby will be hers after deliver, but she will never make her forget that I am giving baby in charity to her. Mishti stands sadly.

Abir blindfolds Mishti and takes her away. When he removes blindfolds, Mishti sees Badimaa and Meenakshi standing smiling at her. Abir says they arranged her secret goadbharai. All old ladies perform her goad bharai. Kuhu hears badimaa singing and gets jealous. She walks up with Varsha and stands more jealous seeing Mishti’s secret goadbharai. Mishti thanks Meenakshi. Meenakshi says Mishti is the real mother and she deserves it. Varsha provokes Kuhu that Meenakashi is right, baby is Mishti’s and Kuhu is nowhere here.

Precap: Kuhu creates drama, doctor informs her BP is high and its not good for baby. Kuhu blames Mishti. Kunal says he is freeing Abir and Mishti from responsibilities and he will take care of Kuhu from hereon.

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