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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Naira struggles to reach Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira asking do you have a phone, I have to make urgent call. He says yes, but its not charged. She thinks how to tell family. She asks can I get any tempo, auto.. He says no, you can’t go by walk, its 30kms far. She says keep this diamond ring, can you help me, please. Dadi says Naira doesn’t think anything. She cries. Suwarna says Kartik is in problem, Naira can’t sit at home, Naira is such, we are worried for baby, think of Naira, won’t she worry for baby. Everyone cries. She says Naira told us to check Krishna’s house, we didn’t listen, her intuition is always right, she saved Kartik’s life many times. Naira gives the ring. She gets some cash, shoes and activa. She leaves. Krishna throws the Masala boxes on the road. Naira sees it and follows. Kartik thinks go back Naira, I promise I will come with Krishna. Naira says I won’t go without taking you, its my promise to baby. Suwarna says this time, she isn’t alone, she has a life in her, maybe baby is her courage, Naira will come back with her baby, I request you to please trust Naira.

Gumm ho kisi ke pyaar mein…plays… Naira and Kartik think of each other. They cry. Kartik thinks I will come to you. Naira says my daughter and I are coming to you. Inspector says yes, that couple isn’t right, they are criminals. Naksh says Naira was right. Inspector says they took many girls across the border, its a big gang. Samarth says maybe Krishna got to know this. Naksh says so they kidnapped Kartik. Inspector says it maybe anything. Dadi says don’t say anything, Kartik will be fine, he will come home. The bike stops. Naira sees the punctured tyre and says I have to reach there. She prays. Naksh says we have less time, we have to find them. Kartik thinks they are close to border, I have to do something. The goon ties up Kartik and Krishna.

A lady comes and asks Naira does she have anything to eat. Naira gives a packet. She asks how can I go till the border. The lady says you can have it there. She sees Naira’s pic in missing ad. The goon scolds Kartik. Naksh cries and says sorry Naira, I didn’t listen to you, come back please. Krish comes and consoles him. He says she will be fine, she is brave and come back, why don’t you go and find her, when mom missed you, I used to tell her to go to you, do something. Naksh hugs him.

Krishna asks where did we come. Kartik says I think its some masala factory. Goon says the girl has thrown the masala boxes. He scolds them. Krishna says sorry, I have thrown it so that Naira follows it, she is brave, she will save us. Kartik asks what did you do. Goon says madam has come, take this girl. Kartik argues with the goon. The lady shows poster and says don’t worry, I don’t have any greed, go back home. Naira says I left from home for some imp work. The lady asks how can I help you. Naira says I will manage, do you know about masala factory. The lady says I stay nearby, come. Naira hires an auto. They sit. Kartik and Krishna get dragged by goons. The lady stares at Naira’s tummy. Naira asks why did you stop the auto.

Driver says I will go to bathroom and come. The lady says I will pluck some leaves and come. They both go. Naira waits. The lady asks do you want mum or baby, or both. The goon says baby isn’t born. The lady says I will get the baby in few hours, how much money will I get. The goon says it depends on baby’s gender, I don’t want the woman. Kartik falls down and thinks Naira will come here following Krishna’s path. Naira thinks I m coming. The lady adds something in the water. She asks Naira to keep drinking water in this state. Naira nods and takes the bottle. She coughs. The lady says have the water, drink it. Naira thinks there is something in the water. The lady insists. Naira acts and throws the bottle. Kartik unties the ropes. Naira asks driver to stop. She pays him and says drop this lady anywhere she wants. The lady says I will go myself. She picks up a stone. Kartik beats the goons. He shouts my wife and baby are on the roads because of you. He picks a gun. The lady calls and says send someone for my help. Kartik thinks I have to take Krishna to Naira before she comes here with the baby.

Kartik ties Mata chunri to Krishna. Naira also ties the same chunri to herself. He says now God is with us. Naira comes to the temple.

Update Credit to: Amena

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