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RadhaKrishn 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Bheem Kills Keechak

RadhaKrishn 28th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Keechak praises Gopadevi’s beauty and her dance skills and requests to stay back in palace. Princess also requests Gopadevi followed by king. Gopadevi says she has to return to her home and she only dances for only 1 person. King asks Amartya Kank to explain Gopadevi its against law to reject king’s order. Kank tries to explain Gopadevi but hearing her justification and knowledge gets mesmerized and says she has amazing knowledge and absolutely right. Pandavs then gather and discuss about Gopadevi’s amazing knowledge and skills. Arjun says apart from them, only Madhav is intelligent in this world. Yudistra says Madhav came to meet them as Gopadevi, then there is something important.

Keechak walks towards his room inebriated and misbehaves with maids. They run away. Sainadhri/Draupadi passes by, and Keechak holds her hand. She warns him to dare not touch her and she hates him. He warns her to bring alcohol to his room, else he will forcefully drag her to his room. Their argument continues and she walks away fuming. Gopadevi meets her and she warns Gopadevi not to go there as Keechak is eyeing on women there. Gopadevi reveals that she is her bestfriend. Draupadi gets happy seeing Krishna and asks if he came to meet her, she is tolerating since 12 years but cannot more. Krishna says he came to give one more chance to Pandavs and make them realize the value of woman and should return back to their original form, so she should do as he says and walk into Keechak’s room with alcohol. Draupadi says she will do anything to get Krishna’s forgiveness for her husbands.

Draupadi walks into Keechak’s room. Keechak sends all maids out saying only Sainadhri will spend night with him tonight. Maids inform Pandavs that Keechak forcefully held Sainadhri. Draupadi serves alcohol to Keechak and unable to bear his lustful gaze tries to leave when he holds her and closes door and windows. Pandavs barge in and warn Keechak to dare not touch Sainadhri. Keechak realizes they are Pandavs and Sainadri is Draupadi. He challenges them that he is powerful Keechak and they cannot harm him. Bheem fights and easily kills him. All Pandavs apologize Draupadi for not protecting her when Duryodhan insulted her. Krishna says Pandavs proved today the value of woman and got their respect back.

Precap: Krishna suggests Dhritarastra to gift 5 small cities to Pandavs. Duryodhan shouts its impossible and shouts that he will arrest Krishna in chains. Krishna warns him to dare touch him as has power of whole universe.

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