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Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Bride witnesses a horror sight in devil’s palace

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 28th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the bride seeing many old brides tied kept in the place. She is shocked to see such a sight.

Sometime back, Naulakha knocks on Narendra’s door and tells that she has brought food for him. She thinks Mannbuddhi is not here and appreciates her mind, thinks first danav of the world must be born to a woman. She thinks when you have helped me so much, then it is my turn too. Devendra catches her adding medicine to Narendra’s food. He says so this is the reason for your arrival here. The bride walks towards the den like palace and thinks there is no human here. She sees footprints of the devil and thinks he is inside. She thinks what I was going to go, going inside the death. She sees Bhuvan there and thinks Devil must have brought him here. She thinks what to do, shall I help you. She recalls his words.

Naulakha asks what did I do? Devendra says foolishness and tells that one foolishness can destroy both. He says nobody shall know that you have come here on my insistence. He recalls Narendra burning the room and then getting an idea to handle him. He tells that I showed doubt on you. She laughs and tells that first Danav was born to man. Devendra asks Naulakha to get out Bharti’s love from Narendra’s heart. Naulakha tells that she has to color his heart with her love. Devendra says it is not easy.

The bride comes inside calling Bhuvan and asks Mata Rani to protect her. She calls Bhuvan, but sees a devil lady coming there. She hides behind the table and asks Mata Rani for help.. The devil lady calls her and lifts the table, but doesn’t see her. Bride runs out. The devil lady tells that her son Dumdubi told her, how her husband ran away leaving her alone seeing danger. She asks her to come infront of her and tells that I heard that you are a treasure of beauty and youngness. Bride prays to Mata Rani to protect her. The devil lady walks towards her. Bride takes the fire wood and sets off the fire on her way and tries to escape.

Naulakha thinks Narendra is lucky to get such a loving wife and a good house. Narendra comes there. Naulakha asks him to have food. Narendra says I am not hungry, go from here. She says I am still thief in your sight and you didn’t forgive me. Narendra says it is not like that. He sits to have food. Naulakha tells that all the food items are of his choice, she asked Maa ji and made it. Narendra tastes the food and reminisces Bharti feeding him with her hand. He feels drowsy just as he tasted the food and falls on the bed. She thinks she has many many men as her Das and thinks this guy is mann buddhi. Narendra imagines Bharti in Naulakha and asks her not to leave him. Naulakha tries to get closer to Narendra. Vaishnavi opens her eyes and tells that stone can’t divide the water by drawing the line, irrespective of its sharpness. The window curtain falls down on the floor. Jyoti and Kishori hear the sound and go to Narendra’s room. They get shocked to see Naulakha going closer to Narendra.

The bride comes inside, while searching the way out. She gets shocked seeing the old brides captive there. She takes the fire wood. All the old brides ask her to go to save her life. Bride asks them what are they doing here, where is their families? The old ladies tell that they were newly brides like her, but the devil turned them into old ladies. The old lady says the devil lady wants your youngness. Bride is shocked to see Devil lady coming there.

Jyoti calls Naulakha and looks on shocked. Naulakha says I will give answers to your questions and acts as possessed by the Devi. Jyoti believes her. Naulakha tells that your daughter wants eye sight and your son wants love. Even you are deprived of love and that’s why I came to help you. Jyoti folds her hands before Naulakha.

Precap: Bhuvan tries to escape with the bride and becomes Dumdubi to protect her from his mother. Bride is shocked. Mata Rani asks Bharti to go to save Narendra from his famuly’s conspiracy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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