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Zaroori Tha | I’ll Snatch You From Sky Too | Shot 6

Hey everyone this is the sixth shot of Zaroori tha i hope you guys gonna like it.

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@ Raliway station 

They can’t cage me, they can never hold me as i’m not anyone’s prey. To whom they can hunt.  It’s my life and my decision, and i’m gonna decide what i’ve to do with it.

Now my whole life aim just left to prove that……


And i’ll prove them all, that they did a mistake of thinking that i’m weak.

Mr Beast i’m coming with the next dare.

She closed her eyes when her heart called her.

 Heart questioned Miss Ruth

Is just only the reason Miss Ruthless you are running away from all ?

What else it can be? She replied from brain

That we’ll see Ruth, is just you want to prove yourself or again you are hidding something for all except Me. ” Heart spoke”

Miss Ruthless was buzy in giving justification to her heart, when someone came and settle beside her.

You forgotten to take me along with you Jaan” Someone spoke”

She turned her face and gets shocked to find Shivaay staring him with anger.



Shivaay caresses her face. Why you ran away from me?

He pulled him tight hug and softly kiss her hairs. He cries and cup her face.

I missed you so much. These honey orbs, he soft peck them, these cheeks that blushes with my single touch. Shivaay place his cheek on his and gently run his lips over it.

He was about to capture her lips when she hugged her tigthly.

What you think only you missed me? She spoke caresses his back.

I too missed you so much. She broke the hug and with puppy face futher added ” but not more than your pasta”

“I’m hungry ” She pouts sadly

The grudge of kissing that pout rise in him but he kept his desire to pour on her for some other day but know more that his desires his life health comes first as he knows what dr advice them all.

He cup her face and peck her forehead ” you wait for me, i’m going to bring delicious pasta made my your Shivaay”

She fakely smile and nods

Soon Shivaay left her along. She looked around to gets escaped from. Window was bared,  balcony door was locked.

She gazed up and smirked……

Miss Ruthless your dare of today’s evening, climbing from pool ceiling and then jumping down from terrace.

“Wow!! It’s going to be so daring”

She stood up on the edge of terrace and with in one shot jumps outside the Rajput’s cage.

Flashback ends

“You again came after me” She spoke while leaving the respective seat.

That’s what i’m suppose to ask you again. What you are doing here? “Shivaay questioned clutching her wrist.”

That i’m not answerable to you. ” She jerk his hand and spoke angrily”

Secondly listen to me for that last time Mr…  i’m not your Anika, I’m Shanaya.

Shivaay grab her from wrist and pull her close to him. Wearing mask can hide your face but not your fragrance and your touch from me.

“Did you get that?”

Secondly !! If you again wore that girl mask…… then i’m gonna file case against that doctor and hospital that are making mask for you. ” He warned him”

 “People are eyeing us, just leave my hand and move out from my way. I told you i’m not Anika then why you…….” She spoke “

“I don’t care!!” He spoke against her face. And if you don’t want to people  to point finger on Rajput’s and Oberoi’s. Then better…….

He shut the door and window and pulled Shanaya mask from Anika’s face.

Both gets lost in eachother. Shivaay cupped her face and smiles glancing the beautiful face in the world.

“Beautiful !!” He mumbled

I’m not…… Shivaay cuts

 Stop playing this marathon race and mask wearing game with Shivaay Singh Oberoi now and come along with me. ” He threats her”

She pushes him hard ” stop your nonsense and just go”

“To tum nahi sudhroge?” ( so you won’t change) He spoke coldly

She without giving any word back to him, quitely took her seat back and tightly clutches window rod.

Shivaay gave him unbelievable look and  in one shot took her in arms….. then i know how to take my girl with me.

“Put me down!” She shouted and start protesting.

When you know you can’t free yourself from me, then why you even give it a try. Huh? Shivaay said tightening his grip over her.

What you all are looking? In front of you, someone misbehaving with girl and you all like outlookers watching it.

Koi Karan Johar ki movie ki shooting call rahe hai? Miss Ruthless asked whizzing in Shivaay’s hold.

Lady ” Arey nahe yeh to ishqbaazi chali rahe hai woh bhi teri aur tere is ishqbaaz ki. Joh Kj ki movie se bhi zayad romantic hai. “

All laughed loudly

Miss Ruthless gazes Shivaay with wide eyes.

“Shivaay smirked “They all know i’m your Shivaay and you are my khirkitod Anika but together with love they call us…

Whole crowd shouted ” SHIVIKA”

O jaana plays 

Shivaay pull her more close to him and peck her forhead.

Ab mujhe yeh  nakhre woh bhi norjaha ke na dikho aur ghar chalo.

She kept on protesting in his arms but all her protest got in vein.

Shivaay like kid took her in his lap on car back seat and orders his loyal man ” Khanna” to drive RM.

Don’t utter a word otherwise i’ll eat your each word. And you know i mean it” Shivaay warned against her ear “

Just put me…….( Her words gets cut by him)

Khanna stop the car and leave us alone ” Shivaay orders  Khanna while glancing her”

Khanna puts breaks on  car and was about to leave two of them alone when Miss Ruth shouted

“No, don’t leave ” She spoke while glaring Shivaay

 He  lovingly brushing his nose with her ” that’s like my Anika”

Next Day

“Where’s my daughter?” Pinky questioned Shivaay while placing breakfast tray on table.

“Mom, she’s inside closet” He replied staring closet door.

“Did she sleep?” Pinky asked passing Americano to him.

He hold Americano cup and thanks her and replied….. No, mom whole night she was awake.

I tried  many ways to make her sleep but she couldn’t.

“Shivaay if you don’t mind can you let me alone with Anika for few minutes?” Pinky request him

“Sure, mom you can. But wait why she’s taking so long?”

He stepped near closet and banged on door ” why  you taking so long in changing?”

“My wish ” She replied coldly

“Come out in a minute. Otherwise i’m coming in” He orders and threat her.

Scene shifts to Kabir place


“Why Miss Ruth phone not reachable?” He said worriedly

I hope she safely reached New Zealand.

No, i can’t predict myself. I’ve to find whether she reached or not.

He called someone and orderd him to find about her. He drop the call continue his talks……

After losing everyone, now only she’s left with whom  i can share my pain…

“He smiled!! ” how dumb i’m saying share my pain before i could utter something before that she herself understand what i’m suppose to say.

“But…. after spending such sorrowful time with her, i can never understand her”

“I’m saying correct na. Coco?” He asked

Coco barked ” bo boo !”

“Yeah, i know you are too missing her. But you know how Ruthless she’s ” He complains”

“Coco barked again in anger and ran after him”

“Hey , stop coco i didn’t mean that” He justifies running here and there.

Scene shifts to RM 

“What you want me to do?” Pinky questioned Anika

“Apne beta ko mujhse dur kare” She replied.

“What?” Pinky spoke shockingly

“Haan!!!” Aur ap ke pass sirf teen ghantaye hai. Agar ap ne esa na kiya to……..

“To kya?” Pinky stammered

Sahil ka kidnap…….. She smirked

Pinky eyes grew big, she gets shocked to hear that. Flashes reels in her mind that how she planned Sahil kidnapping.  She comes out of shock and asked

You knew it, that i planned Sahil kidnapping?

Anika nods positively

@ Hall


“Shivaay beta who’s Anu know?” Aarohi questioned him

“Maa!” You Anu is absolutely fine. Shivaay spoke wiping her tears.

Then, why she’s not coming down to meet me? I’m waiting since yesterday’s for her that now she’ll come and hug me. “Aarohi opens her heart infront of Shivaay”

Please Shivaay you do my “intercede” infront of Anu that once just for once hug me.

Her baba is not letting me even to feel her breath……( Shivaay cuts)

“Maa, maa…. stop interceding me!!”

I’m nothing infront of you. You are Anu’s mum, not any ordinary lady who’s pleading jailer for having sight of her own blood. “Shivaay spoke”

“But Dev, he’s…..( Devi cuts)

Who’s he? To keep mother and daughter away. ” Devi ji spoke “

And to rise his voice against Princess Aarohi ” Gayu futher added”

“Don’t call me Princess” Aarohi requests

“Ok, Maa” Gayu pecked Aarohi cheeks

Maa ko Anu ke pass jana hai” Bhavya teases Aarohi”

Aarohi nods innocently

@ Shivika room


” Fine!!” Your choice. I was helping you mummy ji but you denied to take my help.

But think for once you what me your one and only daughter in law or your “Heera beta”

Look the vision is clear infront of you. If i open my mouth than your one and only son will get again far from you.

And i know you don’t what to lose him.

Think mummy ji think. Son your daughter  in law.

You can get another daughter in law but not son like Shivaay.

Pinky left’s in deep thoughts

Anika smile and snatch fone from her. I’m taking your fone and don’t tell anyone about fone and deal between us.

If you did so then say bye to luxurious life and Heera beta.




Tum Anika ho nahe sakti. Kyun ke ? Meri Anika ghar ko aur dilo ko ek he dori se baandh kar rakhti thi. Unko kabhi tumhari tarah  bikhera nahi. 



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