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Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 34 : Revelations ! and Romantic Teasers

Chapter 33

The Moment Ajay had set his eyes on her , He wanted nothing but to have her atleast for a night— But What He never knew is already His Brother , Kali , had already set his eyes on this Petite Seductress Who did nothing but a Smile to seduce Men!. Paying Double More than His Brother to Khanna Had made him think that Gauri would be given to him But In His wildest dreams He had never thought that Omkara , His Friend, Would Stand as an Obstacle Warning Kali and Khanna and Him Not to touch a hair strand of Gauri . Ajay was no blind to see the Love and the protectiveness which burned in Omkara’s eyes to Protect her as A man would do to His Lady . He Knew Omkara Was Fire Any Man touching Gauri would mean he is touching  voluntarily would burn him to ashes . Kali and Khanna had not given a hear to him and just laughed at Omkara openly challenging him to Fight Against them When Omkara Had gone Mum they had thought that Omkara had accepted his defeat . But they Little Did They Know the Fact Tiger hides to pounce at the correct time .

But Ajay Knew Better That Six Month Stay in Prison with Omkara , Ajay had analyzed and deduced His character . Prison Was Where He had got acquaintance with Omkara Both arrested under the warrant of attempt murder of A High Official . Ajay and Omkara had gelled up together easily that Ajay had suggested to join his gang as a right man to Him and Kali , That is Where He did his Mistake exposing Omkara to their World — . By Calling their Own Self-destruction which had ended up in almost calling their own death – at least it happened to Kali thakur.


When Ajay Thakur Got to Know that His Brother , Kali, had abducted Omkara and Had challenged Gauri to come save her husband . He had come running in the intention of ravishing Her in front of Omkara . Making him Wince and Flinch . He wanted to inflict the same pain Omkara had inflicted by making His Own Brother , Kali stand up against him  that too Why ? Just For A Woman Whose Body was sold in Crores .

Worst what Omkara did was Provoking and Manipulating His Own Brother Kali against Him , and Using His Name to Kill out Khanna . Then Plotting Out with Kali to Kill him if Ajay Hadn’t eavesdropped today he would have been a corpse in the grave .

When He had heard that they planning his assassination,  Overnight He had cleverly fled from Bareilly with Some of His Men . After Ajay had left Defeating Kali had not been hard for Omkara . Just With A Knife on Kali’s throat Omkara had Showed Kali his place with a Last warning not to touch Gauri Omkara had left with his Gang , Which was another shocking revelation that Omkara had swiftly turned up Thakur men to His men Just throwing over few extra bucks on their Faces.


Kali’s Pride had brooded Since then ,  the Fear They saw in Bareilly People had Changed into a Mockery . Thakur’s were mocked and humiliated by the same people Who once feared Them . Enraged Kali had phoned up Ajay to Join hands with him once again But Ajay was too hurt that His Own Brother had betrayed him   going to an extent of Killing him had not settle well with him that , In rage he had cut off ties with Kali . Since then Ajay had been planning and plotting , stalking against Omkara wanting to Defeat that Man by Finding his Weakness.


But His Own Brother had not been patient rather than taking down  Omkara on the correct Time , Kali had directed his anger towards Gauri breaking into A House in Chawl and Ending up in a Scar on his face . Ajay had to strongly agree with the Fact that The Husband and Wife Who is Standing in front of Him Now Cannot Be defeated Physically  They were strong more than Everyone . The Very Next Day after broking into Gauri’s house in Chawl Ajay had got the news that there illegal drug business had been raided by a Special Police Force and taken under to their custody and Arrested Kali Thakur in charges of supplying illegal drugs .   It did not surprise Ajay because He knew that Omkara had to be behind it .


“Once bitten Twice Shy” Is Often said by People But His Brother Kali did not take the idiom seriously had abducted Gauri in the idea of Marrying her . Ajay who had got to know at the last moment that Kali is forcing Gauri into Marriage and At the same time The News that  Omkara had surrounded the place with his Men had Made him drive straightaway to the place But Ajay had Been Late , He Had Found  Omkara thrusting Gauri into his Car what had got his attention is the Sindoor on her forehead and the Mangalasutra around her Neck . The Fact That Omkara had succeeded made Ajay’s blood boil Gauri Was to be Ajay’s Not Anyone else’s .


Ajay without thinking twice  had followed Omkara behind Firing in the intention of Killing him and Having Omkara’s Widow to himself but Omkara had cleverly and  clearly sketched making sure Ajay did not reach them .Frustrated He had Returned back to atleast Save his Brother Kali.


Kali had been clear to depict as to Why his Brother Ajay had saved him . Brothers had Joined Hands to Destroy Omkara . Their First Move had been sending messages to Gauri trying to give her a negative picture of Omkara , They started with sending Omkara’s Pictures with Ridhimaa and then phoning her up Provoking her that Omkara was the one to Kill Khanna . But Gauri had Always Given a Deaf ear to them let it be the Very next Day of Her Marriage During the Occasion of Holi , Ajay and Kali had Wished to Be Bathed in Omkara’s Blood but Gauri had not taken their words seriously But Little Did they Know they had Been successful in inflicting the thought of Om killing Khanna as Gauri had tried to Kill him during Holi and During Late nights She had Nightamres where she had screamed at Omkara begging Him to Not to Accept that He had indeed Killed Khanna and make her fears come true .



Each Passing Day Her Doubts had reached different stages.On the day Daadi and Jhanvi had been back and Their suggestion of a remarriage had made her take up a decision to Meet up with Kali. Even Today Ajay could remember the sinister smile Kali had given thinking that He could Have his way with Gauri not knowing that the Petite Woman is far more intelligent and smart . Gauri had chosen a place for their visit in a crowded café so Kali had not been able to even touch a strand of her hair  . Ajay had never come into the view of Gauri as He wanted to be hidden .


Worst abduct attempt of Omkara had been on the Late night , In the intention of trying to make Ajay confess his crimes and places where they sold girls for pimp that too Omkara had done it By sending a woman , Ridhimaa , Knowing That Ajay’s weakness is Women . High on alcohol Ajay had tried to force himself on Ridhimaa rather than confessing the crimes which had resulted Omkara to  come into picture to save Ridhimaa by almost beating the crap out of him to an extent that Ajay had ended with a broken left arm !. By the time Ajay had woken up the next day He had got to the news that His Brother Kali Had been taken hostage by Gauri . Another Blow for Thakurs.


Ajay had decided at that moment to Face Omkara , It is A Fight for Revenge . He had been thirst  for Blood it had been long He had taken someone’s blood . Getting to Know the Day Out Plan of Omkara and Gauri . Ajay had followed Them closely each minute they romanced and appeared happy he could only grit his teeth and clench his fist and watch them through the car until He got them alone to plan his move.


The moment He had overheard Gauri leaving Kali in the Beach ,Ajay had send his troops to retrieve Kali from the clutches of Omkara But What He never Knew is Gauri’s men had a watch on Kali’s every move  . The Minute Omkara left her alone to Get her an ice-cream . Ajay  had send the video from a private number .Seeing the shocked and hurt expression in Gauri’s face he Knew He had hit the correct point . But Still Ajay had decided to take it slow He had Followed Them closely behind . He had been shocked to Know that indeed that they had succeeded in making Gauri turn against Omkara as She had tried Killing Omkara thirty – six times . But What Ajay did not expect the way Gauri had almost fallen on her knees begging Omkara to take back his words . He never knew that Their Love had been so powerful .

Ajay’s eyes had lit up in a sinister smirk when Omkara had placed the gun in Gauri’s hand . He had sucked on his breath until Gauri pulled the trigger at Omkara but He did had not expected Disappoint as Gauri  pulled the trigger up towards the sky and ad throwed away the gun murmuring “That My Husband will not do such a thing” and turning around  She had walked away from him.

“Seems like someone is Lost in  Dreams of Destruction !” Hearing The Mockery Words at Him Ajay’s chain of thoughts breaks as He Looks at His Opponent With His Wife Now Standing beside him with her Fingers Hooked around his forearm.

Ajay’s lips curve up in a sinister smirk as He walks forward , Now Standing Just an Inch away from Omkara  they two  at each other ferociously . Om chuckles pressing his temple ” Wondering Ajay How Could A Man Who was suppose to be dead in The Car Falling from the Cliff Standing in front of You Alive ? ,

Gauri eyes widens hearing Omkara , The Reports Had suggested that they had found His Car in the River Which they had Confirmed that the Car had slid down off the Cliff ,  After Many attempts of searching Omkara’s body it wasn’t Found Which made The Police To close his case claiming that Omkara Singh Oberoi Died in an Accident But She Knew , Her Heart Knew , Her Husband is alive and would be back .


Ajay twitches his lips and raises a brow eager to know what had happened after Them Successfully pushing off the Car from a Fair distance towards the Cliff .

“How About We talk over a Cup of tea?” Om asks playfully making Ajay look at him bewildered Like Seriously How could He Think of Tea While They are in You Or Me? Life or Death Situation .

Gauri could Only smile at Her Husband as  She leans onto his arms , Her hand slipping down from his forearm to his palm intertwining their fingers .

“Are you Tired?” Gauri whispers Slowly Looking at him sideways ,

“It wasn’t Like I was sleeping the Whole Day right?” He asks playfully with a glint in his eyes that His Wife Had not forgotten about his Habits , A Cup of Tea Is Needed to relieve him from his weariness .

“Husband” She slaps on his arms playfully kissing on his cheeks hardly .

Ajay sighs clenching his fist seeing the Husband and Wife Romancing in Front of him as if it is a meet of Lovers and Not For Blood !.

“Okay ” Ajay says Wanting to Know how he escaped .

Sat in a Round Table with Omkara and Gauri on One side , With Gauri hugging Om by his arm tired . Ajay Fumes in anger seeing Her With Him in a cozy position , The Woman He desired in the arms of another man irks him .

Taking a sip from his cup , Om moans relishing the taste from the tea . ” Ajay Where Did you get this Man ?” Om asks moaning again as he takes another sip making Gauri chuckle seeing Ajay’s irritated face  . A Cup of Tea is All needed to Divert Her Husband from anything He is Doing .

Still in the embrace Gauri Places her chin on his shoulders as She asks softly questions him which had been bugging Since the time She saw him this morning , ” Why Didn’t You Come to Me Husband that Day after I Left , I had a tiny hope that you will follow suit and give reasons for your actions and Never Let me Go “,

Om’s nose flares in again as He turns his gaze from Gauri to Ajay ” He is the Reason Jaan ” , It was time for Ajay to Smirk At least He had Separated the Lovely Dovey Couple for a Year .Gauri’s irises flickers in anger as She Looks at Ajay , If Looks could burn Ajay would have been ashes by now .



Ajay stretches his hands across the Chair as He Keeps His leg on the table One leg over the Other . as He throws His head back drawing out a cigarette He puffs  .

“Come on Man Tell Your Lady What All I Did To You , ” He sneers at Om . Seeing Om tight-lipped He Pulls his head back and Looks at Gauri Licking his licks travelling his gaze down her curves “Your Husband Almost Die Because Unable to Fight against Me” ,

Gauri turns her head sideways cringing in disgust the Way he was eyeing at her But hearing him say about her Husband that too negatively She looks at him ,

“Just After You Left , Your Romeo being the Love sick puppy wanted to Follow You But Will I , Ajay , Let him? , ” He tells with a smirk .

Omkara closes his eyes clearly remembering the day that Separated Them , When Gauri confronted him all he wanted was to pull her close and spill out everything and pacify her but The Moment He sat on the bench beside her He had spot Ajay’s men had surrounded the place . He Wanted to Safegaurd Gauri So He in return had accused her but He could not take the pain she was going through  , her heart breaking in order to soothe her He had Kissed her , It was Full of Love trying to assure Her She was indeed Correct about Her Husband . It amazes Him even Now How could She believe and Love him so much ? , . He Had made her promise three things , First Being that She would Leave this place and move out of the City in that way He  Was sure that She would safe away from Kali and Ajay with Him  .

Second Being that She would give up on her revenge and stop pursuing Kali and Lead a normal Life and Lastly She would never cry in the name of him and Always Remember that Her Husband Only Loved and Will Only Love His Jaan .

Placing the Gun on her hand He had done it with a smile if He is too die in her hands he would be the happiest man alive to die in the laps of his beloved But He always Knew That Gauri would never murder him , Having witness The way  She had cried and saved him each time She had tried to Kill him .

Making Sure She had left safe from the Place , Omkara had waited to Face Ajay and then go and pacify his Love But that Day .

“I Hit Your Man With A Metal Rod right in the center of his head from behind !” Ajay tells Gauri making Omkara sigh , Gauri looks at Omkara instantly her fingers running along his hair to find any injuries .Om smiles looking at her worried face . He kisses her temple and whispers softly ” It healed Long Back !”.

“How Dare You Touch My Husband Ajay ?  Is Thakur’s Cowards that they only Know to back stab?” , Om clicks his tongue at Ajay mocking at him challenging Ajay to answer His wife .

“Gauri ” Ajay roars at her standing up ,

“What ?” Gauri asks him with a stern look calmly

Ajay gives a bewildered look shocked to see not a fear itched on her face , Women’s trembled in fear when he roared but She?

“What Did you Do To My Husband?” She asks in a calm yet in a threatening tone .

” Your Husband could not take too much pain due to three repetitive blow on his head that He fell on his knees with blood oozing out , Seeing him half dead ,I made him sit on his own car and pushed the car towards the end of the cliff ”

Gauri throws her head laughing ” Like Really Ajay How Did you become A Don? ”

Ajay gives her confused look while Om shakes his head with a chuckle hearing His Little Wife .

Seeing him confused ” Come on Yaar you cannot even execute a murder properly who gave you the title Don? , Well If You really Wanted him dead You should have waited until he took his last breath and pushed him off the cliff but You He was Breathing Ajay , My Man is not fragile to break with Three Blows !” Her voice at the end literally made Ajay shiver seeing the intensity of challenging him indirectly .

Om Pulls her more close to him . placing his thumb  under her chin Om makes her Look at him ” My Girl ! ” , She gives him a proud smile and raises her brows asking him to let out how he escaped .

“Well You see As Your husband was breathing , I unlocked the Car Door on time unfastening the seat belt I rolled off from the Car And Fell across the bushes while the Car slid down , Ajay Who thought that I Died left the place . With the Head injury I lost consciousness , A Family Who came to the Park Found me and admitted me to the Hospital . Six months I was in Coma Gauri !”

Gauri throws her arms around his neck hugging him tighter as Her eyes becomes mist  , He had suffered a lot ! .

“But Omkara Then why After Didn’t You come see me after Six months?” She asks him loosening her hold around him

“Gauri I was planning to take down Kali and Ajay at the same time but I Kept a Watch on your respectively ! , I wanted to Meet you after making Sure They Died!!”

Ajay gasps hearing Omkara ” What?” He yells

“Destruction Ajay , Destruction!” Om sings to him .

Gauri ignoring Ajay’s gasping She asks him ” Then Why Did You Come yesterday?”

Om shifting his gaze back to her Looks at her lovingly as He says ” I could not see you cry so much Gauri During the Award Function So I had to Show Myself I cannot see my Jaan in Pain ” , She pulls him by his collar Kissing him hard on his lips thanking him silently .

“What?” Ajay shouts bewildered as He answers the call and hears the Other Person on line . Understanding This is What Omkara had been meaning all along of His Destruction , He takes out his sword from Back , Swinging it in the air He plunges towards Omkara who is busy kissing his beloved.



Teaser 1 

She peeks her head out to check whether he is there in the room , Finding no one Gauri steps out of the washroom with just a towel draped around her body , with water trickling down her tresses . She walks towards the closet to grab a pair of dresses . Her eyes widens as Her eyes lands on her husband’s chiseled chest with the wet hair after Shower He Looks more hot . Hearing the gasp Om turns around and seeing her like this he drops the t-shirt down and walks towards her with predatory steps with a smirk itched on his face . Gauri gulps nervously and takes a step backward . Each step he took she moves a step back .Within seconds She was pinned to the wall with strong arms either side .She lowers her gaze down shyly as Her hand tightens around the knot of the towel .

Leaning down Om blows in her ears making her feel tinges through her bare skin . A Rosy tinge adorns her face as She blushes more . With the other free hand she splays her hand on his chest intending to push him . Wrong move Holding the palm near his heart He pulls her . Her bare back hitting onto his bare chest . Her breaths get erratic . His left arms snakes through her waist pulling her more closer to him if possible . Their warmth transferring to each other .

Feeling the wetness on her bare shoulders She looks over her shoulder to Find her husband’s breath falling in the nape of her neck and the water from his hair dipping onto her shoulders . She takes a deep breath closing her eyes as His lips brushes her nape . Subconsciously She tilts her head giving more access making him smile against her nape . He pulls his lips across her neck to the collarbone as His teeth dug in a particular spot She arch against him as His tongue soothes the place . Bunching her hair he pushes it to a side . He runs his full palm across her upper back making her squirm under him. She keeps her free arm on his hand which is holding her waist as She moans “Husband ” ,

He smiles and turns her around locking his arms around her back . She flushes and closes her eyes still holding securely knot near her chest . His eyes gazes down from her lips down her throat and to the valley of her cleavage . Bending down he places a kiss on her throat making her throw her head back moaning “Omkara!



Teaser 2 


Placing Her on Bed as If She was a Fragile Doll , Om leans back standing on his feet admiring the beauty in Front of him , Dressed in nude pink Lehenga her hairs left opened and Her Pallu long gone . She Opens her arms calling him for a Hug . He smiles and leans down But She stops glaring at him ,

“Remove your Shirt , I want to Feel You without Any Barrier !” She pouts at him as Om chuckles bending down he pecks her pout making her cheeks adorned a rosy tinge her lips widening in a grin . Unbuttoning One By One , Om smirks seeing the Way She was checking him . Hearing her groan in frustration. Om laughs throwing his head back as He says

“Patience Jaan , Patience ”

Throwing his Shirt Far way to a corner of the room he joins her on bed . Sitting beside her legs He takes her foot and places it on his laps . Pulling out a pair of anklets from his pocket He drapes it both around her ankles making her smile at her . Om’s eyes feels with passion as he runs his index finger along her legs as She sucks in her breath feeling his touch . His hands comes direct with her bare waist . She looks up at him with passion as He dips his head onto her waist . Taking the waist chained his mouth He bites on it making her arch against him in pleasure

“This chain had been created havoc since I saw this !” He groans whispering as He pesters kisses around her navel making throw her head back in pleasure . Tilting his head back . He moves up towards her burying his face in the crook of her neck As He kisses along her jaw line and runs his index finger along the dip of her chest as She lets out a Moan ” Husband!”





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