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Tere ishq me jana – swaragsan-Epiosde 4

Rag: sanskar this ur counter. You have to show dresses whichever ladies want to see.
San: ok.
Rag: are u sure that u can do?
San: of course Ragini.

After some time two girls come and goes to sanskar’s counter.
Girl: show me western dresses.
San: ok madam.
He goes to dress section, sees there. He gets confused. He sees a box written western on that. He takes that and keeps infront of girls.
San: see madam.
Girl: show us.
San: gets confused. Opens the box and tells see madam.
Both girls looks at him strangely. When they see at box, it was saari.
They were staring him. Ragini looks at them and goes to sanskar’s counter. Takes him a side.
Rag: sanskar, they told to show western dresses.
San: ya. I showed that only.
Rag: you showed them saari.
San: they asked western. And on that box it’s written western.
Rag: (widens her eyes, not getting wat to Tel) sanskar, western dresses means jeans,tops and all. Traditional means saaris. They asked western. Means jeans and tops. Not saari. Understood?
San: oh, ok understood.
Rag: now stay here, I’ll handle them. U see next customers.
San: ok
Ragini shows them. And they both went.

After sometime, a lady comes.
San: yes madam. How can I help you?
Lady: show me some saaris.
San: ok.
He took 3 boxes. Keeps infront of her.
Lady: show second one
San: keeps second box infront of her and tells see madam.
Lady luks at him continuously.
San: what happend madam? U liked saari?
Lady was silent.
Again Ragini goes to him.
San: see ragini, I showed saari to her.
Ran: keep quite and just observe me.
She goes to lady, opens all 3 saaris out of box.
Rag: madam, this is new design. Recently came to market. Many are taking this only. If you want you have colors in this. And madam this color suits you more. U Luk beautiful in this.
Lady got happy and purchased that saari and went.
After her. Ragini went to sanskar.
Rag: what is this sanskar?
San: what happened Ragini? What I did? She asked saari and I showed.
Rag: this is not the way to show. You have to open clothes out of box and explain them design and colors. U should impress them as I just did.
San: ok I’ll follow as u did now.
Rag: fine. Now fold all saaris in box and keep them back.
San: why.? Let them like that only. When next customer will come we can direct show. And while going we will pack and go.
Rag: sanskar, you are getting salary for this only. Don’t be lazy. Go and work.
San: ok.
Rag in mind: what kind of boy he is? He doesn’t know anything. How strangely he behave.

Again after some time a man of comes to sanskar’s counter. (He wanted to purchase saari for his wife).
Man: show me some saaris.
San: remembers how Ragini managed. He showed. See sir these are few colors. He was just copying ragini’s words.
Ragini was impressed seeing him. Other workers were also luking at sanskar only that how he’s handling. They were seeing in curiosity that sanskar is doing well.
San: see this design sir, this is really gud. And this blue color suits you more and you Luk beautiful in this.
All workers were looked at sanskar including Ragini in such a expressions which can’t explain.( U just imagine frnds)
Man: (angrily) what nonsense.? What kind of behaviour this is?
Sanskar realised what he said.
San in mind: oh no. Wat I did.
San: sorry sir, actually…
Man: stop it.
Man left from there angrily.
All were suppressing their laugh. When man left all started laughing. Ragini was laughing like a hell.
Rag: (trying to control her laugh)really sanskar. I never seen a seller like you till now. What a way of selling. ( Still laughing)
San: (fake angry, luks at different direction) it happens Ragini. No need to laugh. Even a best seller do small mistakes.
Rag: still laughing, I don’t know about any best seller, but you are a unique seller. Thank God that owner went for lunch. If he would have seen this, he would have fired you at this moment only.
San: ok Ragini. Stop making fun of me. It’s enough.
Rag: stops laughing. Next time keep in mind what you are saying ok. Don make mistakes infront of owner also.
Rest of the day sanskar handles few customer. But it was very tough for him. He was taking ragini’s help everytime.

@evng ragini’s home
Rag: teasing . so Mr.sanskar, how was your first day experience?
San: atleast now stop Ragini. From shop to home, all the way you speaking on this only.
Rag: ok ok. But remember sanskar. This should not happen daily. Or else you may loose your job.
San: ok I’ll keep in mind.

At nite both had dinner then Ragini sleeps on bed and sanskar on floor.
San in mind: ufff.. horrible day. This is still first day sanskar. How will you manage a month? Don’t know. No Mr.sanskar maheshwari, u have to prove yourself to swara and all that you can do anything.
He takes his mobile, luks at swara photo and says swara I’ve kept my words. I’ll win my challenge. Be ready after a month. Then he was about to sleep, luks at Ragini.
Unknowingly smile appears on his lips.he sleeps.

Next day
Rag: sanskar, today I’ll not help you. You have to manage yourself.
San: raising his collar. Am sanskar Ragini, u don’t know me still.
Rag: ok. We will see today.

Rag: not bad sanskar, u learned quickly.
San: I told you before only.
Few days went like this only. Ragini and sanskar became more close. Ragini somewhere in corner of her heart started to feel for sanskar. And sanskar was happy with ragini’s company. But dint focus on his feelings. For him, he loves swara.

Precap: swara meets sanskar

Will sanskar realise his true feelings?
Will Ragini fall for him first?
Frnds, how’s this episode? And thanks for your likes and comments.

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