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Shakti 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Harak Singh brings Harman home, Sameer takes Soumya to his house

Shakti 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Dr. Kaushal and his wife coming there. He asks how can you be her husband and tells that he is a doctor. He says they both are brought to his hospital in an injured state and he treated them. He asks why are you lying? Mrs. Kaushal says Khushi is like our daughter and tells that they want to talk to him alone. They go to side. Mr. Kaushal says why are you lying? Sameer says why can’t I marry as she is a kinnar. Mrs. Kaushal and her husband are shocked. Sameer says they were about to marry, but someone separated them. He says he will marry her and will show to the world that a man can marry a kinnar and keep her happy. Mrs. And Mr. Kaushal call him Devta. They ask him to keep her happy and take care of her. Dinesh calls Salman khan and informs him that Jolly and Khushi’s family

came and taking him home.

Soumya takes the call and thanks Salman. She gives call to Harman. Harman thanks Salman for help and uniting them with their families. Dinesh asks them to get ready to go to their houses. They wear their clothes. Harman thinks his heart is saying to take her home, and marry her and make her Gulabo. He tells her that he will miss her always. Soumya asks him to be happy with his Gulabo. Harak Singh calls Harman. Harman asks why she is not looking happy. Soumya says even you are not looking happy. They go out. Saloni says one last selfie. Harman says yes and stand beside Soumya. Saloni takes selfie with them. Song plays. Saloni gets sad. Swati says you shall be happy. Saloni says they will forget us when they get their memory. Harman says we will not forget you all. Harak Singh says we are getting late for flight. He thanks them. Harman and Soumya look at each other. Sameer holds Soumya’s hand. Do palon ka……Harak Singh holds Harman’s hand. They start walking looking at each other. They recall the moments with each other.

Veeran, Shanno and Varun do the arrangements of Harman’s shradh. Preeto comes and asks what are they doing? Neighbors come there. The neighbor asks Preeto to do shradh for his soul peace. Preeto says my son is alive and no shradh is done for alive people. The neighbors hold Preeto. Raavi asks them to leave her mum’s hand. Shanno holds Raavi and says Harman is dead else would have come. Veeran asks Pandit ji to start the vidhi. Preeto shouts asking them to stop else it won’t be good. Pandit ji starts the shradh rituals and says Harak Singh haven’t come till now, so who will do the shradh vidhi. Veeran says I am his Chacha and will do the vidhis. Preeto looks at Mata Rani’s idol. Pandit ji asks Veeran to drop the gangajal outside the house for Harman and Soumya’s mukti. He throws the pot outside the house and sees Harak Singh bringing Harman back. He gets shocked. Shanno and Varun are shocked too. Raavi get happy seeing Harman. Harak Singh sees the puja being done in his house. Veeran says Harman…you. Varun asks where did you go? Harak Singh stops them from coming to Harman. Raavi cries and hugs Harman happily. She asks where did you go? She asks her to see Preeto. Harak Singh slaps Veeran hard and asks whose shradh you are doing? My son is alive and standing infront of you. He kicks the shradh things.

He tells Preeto that their shera Harman have come. He asks Harman to look at Preeto. Preeto looks at him and goes to room. Harak Singh asks Harman to call her, and tells that she is unwell. Raavi says I will bring food for you. He takes Harman with him. Sameer takes Soumya to his house. Neighbor sees Soumya and asks him if she is the same girl who used to make toys. Sameer says I will talk to you later. He takes her inside. Sameer’s mum comes there. Soumya thinks of her as her mum and asks where is Papa? Sameer’s mum asks if he wants her to make toys again. Soumya asks who is my parents then? Sameer asks her to come inside and says he will explain to her.

Harman thinks of Soumya and thinks she is very beautiful, lovely and says my Gulabo would be like her only. He says I forgot my memory, but remember your name, our love must be unique. He says our love must be like that of Saleem and Anarkali, whenever I think of Gulabo, Khushi’s face comes infront of me. Harak Singh comes there and asks him to meet Preeto. Sameer locks Soumya in the room. His mum asks why did you bring her here? Sameer says she lost her memory. His mum says why did you bring her here? Sameer says you thought her auspicious and we will get money from Harak Singh. He asks her not to call her Soumya and says I told her name as Roshni. His mum says I won’t let my son stay with a kinnar.

Sameer gives his promise and asks her to listen truth. He says I love Soumya even now and doesn’t care if she is auspicious or inauspicious for me. His mum says you wants to marry her and asks if he got Harman’s ghost. Sameer says no. his mum says she will tell neighbors that she is a kinnar. Sameer says I will die if you tell anything to anyone, and says you know that I do what I say. His mum says you will die for a kinnar. He says not for a kinnar, but for my love. He remembers getting call from Harak Singh asking him to take Soumya with him and book ticket to Mumbai. Harak Singh asks Preeto to say something and says he is our Shera. He asks her to hug him. He asks Harman to make her understand and says she got mad in happiness. Raavi asks Harman to convince her. Harman asks why is she staring him, if they are lying and calls her Maa. Harak Singh asks him to call her Preeto and understand her silence. Harman asks her to say something. Preeto looks at him silently.

Raavi says your loving son is sitting infront of you. Preeto slaps Harman shocking them. Soumya asks Sameer about her parents. He tells they died in a car accident.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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