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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishika starts liking for Roop in jungle

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 27th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ishika hugging Roop being scared and says tiger is here. Roop says you are really unwell and if you get more uwell, then how we will search Doctor. He asks her to wear shirt. Ishika says I have a condition. Shamsher says why did Roop jump for a girl and says I will come there. Ranvir says I will bring Roop back, you trust me right. Shamsher says yes. Ishika asks Roop to turn his face while she changes the clothes. Kamla and others get worried. Kinjal says Roop knows swimming and nothing will happen to him. Shamsher says he jumped for the girl who has insulted his father. Rupesh calls Ishika, but her phone is not reachable, so he calls Vandana. Vandana picks the call and tells that Ishika is drowned in water and Roop jumped in to save her, and now both are missing.

Rupesh is shocked. Ishika looks at Roop collecting the wood sticks. She goes to wear his shirt. Rupesh sets the bonfire. Ranvir calls Roop and Ishika and asks Roop’s classmates why didn’t they bring torch.

Ishika comes wearing Roop shirt. Roop doesn’t look at her and says I remember my condition. He goes. Ishika thinks if any animal will come here. Palak tells Hardik that if any animal is there in the jungle and worries for Roop. Hardik says it is a limit, Roop is in this condition because of you. Roop comes back. Ishika thinks she is trapped with Roop here.. Suddenly small branch falls down from the tree. Ishika shouts snake…Roop turns and asks where is snake? Ishika asks him to turn and says you had promised not to see me. Roop turns his face. Sandy tells that Roop is lucky to get lost with Ishika and remarks on them. Palak gets angry for his cheap thinking. Sandy says everyone knows that Roop loves her. Hardik takes Palak from there. Roop gives potato to Ishika and asks her to eat. Ishika says if I am a rabbit and can’t eat raw vegetable. She asks him to cook it. Roop agrees and gives her watermelon. She asks him to cut it. Roop cuts it and gives to her. He tells that he has promised his father that he will take care of her. He thinks to divert her mind to lower her fever.

Kanchal and Rupesh pray for Ishika. Mota Kaki taunts her and asks her to change her behavior. Rupesh tells Kanchal that Roop is with Ishika and will take care of her. Roop cooks the potatoes and gives to her. He asks her not to ask for sauce. She asks him to eat it else he will say that her parents didn’t give her good values. Roop thinks she acts to be hard, but she is soft like a coconut. He sings lejaye kahan tujhe…..and imagines dancing with her. Ishika smiles looking at Roop dancing alone. She thinks he is clever, and bold and hopes he is not goon and praises girls like Ranvir. Ranvir finds Ishika’s chain and thinks he will find her. Ishika wears her clothes back and asks him to wear his shirt else you will say that you got unwell because of me. Roop wears his shirt and tells that he wants to tell her something, but was hesitant.

He says our first meeting was strange and we used to fight often. He says at first, I got very angry and kept your name as nakchadi. He says when we don’t have a fight, I used to miss it and I used to like you calling me gunda and inshort I used to love your anger. I felt that I can spend my life and get angry and fight with you. He says I want to get drown with you in river and get lost in jungle. I want to get old with you as I love you….Ishika. He turns to her and sees her sleeping. He asks God why did he make his beauty as sleeping beauty, and says I will be your prince charming. I want to stare you all my life as I am your MR. Ghoorelal. He goes to get wood. He collects the wood stick and hears Hina Khan singing lag jaa gale…Roop sees her and thanks God, says I felt relieved seeing a human here. Hina says I come here for trekking often. Roop says here in this jungle. Hina says yes. Roop introduces him and tells about them. He says Ishika is alone there. Hina says Ishika is very lucky. Roop says I didn’t propose her yet. Hina asks him to give chocolates and propose her. She says I will send someone to help you. Roop goes to Ishika and thinks to propose her just as she wakes up. He looks at her.

Palak tells Hina that their two friends got lost in jungle. Hina says you mean Roop and Ishika. Palak says yes. Hina asks them to take a right turn. Roop cares for Ishika and sleeps beside Ishika to comfort her. Ranvir sees them and takes out gun to kill Roop.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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