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Papa By Chance 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Amrit breaks up with Rohan

Papa By Chance 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rohan coming to meet Yuvaan. He says sorry to leave you alone, I didn’t know you will be interested in me, I like you a lot, I don’t want Amrit to know our relation. Yuvaan recalls Amrit’s words and says I m not interested, I wanted to get proof against you and show Amrit, I have seen you with Monu. Rohan asks does she know. Yuvaan says I told her, but she is blind in your love. Rohan says I can’t say. Yuvaan says why are you feeling ashamed, laws have also accepted this, love can’t be a sin, you lost Monu too, you will tell truth to Amrit. Rohan says no, I have to marry some girl for my family’s sake. Amrit asks am I that girl for you. She comes to Rohan. He gets shocked. She scolds him for breaking her heart. Yuvaan says you made her cry, Monu is better than

you, he wanted to tell truth to her and save her life. He says Amrit is my friend, Amrit slap him, don’t cry. She says Rohan was never mine. She gives him the ring. Yuvaan asks him to think to whom is he lying, to people or himself. Rohan sadly leaves.

Bela sees him and asks what happened, why is he doing such a way. She worries for Amrit. Yuvaan asks her not to worry. He goes to Amrit’s room by window. She burns the things. Yuvaan stops him. She says nothing happened in my life according to this list, I will never believe anyone now, all men are same. He blows off the fire and holds her. She beats him. He hugs and consoles her. She says I m so foolish. He says you are innocent, this is your good point, you are clean hearted, I m inspired by you, I m mean, people like you are good. She looks at him. Bela knocks door. Yuvaan opens the door. Bela gets in and sees the ruined room. She hugs Amrit.

Its morning, Yuvaan greets Amrit and asks are you clean. She says yes and cleans her room. He says thank God, I was tensed about you, you stay strict always, crying doesn’t suit you. She asks him to leave and arrange money to pay rent. He says I consoled you yesterday like a friend, you are saying this. She says I fell weak for a moment, you have to get rent. He agrees. Gungun says maybe there is no one named Chiku. Ullu gets the balloon and shows her. They hear Bela scolding Mohini. Suchi shows Yuvaan’s news to Harman.

The club manager comes home to take money for the loss. Manager says Yuvaan stays here, but he has no money to give club charges. Harman says I will give you money. Suchi gets sad. Harman asks her not to get sad. She says its my mistake, I left my son to wander, I want to rectify my mistake, get him home, I will talk to judge and help him. He gets shocked and agrees. He thinks Yuvaan shouldn’t come back here. Amrit cooks food. Bela comes to her and asks are you really fine. Amrit says yes, I have no time to cry after Rohan, I will start a new life, I will serve you. Yuvaan jokes on her new list. Bela checks the list. Yuvaan smiles seeing their bonding. He asks what did you plan for me.

Amrit says a slap for you. He holds her hand. Bela smiles. He says I m not child Yuvaan to get beaten up. Kashvi comes and asks him to read the newspaper. He reads the news and gets glad. Bela says there is nothing to be happy. Yuvaan says I m giving shelter and food to kids. He asks kids to have food. Kashvi says kids want proper food, what if anyone of them gets ill, what did you think of their education and needs, welfare officer will ask these questions. He says I understand, how much money will I need. She says around 35000, you have to do job. He says never. Amrit taunts Yuvaan. Dhoni says angel is so strong. Yuvaan gets an idea and says Dhoni is smart, I can find a job easily, I will manage kids and welfare officer too.

Harman angers Yuvaan. Yuvaan beats him. Suchi asks Yuvaan to come back home and get anything he wants. Yuvaan asks her to divorce Harman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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