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Mere Sai 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Helps Ganpat Rao

Mere Sai 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganpat Rao goes to Sai and seeks help. Sai asks him to follow him to his tent. Ganpat Rao yells people here are weird, Sai is asking to return back to his tent. Sai enters drama tent followed by Ganpat with Pant and others and sees Jhipri, Appa, Tatya and other villagers stitching drama troupe clothes. They finish stitching in no time. Sai says unity can do anything. Ganpat Rao says he is very happy today and they can all watch his drama for free. Jhipri says they helped without expecting anything in return, he has already reduced ticket prices, so they all willl buy tickets and watch it. Everyone buy tickets and shows go housefull.

Sai with his disciple starts singing bhajan in Maruti temple. Ganpat Rao sits for practice with veena and hearing someone singing walks out and asks someone

where is the sound coming from. Man says from Maruti temple and takes him there. He sees Sai singing with his disciples playing instruments and stands smiling. After Sai ends his singing, he meets Ganpat Rao. Ganpat Rao says he is very happy today as his show went housefull and whole credit goes to Sai. He gives money to Sai forcefully and asks to spend it when needed. Tatya sees that and asks Sai when he does not take money from anyone, why did he accept arrogant Ganpat Rao’s money. Sai says Ganpat Rao does not know Lakshmi does not stay where it is not respected, soon Ganpat Rao will face the ire.

Anta and Panta get tensed hearing people discussing Ganpat Rao’s drama was very nice, they will watch it again. Kulkarni calls them and pampers them with sweets. They look surprised. He punishes them for failing in their task of spoiling Ganpat Rao’s drama. They both say villagers helped Ganpat Rao stitch clothes. He says he would have better bought donkeys instead of them. They request him to give one last chance.

Sai with other disciples wait for Mhalsapati outside temple for pooja. Mhalsapati severely ill walks with his son towards temple saying he has to perform his duty. He reaches temple looking very ill. Sai asks if he is ill why did he come. His son says baba told it is his duty. Mhalsapati collapses. People hold him…

Precap: Ganpat Rao panics when his drama’s heroine leaves. He hears Champa singing and gets mesmerized with her voice.

Update Credit to: MA

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