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Mariam Khan Reporting Live 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Majaaz struggles and reaches Mariam

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jibraan and Mariam raising the fire alarm. Aayat worries and runs to Jibraan. Mariam and Jibraan ask each other to take care. Aayat asks where is Mariam. He says she has run away. He smiles. Aayat looks for Mariam. Majaaz takes a disguise of fire guard. Farhaan meets her boss. The man says I know Majaaz can do anything for his daughter, he will fulfill our mission for the sake of his daughter. Majaaz looks for Mariam. Aayat stands close to Mariam. Mariam hides inside a trolley. She goes. Majaaz misses to see her. She runs away. He goes to check the ward. Mariam recalls Jibraan and cries. The guard says everything is normal, maybe it was false alarm. Aayat worries and says nothing will happen to Jibraan. Mariam comes back to her and says nothing will happen to

Jibraan. Aayat and Jibraan get shocked seeing her. He asks why did you come back, you still have time, go away.

Mariam says I won’t go anywhere, dad always asks me to fight with problems, I m not scared, I tied you Rakhi, a sister also helps a brother in problems, I m ready to give you kidney. They cry. Mariam goes for the operation. Majaaz helps the doctor. He picks papers and sees Mariam’s pic. He checks the operation papers. Cop calls him out and stops him. Majaaz makes excuse and leaves. Doctor calls Mariam brave. Mariam says my dad is also brave. Doctor asks where is her dad. Aayat says he has gone out, she loves her dad a lot. Doctor asks nurse to prepare both patients. Mariam faints by injection. Majaaz comes to check for Mariam. He sees empty ward. Aayat comes there and taunts him for cheating police. He says now I know why dad hates you so much, he knows your nature very well, you are a stain on mum’s name, are you not ashamed to torture Mariam, I have kept her so well, everyone loves her, you kept her hungry, you have beaten her.

She says I want to see my son fine. He says no mother is biased in children, you tortured Mariam, look at Mariam, she didn’t say a word against you, look at yourself. He pushes her. She gets angry and hits the vase on his head. He faints down. She says I have kept Mariam alive just for my son, its time to use Mariam. Madiha wakes up. Meher checks the switches and says there is no power. She says I will call electricity board, I have paid the bill. Meher makes the call. She says its fine from their end, we shall check fuse. They go and get shocked seeing people’s hatred letter. Nurse asks doctor to go, Aayat is urgently calling her. Someone goes to Mariam. Aayat calls police to get Majaaz arrested. She sees Majaaz gone. Majaaz takes doctor’s disguise and meets Mariam. He recalls the nurse helping Majaaz and asking him to take Mariam out soon. Doctor asks Aayat what urgency do you have. Aayat says nothing, I didn’t call you. Majaaz cries seeing Mariam.

Majaaz hugs Mariam. Nurse asks who are you, what are you doing here. He says I m her dad, I have come to take her with me. Nurse says we will inform police. He gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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