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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update Sikander finds Lovely is guddus love.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tevar thinks Kulfi obviously I’ll know sikander more because she stayed with them most,Tevar is asked what Kulfi is liked most he says pini,Kulfi says no it’s achar and paratha,Sikander is asked,he answers everything as per her moods,Amyra very happy to hear the answer,Kulfi is asked what does Tevar do when he wakes up,Tevar says I don’t know,Tevar says exercise,Kulfi feels bad,Amyra is asked,Amyra says I don’t know he wakes up before me,Kulfi says he wakes gargles and then rehearse.

Nihalo says I will hit your daughter,Setu slaps her,she starts crying,people gather,Setu says enough I kept quite for kulfi and Nimrat, they aren’t here now, nihalo says what are you saying,Setu says I know who you sold billo to,thanks to god,he is always with my kid,and no one can harm her

and leaves.

Tevar is asked what would Kulfi like to be when she gets old,Tevar says a singer,Sikander remembers kulfi says she likes happiness more than success,Kulfi says no Baba I want happiness more than success,Sikander is asked,he says Amyra for now thinks she wants to be a singer but she dances very well,paints well acts well and very good in sports too,she is a allrounder,and all I know is she just needs to find happiness in her work,and I know she wants to be a superstar,Amyra hugs him and says you know everything I’m so happy,amyra and Sikander announced winner,Kulfi stands on table and cheers for them,Amyra pulls sikanders hand while receiving the trophy and takes him along.

Tevar feels bad,Sikander looks at Kulfi,Tevar says to kulfi next time it will be ours,Kulfi says I had fun I never played before. Ganesh visarjan begins,everyone dancing,Tevar dancing along with kids,Sikander trying the phone,lovely having Prasad,cutie stops,lovely says mom 11 days are done and Sikander found nothing,I can have it,Mohendar stares at her and remembers their challenge,lovely walks to him and says I win,even Kulfi has accepted Tevar as her dad so let things be as they are and let all be happy.

Amyra and kulfi clicking selfies,Sikander prays to god,bapa my guilt is a,ready killing me,please let the truth win,Tevar sees lovely eating modaks and walks to her and throws gulal on her,and says happy you won,because of you my daughter lost love,Sikander hears Tevar say love,and says this means love is here. Tevar says lovely I still don’t know why you kept me and my daughter away and next year the trophy will be ours. Sikander walks towards Tevar, someone throws gulal and it gets into his eyes and Tevar lovely leave.

Sikander says let me try calling may be she picks the call. Kulfi says your phone isn’t working amyra I’m sorry,amyra says relax it was just switched off, and switch’s it on,Tevar picks kulfi and starts dancing,Amyra says even I want to dance with dad and runs to Sikander,mobile in her hand and ringing.amyra picks the call and asks who it is,Sikander sees Amyra with phone and is in shock,Sikander asks Amyra whoes phone is that,Amyra says moms old phone someone is calling and not answering you check on your own.

Sikander checks the whole phone,messages,and call logs. Sikander recalls all his conversations and meets with Tevar, Sikander recalls how lovely panicked when talked about Tevar. Sikander says so Lovely is guddus love.

Pre cap: lovely eating food at home,Sikander walks to her and says lovely,love,y says I finally broke my fast not now,Sikander says okay I’m waiting in bedroom it’s important.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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