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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Navin convinces Mohini

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Navin picking the burning cigarette and says this would have burnt your feet and stained, your feet are beautiful. He stares at her and goes. Anurag looks on. Prerna sees Navin staring. Rajesh gets Dubey’s call. Dubey says your payment is cancelled. Rajesh asks but why…. Dubey says its raining heavily here, your land is ruined in the flood, your land can’t give any harvest for two years, so client cancelled the deal. Rajesh asks how can this happen. He gets tensed and says how will I repay Moloy’s loan. The women go for sindoor Khela. Mohini puts the sindoor at Maa. She applies sindoor to Nivedita. They all throw sindoor in air and play. Prerna plays with her mum. Navin looks on and takes sindoor. He goes to Prerna. Hot coal falls and goes towards him.

He steps on hot coal and gets his foot burnt. He angrily stares at idol. Prerna leaves till then.

Moloy jokes and says your brother has come, he got divorced twice. Mohini says I m worried for you. He says we are happily married, I m married and you are happy. She says Moloy…… He says Rajesh is calling me and goes. Navin comes and says fate is playing game and asking me to fill sindoor in someone’s maang. She says I was trying to fix Anurag’s alliance with Chandrika, and here my brother…. He says I didn’t do anything, Devi Maa is doing everything, why did I come here and like this girl. She asks are you serious, who is that girl, just tell me name, it will be done, I know everyone here. He asks her to come. He shows Prerna. She says Prerna….

He says yes, I like her a lot, I get mad seeing her, I wish to fill sindoor in her maang, its Devi Maa’s blessings. She says but she is young, there will be much age difference. He says I m not too old, she is not so young, look at her, she has grown up. She says you are rich and handsome, this girl is middle class. He says I want some girl who stays in my control, two rich girls broke my heart, I couldn’t do anything, I know Devi Maa will help me, she is giving me prasad, this middle class girl will be in control, you never told me no for anything, I m sure you will get her for me, she will be mine. Mohini says there should be some class, look at her, what’s the guarantee that she won’t cheat you. He says I don’t care, I love her, I want to marry her and keep her at home, will you get her for me. He hugs Mohini and says please… She says I don’t know what you have seen in her. Navin says look at her, she deserves to become my wife.

She says fine, I will think about it. He says no, we are made for each other, I will show you. Anurag and others take Mata idol. Prerna looks on and goes to help him. Navin stands beside Prerna and signs Mohini. Mohini nods and smiles. Navin touches the idol and gets hurt. His finger bleeds. Prerna stumbles. Navin holds her hand. Prerna prays for her family. Nivedita’s husband Anupam hugs Navin and says I got a brother today. Navin asks how did we become brothers. Anupam says we both are cheap, I have seen your focus on Prerna. Navin says stop your nonsense. Anjali says I have seen Anurag’s uncle touching you wrong way, you should have slapped him. Prerna says time and place weren’t right today, we won’t meet again, Dashami is over.

Anjali sees Anurag and smiles. Navin asks Mohini about Prerna. Mohini says lucky girl, she will get a rich husband, I will talk to Moloy, Moloy will be very happy, I promise Prerna is yours from today. Prerna says I will just come. Tapur says someone is waiting for you. A girl signs him. Anurag greets. Anjali says competition has come, Prerna help me, come with me. Anurag holds Prerna’s hand. Anjali asks him to hold her too. He holds her hand. She thanks her and says I m Anjali, same college. He says of course. Anurag says I have to prepare for exams, next year we will meet. The girl asks him to drop her. Anjali fights with the girl for Anurag. Prerna laughs. He says I will go with Prerna, I m really sorry, Prerna and her mom are going to drop me home. He asks Prerna will you drop me home. He signs her. She says of course, come. They leave.

He says so sorry to take your name, I hope you don’t mind. They leave in the car. He says thanks again. She says its strange, its find to find true love. He says there is much in life apart from love, I realized I didn’t love my GF, relationships are a lie these days, living and dying for someone, its all rubbish. She says the day you fall in love, you will realize its beautiful thing. He gets down the taxi and pays. He says I won’t fall in love, if I do, I promise I will let you know. She says I will wait for that day and tease you, you don’t think its serious. She gets down the car and goes to him. He says success is everything, there will be family and children will be there, love just gives pain. They talk on love.

She tells about thorn bird. He asks who will bear pain for love, its late, you should go. She says you want me to go, fine, I will meet you tomorrow in college. Navin asks did you talk to Moloy. Mohini says not yet. Navin says Moloy is leaving. Moloy asks Nivedita to keep Rajesh in loop. He asks her to respect Rajesh. Mohini goes to talk to Moloy. Moloy rushes for meeting and jokes on Navin. Rajesh says no one wants to buy land, how shall I deposit the cheque, something bad is going to happen. Veena calms him down. Prerna looks on.

Veena tells the land matter to Prerna. Mohini says I will ruin them, I promise. Prerna says you will fall in love one day. Anurag says I don’t believe in them.

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