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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update Gulfamkali Pregnant with Hapu Singh’s baby.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari and Vibhu drinking, Hapu walks to them and joins,vibhu says you are disturbing us,Tiwari says yes you are,Hapu says firstly yiu drinking openly,Vibhu says its my house,Hapu says its open thatsbit give me 10000 fine,Vibhu and tiwari stare,Hapu says i will also reap of my clothes and claim you drank and hit me hard,Tiwari says lets divide five each,Vibhu says for now pay. Hapu gets a call from Gulfamkali, and he leaves.

Angoori says how couod Hapu disnthat tonyou two,why didnt you two stop him,Vibhu says we did try,Angoori sats but why 10000,Tiwari says we didn’t want to ve arrested for drinking,Angoori says but you were just drinking, Tiwari says enough you,Vibhu says how dare you scold her,Tiwrai says why is it bothering you,Vibhu says respect women,Gulfamkali walks

in, Angoori says i called her and says the gift you received its our money return it, gulfamkali says im sorry i don’t return gifts im sorry you were used,Vibhu says we can get money back we just need gulfamkalis help. gulfamkali says anything for you,Vibhu shares idea.

malkan singing at tea stall, women thinks ge is beggar and throws coins at him,teeka teases and says oh your voice,Tilu says you should join some band you hace magic in your voice,Malkan says dont insult my talent,Hapu walks to them and asks whats up,Malkan says these two are insulting my talent, Hapu asks and what is it, Malkan says i sing ditto like Kumar sanga, teeka and tilu make fun of him,Malkan says when i will be celebrity then I shall tell you, Gulfamkali walks to hapu and says congratulations you soon will be dad, teeka says whats new in that,Gulfamkali says its that im the mother.

Hapu says what are you saying, Gupta says i amde sonography he resembles hapu totally, Hapu says god what is this, boys tease him,hapu says its not my baby,Gulfamkali says okay I shall see commissioner then,Hapu says please dont, gulfamkali says pay me 10000 for well being or esle, Gupta says dont forget my 3000 fees.

Tiwari says hapu wont fall so soon,Gulfamkali isnt a bad player,Angoori says we shall know that when she comes,Gulfamkali walks in and says plan worked i got money from Hapu, Vibhu says i knew you wont disappoint us, gulfamkali says let’s go oarty,Angoori says no not now,Gulfamkali says i was kidding.

Boys having drinks and upset about Gulfamkali being pregnant and curse Hapu singh, Malkan says if i see Hapu right now i will break him into pieces, Hapu walks to them and asks what nonsense is going on here, Tilu says you did nonsense, and now will show you what we are upto and hit him hard.

Tiwari and Vibhu having drinks and enjoying victory,Hapu passing bye hears that he is fooled,he walks to them in pain, and takes a seat, Vibhu asks did someone hit you. Gulfamkali in her bar, boys walk in, she sees them excited and asks what’s wrong, Tilu says the news is so exciting, we hit Hapu singh he did that to you,Gulfamkali says that was a joke chill,Boys says never do that again please,Gulfamkali says but why did that bother you,dont you want me to have kids,Boys say yes we do but ours and now how about a performance,Gulfamkali says right away and begins her performance,boys join her.

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