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Bepannah 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya saved by seconds from an accident

Bepannah 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Harsh tells Aditya and Zoya to take care of themselves. Zoya says your words matter a lot especially right now as no one is in their support. Thank you! I assure you we will win Anjana aunty’s heart one day. He nods. I know it will happen. It’s just a matter of time. They bend down to seek his blessings. Harsh blesses them and hugs his son. Arjun also hugs his brother. Aditya walks out of Huda House holding Zoya’s hand. Anjana looks on from upstairs.

Wasim is on phone with someone. The sooner it happens, the better! Huda’s cannot just think they can do whatever they want to! I want to teach a lesson to Aditya Huda that he will remember for life. I want to destroy him! The guy is concerned about Zoya but Wasim says Zoya got the strength to go against us because of Aditya. She will come

home once Aditya is out of our way. I have handled her in the past too. The guy points out that his idea can put Zoya’s life in risk too. Wasim agrees. She has chosen this path herself. She will have to bear the result of her choice. He ends the call as Roshnaq comes there. He asks for some alone time. Roshnaq leaves quietly.

Aditya and Zoya are in the car. Zoya tells Aditya she is with him in his every decision but this does not seem right. I believe you should go back once and talk to your mother. Please. He halts the car. If we go back then it will be we who will go back or we wont go back. It is us now. Zoya nods. I know. I was just thinking you should go home on your own for a few days. It might calm aunty. Aditya asks her what she will do, where she will go if he goes back. Can you swear in my name and be sure that your Abbu will let you live in that house again? Will he accept us? I can guarantee you Ma wont accept our relation ever if I go back today. She asks him what relation they share. Who am I to you that you left your home for me? Society only needs gossip. I left my house once in the past and I did it today too. What will people think about me? Aditya says you are someone who can go against the world for love. Society has always been against those in love. It is important sometimes. Zoya says our stories started because of our ex-partners. What’s the name of our relation? What will we tell to the world? Aditya shares that he is hungry. He points at the tea stall and gets down from the car. Zoya follows him quietly. He excuses himself for 2 minutes on the pretext of going to washroom. She looks down.

Aditya’s words echo in Anjana’s head. She looks upset and wipes her tears. Harsh asks her where she is off to. She wants some fresh air and leaves even when he tells her against it. He thinks she threw them out herself and is in pain now. Don’t understand if she punishes Aditya or herself by pushing Aditya away from herself!

The tea vendor asks for money. Zoya is cashless. Tea vendor asks her to hurry up. It’s time to close the shop. Is it with your husband? She asks another vendor about Aditya. She points at a direction. Zoya goes there but it is too dark. She calls out Aditya’s name repeatedly. Lights come on suddenly. The ground is beautifully decorated with flower petals, candles and lights. He extends his hand and she keeps her hand in his. She walks towards the centre with him. Aditya says you were asking what our relation is. This is my answer. I was the bird who forgot to fly because I was afraid. You taught me friendship, love, to fly, to trust and live! I accept that we met because of our exes. That might have been the worst time of our lives where we were dying every second but back then even when you were around, I felt as if I got some kind of peace in that pain. I used to fight with you and used to make you smile later. I could understand things when you were around. I was lost whenever you weren’t! This is my first time too. I have never felt it before. I don’t mind if it’s called madness. Yes, I love you madly! I have never loved before if this is what is called love. I feel like fighting with the world for you. I want to snatch every happiness, stars and moon from the sky for you! Don’t ever think that you separated me from my family. you are the one who has completed me! This bird wont be able to fly ever again if we part ways for any reason ever in life! She shakes her head. It will never happen. I will die before that! My every heartbeat is yours! He asks her if it means you too feel something (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai). She shakes her head sweetly. You wont understand! They both smile. Aditya says it is time for you to answer who I am to you! He pulls out the ring from his pocket and kneels down in front of her. Bepanah Si Mohabbat plays in the background. Ms. Zoya Siddiqui, I love you immensely and want to spend my entire life with you. I want to marry you. Will you marry me? She smiles shyly. Zoya extends her hand and he makes her wear that ring. Zoya smiles sweetly. I will marry you in this birth and every other birth! Aditya looks at her. She kind of shivers as he pulls her a little closer. They are about to kiss when few kids pop confetti suddenly. Zoya and Aditya smile. Zoya looks at her ring happily.

Noor notices her mother lost in thought. You are tensed here while Abbu isn’t coming out of his room! Roshnaq is surprised at Wasim’s behaviour. He has never behaved like this before. I feel he is up to something! I hope he wont do something which he will regret forever. I am very much scared. I feel as if something is about to go very wrong! Noor tells her not to over think. Abbu is just angry. He will be fine in few days. Abbu was angry even when Appi married Yash Jiju in the past. He was fine later. Roshnaq is sure it is a different madness this time in his eyes. I hope it wont make him do something which will cost him dearly!

Aditya introduces Zoya to the same lady who had pointed her to go in that direction earlier. She helped me decorate it all for you. He goes to bring his wallet from the car. Zoya smiles to herself while looking at the ring. A truck is waiting in the distance. Zoya realises it is headed towards Aditya and panics. Aditya is leaning inside the car to pick his wallet. She shouts his name and runs to pull him away but the truck bangs into the car. Aditya is at a safe distance from the car. Zoya runs to him panicked and hugs him in concern. He assures her he is perfectly fine. They part and look at Vatsal.

Precap: Vatsal’s wife tells Zoya and Aditya that they are going to celebrate their first anniversary in a different style. Join us. You guys should marry too alongside. Vatsal tells Aditya and Zoya not to think too much or they will lose this chance too. Aditya and Zoya come to the anniversary party.

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