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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Pritam gets rude towards the family

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 28th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pritam getting his bag and leaving. Guneet asks where are you going. Pritam says Agra, I will come by tomorrow. Kabir says your bag broke, you can’t go by applying the tape. Angad asks how did it break. Pritam says its zip broke. Dada ji says it will get fine, Soni get a candle. Pritam says no need please, its alright. Kabir says if the bag opens on the way, then… Guneet says take our bag if you want, return it tomorrow. Soni gets the bag. Pritam says no need, I m in hurry. Guneet asks him to put his luggage in their bag. Pritam gets rude. He argues with them. Amrita asks how are you talking. Pritam says you guys always get after me, why. Angad says we were trying to help. Pritam says I don’t want any help, I took the house on rent, but the people, I don’t care for anyone, its enough, its my wish to take my bag like this, I didn’t come to become part of your family. He leaves.

Nimmo asks what was the need to help him. She gets angry. Dadi says what does he think of himself, we are giving respect to a tenant. Guneet says he crossed all limits today. He asks everyone to go and sleep. Amrita goes to her room and gets angry. Karan comes and cheers her up. She says I m really angry, that goon isn’t suitable to stay in our house. He says you look cute. She smiles. Angad and Soni come. They see Amrita with Karan’s pic. Amrita says how dare Pritam say that. Soni says yes. Angad says its our mistake, we were sticking to him, we will be careful. Soni says we should make him vacate the house. He says he was going, we had stopped him. He says Karan also used to stay aloof. Pritam comes to Nitin. He asks where is the client, we won’t talk to him, we will give the bag and leave. Nitin asks what about Sakhujas, plan will fail, that house was good, they are clear in police record. Pritam says they were asking me to change the bag, I can’t stay there, Amrita always suspects me, she will expose my truth. Nitin says you did such things.

Krishnakant thinks of Meera’s words. Apa comes to explain Krishnakant. He says I can’t say anything. She says I don’t get hurt that you drink, your changed avatar is hurting me. He says leave that one relation, what else did I do wrong, Meera is ready to move on. Apa says no, she wants to hurt herself to forget the old wound, the marriage bureau site invoice fell there, Divya had picked this, it good she didn’t see it, take it, now Meera asked you to find a guy for her. He says thanks. She says you also did a lot for me, I didn’t forget your favors, that’s why a sister can’t do against her brother.

Pritam meets the clients. He says if anything goes wrong, take different routes, we will meet ahead. He goes and gives the bag to the client. He says tell me when you want more. The man says find this girl, she can get you a bigger consignment. Police comes. Pritam asks the man to leave. He runs to his bike. Inspector shouts stop. Pritam asks Nitin to leave fast. His bike doesn’t start. Inspector says stop, else I will shoot. Pritam leaves. Inspector shoots at him.

Guneet calm down Nimmo. He says we shall celebrate Kabir’s happiness, dad will talk to Mansoor, its a big happy of happiness for me, Kabir finally did a job. She says we lost Karan, he left his place empty, none can fill that. Kabir comes and says don’t worry, I can’t become like Karan, none can take his place. Nimmo says I m happy for you. Kabir says I know, don’t worry, I didn’t feel bad, maybe I don’t go on job tomorrow. She scolds him and says I will beat you with a slipper. Kabir jokes. Guneet says he came to me when he was 7-8 years old, he asked me to leave you and get a new mummy. He laughs. Nimmo says Kabir… Kabir runs. He goes to Amrita. Amrita says Pritam is hiding something, but what. Kabir says let him go to hell, I wished to slap him today. She worries. He asks is everything fine, what’s the matter. She says nothing, what’s the need to get into his matter. He asks her to sleep, Pritam is something strange. He goes. Pritam comes to his friends and scares them by pointing a gun. He asks who called the police. They say we didn’t. He says that guy called the police, he flew, when police catches me, the drama will be big.

Update in Progress
Dadi says Dada ji got a goon here. Baljeet says check his room right now. Pritam stops him from breaking his lock. He threatens Baljeet of police. Kabir and Meera argue in front of Shetty. Shetty sees the police in his office and gets scared.

Update Credit to: Amena

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