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You are my love (Riansh) part 63 by [email protected]

Today’s episode starts…

The vansh at late night came back home after dropping ridhima home . He was very disturbed by today’s incident .
He went to his room .
All the night he couldn’t sleep .

The next morning

Ridhima , aryan and vihaan are siting in a cafe . Aryan informed ridhima about the plan and cleared her  misunderstanding .

Ridhima – ohh

Aryan – bhabhi I wanna ask you something .

Ridhima – yeah

Aryan – bhabhi actually what happened that day ??

Ridhima – Aryan actually I was returning from temple , just then a truck was about to hit me but that person manav he saved me and then by mistake we shared a hug . That’s it and about that conversation . I was saying him thanks and he said welcome . That’s it . Nothing else .

Vihaan – ohh

Aryan – bhabhi so will you help us ??

Ridhima – no aryan we will not use this plan but…

(Conversation muted)

Aryan – best idea

Ridhima smirked .

At night

Vihaan – vansh bhai let’s have a drink

Vansh – Haan sure

Vihaan mixed something in his drink .
Vansh drank that and he was blabbering something . Aryan came there .
Vihaan shower him his thumb . Aryan understood . After drinking the drink vansh felt very odd . His hard was paining . Then vihaan said

Vihaan – Bhai

Vansh – ha..haan

Vihaan –  Bhai I want to ask you something

Vansh – ha…

Vihaan – Bhai before 5 years what Happened ?? Why did you ousted right ridhima ?

Vansh – you know I regret for that thing . I know my ridhima is innocent , she didn’t do anything .

Vihaan – but bhai then why you divorced her ??

Vansh – Ahana that b*t*h , she tried to kill my ridhima

Flashback starts :

After that incident vansh went Ahana’s house as she forgot her  ring      in
VR Mansion . Her house door was open , vansh without knocking went inside .
Then he saw that Ahana was taliking yo someone . 

Ahana – so  I won , vansh outsed that b*t*h ridhima . But you know i am feeling very bad for ridhima as she didn’t do anything but  her poor luck . Huh .
You know she was toh going to be fitted by the truck but that manav saved her and by mistake they hug each other. 

Vansh was shocked listening this . He
Just thought that what did he do with ridhima . He was enraged . He went to Ahana . He slapped her very hard .
Ahana too was shocked seeing him .

Ahana – vansh

Vansh – why did you do that huh?? Why ?
You again tried to separate me and Ridhima . I will kill you .

Ahana jerked

Ahana – so what I didn’t liked that ridhima and specially with you . Huh .

Vansh – you !!

Then suddenly , vansh realised something that he has to go ridhima and earn her forgiveness . Then vansh got a call and after picking it up he got to know about ridhima’s accident .

Vansh – ridhimaa

Ahana – have’nt she died ??

Vansh shockingly looked at her .

Ahana – yaa I did that accident .

Vansh was again shocked .

Ahana – vansh don’t dare to go to ridhima and earn her forgiveness otherwise she will be killed by me and the example is here . So the choice is yours .

Vansh being helpless choosed her life .

Flashback ends :

Vihaan and Aryan were shocked and Ridhima too who was standing little far from them .

Ridhima – he did this for saving me . Vansh

She was sobbing silently .

Next day

Everyone was present in the hall .
Vansh came and then everyone hugged him .

Dadi – vansh tu saalon see itna dard sehta Gaya aur TU ne Hume bhanak Tak lagne nahi di .

(Vansh , you faced so much and didnt make us know)

Vansh was confused .

Ishani – Bhai aapko Sab Bata Dena chahiye tha .

(Bhai you should have tell us )

Siya – Bhai we all thought that you are wrong . I am sorry Bhai

Aryan – me too bhai

Vansh’s confusion was growing .

Vansh – what you all are saying ??

Ridhima – let me tell , vansh why did you
Lied to me huh ?? Why ? Why didn’t you informed me that you were doing all these just for saving me .

Vansh looked her shockingly .

Vansh – what..are…you ..saying ???

Ridhima – the truth , the truth that Ahana had gave you two choices that one to save me by not being with me and another that I would be killed by her .

Vansh bowed his down . Ridhima hugged him .

Ridhima – why did you do that ?? Vansh

Vansh – I am sorry

Vihaan – bhai we have made that b*t*h Ahana arrested .

Vansh was shocked .

Vansh – what

Vihaan – yes bhai

Everyone – marry ridhima again .

Vansh smiled

Vansh bend down in his knees and said

Vansh – will u marry me ??

Ridhima – yes

So after 2 days they married each other again .

(I am not writing about it.  It we will be quiet boring)

To be continued…

So the reunion happened .

Thank you



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