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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Kartik proposes Sirat

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying this engagement ring became a friendship ring for us, but now the meaning of our relation has changed, you have changed for me. He gets on his knees to propose. She says I didn’t understand. He says give me a chance to explain, don’t interrupt me, I like you, I started falling in love with you. She gets shocked. Its all about the love… plays… Manish says that girl is the reason, Sirat is taking wrong advantage of his friendship. Kirti says she isn’t such, its not just friendship, Kartik loves Sirat. Akhilesh says impossible, Kartik couldn’t forget Naira till now. Kirti says he doesn’t need to forget Naira, we all love Sirat, but we have Naira in our hearts, Kartik’s life emptiness can get filled by a companion, Sirat is the best companion for him, Sirat has touched his heart.

Manish asks did Kartik say this to you. She says yes, he told me. Suwarna asks does Sirat also love him. Kirti says don’t know, we will know when Kartik asks her. Kartik says I don’t know what you will think, its true that I didn’t understand this myself, I felt guilty that I m giving Naira’s place to someone else, then I realized that none can take her place, you are very special, you filled the emptiness in my life, please don’t leave me and my kids, we will always be with you, if you go, we will miss you a lot, if you miss Maudi, then we will cheer you, Sirat, you have seen many sorrows in life, I will give you all the happiness in life, the respect, name and everything which you deserve.

Sirat cries. He says me and my family will give you happiness. Kirti says after Naira’s death, Kartik lost his happiness, why do you want him to not love anyone else, why is it wrong. Dadi says its not wrong, I m happy that Kartik has decided to live his life with someone, I wish Sirat agrees, I want his happiness. Suwarna says Kartik and Sirat will be happy together, they will keep kids happy, Sirat didn’t keep Kairav in darkness, it means she cares for Kairav. Dadi says I m sure she will become a good mum for them. Surekha says if she refuses then. Manish says it will be good, she isn’t right for my son. Kartik jokes. He asks Sirat to say something. He goes back on his knees and asks do you also love me, just tell me what’s in your heart.

Sirat gives her hand. She recalls Manish’s words. She steps back. She says no Kartik, I don’t love you, I m sorry. She cries and goes. He gets shocked. He drops the ring and cries. She says why does Kartik always get hurt because of me, what could I do if I didn’t refuse him, he will be happy if he forgets me. Kartik comes and says sorry, I had hurt you. She wipes her tears. He says don’t be sorry, one can’t force to love someone. She thinks he still worries for me. He says no need to say anything, this won’t affect our relation, we will always be friends. She says very sorry. He says its not your mistake, we will go to resort, the family shifted there. She says they are already worried. He says they will take the news. He thinks I would have felt lonely without you if we were at home. Everyone waits for Kartik. Suwarna says I have sent kids to sleep. Manish says good, else they would have seen the drama. Kartik and Sirat come. Manish says we got to know your and Sirat’s truth, don’t try to hide it, why did you hide this big truth from us. Kartik says sorry, we should have not lied. Manish scolds him.

Kartik says its good you got to know, we were coming to tell you, Sirat is going back to Jaisalmer, no one will be troubled by her. Dadi asks why, I felt… Manish says its Sirat’s decision, who are we to tell anything. Sirat says yes, case is over now, the blames are clear, fate can create a new problem for me, I won’t tolerate that you all get troubled because of me, I want to say sorry to you all, I m leaving this house and from Kartik’s life also. Suwarna asks her to think again. Sirat says I thought well, its for our betterment, where are the kids, I want to meet them once.

Suwarna says they are in the room. Sirat goes. Kartik says I will just come. He goes and cries. Manish comes to talk. He says Kirti told me everything. Kartik says forget it, it was just one-sided, she wants to leave. Manish says maybe its for everyone’s betterment. Kartik asks why don’t I find it right, I didn’t think I can love someone after Naira’s death, I realized that love can never end, I love Sirat, I feel she is right for me, my family and kids, I have seen my kids happy with her, I thought she loves me, I told her my feelings, she refused, how shall I tell her not to leave me, why does this happen always, I fell lonely after mum passed, how long shall I stay alone, Naira left me forever, now Sirat is leaving. Manish hugs him and cries. Kartik asks till when will I live alone. Manish says I won’t let her go, I love you a lot, I will stop her. Kartik says no, I don’t want her to stop her by helplessness, she should stop by love. Manish says love will happen gradually. Kartik says I will wait for her to realize it. Manish says don’t know this is happening right or not, I don’t understand, I m not able to do anything for you.

Sirat leaves. Kairav cries for Sirat. He starts coughing. Everyone worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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