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Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Sania Is Arman’s Ex-wife And Anvi’s Mother

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preesha insists Rudra to tell if he still loves her or not. Rudra remembers Sania warning that if she leaves, even his hope of Saransh will go with her. He pushes Preesha away and says he is married to Sania now. She says he married Sania under some pressure and still loves her. He says he loves Sani and not her and walks out of washroom. She follows him. Sania walks in and scolds Preesha to spare her husband, she came here for her husband and not watch Preesha’s drama. Preesha thinks Sania must have found out that she is also here. Rudra shows PDA and asks what is she doing here and if she informed maa. She says she brought tiffin for him and says let us have it. He agrees. Preesha gets jealous and orders him to perform his duty. Chachaji with Arman notices them and says he is feeling happy seeing Sania for the first time as only she can keep Rudra away from Preesha. Sania says Rudra can take a break and send someone else to serve Preesha. She notices Arman and Chachaji and asks him to control his wife and ask her to stop bothering newly wedded couple. Arman says Rudra that he can take a break. Chachaji says they can enjoy the party on our expenses. Sania says so kind of sasurji. Rudra and Preesha look at her in shock. She says Preesha’s sasurji and walks away holding Rudra’s hand.

Rudra gets angry on Sania for hurting Preesha and says he will never have her prepared food. Preesha walks near them. Sania shows him that Preesha is around them. He acts and eats food from her hand. Arman confronts Preesha to stop being mad behind Rudra as he has already moved on. Preesha gets her personal investigator/PI’s call who informs that he found out Sania’s details and asks her to visit his office. Preesha lies to Arman that she is feeling headache and leaves party. Rudra noticing Preesha leaving angrily scolds Sania to stop her drama as he hates her and leave silently.` Sania walks away. Rudra feels once he finds out Saransh’s location, he will return to Preesha. Preesha meets her PI who informs that Sania is born and bought up in London and went missing since 6 years and hence it is difficult to find out where she used to live and or who her relatives are, he found her old social media account and shows it. She checks Sania’s old pics. He says he asked his UK sources to find out more details about Sania. She asks to inform her once he gets more information.

Ahana records video and informs Sania that she did as she ordered. Sania says she will give her further instructions later. Rudra enters and asks what is she up to and rudely holds her hand. She reminds that Saransh will be troubled if he troubles her and walks away. He thinks she was talking to Ahana for sure. Preesha meets PI again who gives Sania’s old London address. She thinks of seeking Arman’s help as he used to stay in London before. She meets Arman and asks him same. He says he doesn’t know about this address and asks why she is behind Sania. Preesha says she will inform later. Anvi walks to Preesha later asking her friend’s party pics. Preesha asks her to bring her mobile. Anvi noticing address says its their London house address. Preesha sends her away and confronts Arman for lying as Anvi told its their London address and even Sania’s address is same. Arman says Anvi is lying and is confused seeing London’s address. Preesha thinks he is lying and she needs to confirm with Ani again. Anvi shows her London school ID card with same home address. Preesha thinks Arman really lied and will not tell truth without proof, so how will she find out truth. She looks at Anvi’s birth pic and thinks she perform Anvi’s delivery and should find her details.

Preesha reaches hospital and asks nurse to find Anvi’s mother’s name. Nurse informs that Anvi’s father’s name is Arman Tkahur and mother’s name is Sania Thakur. Preesha is shocked to hear that and realizes that Sania is Arman’s ex-wife and Anvi’s mother, Arman will not accept easily, so she has to find proof and expose this truth in front of Rudra. Arman takes soup for Anvi and calling Preesha asks if Anvi is with her. She lies that she is at her parent’s place. Arman reads Sania’s message that she is taking Anvi with her forever.

Precap: Arman asks Sania about Anvi. Rudra says how does Sania know about Anvi. Preesha informs that Sania is Anvi’s mother and Arman’s ex-wife. Rudra confronts Sania that she wanted to take revenge. Sania agrees that she wants to take revenge from Arman. Goons molest Preesha. Rudra beats them. Preesha says he couldn’t see goons molesting her as he loves her and insists to accept it.

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