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Tu jaroori sa hai #Riansh (immj2) episode 25

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Episode starts….

Ridhima’s eyes were red and she was looking Outside the car. Vansh was also driving silently and hearing her sobs. Vansh drive the car to the outskirts of the city. ” vansh you have taken the wrong direction”

Vansh: Ridhima this is the right direction.

Ridhima looked at him and then again started looking outside. After some time they reached where they met for the first time. Vansh said ” bahar aao Ridhima”(come out Ridhima)

Ridhima nodded and came out of the car. When she looked the surrounding felt good.she use to come in this park when she sad. Ridhima thanked him and sat on the bench. She was silently looking at water and thinking about argument when she had with vansh.

Vansh: Ridhima you are not understanding there are two different things one is the job and the other is becoming successful. A person can’t become successful just like that.

Vansh: A person can’t achieve success by hard work only. Ridhima you don’t know when you will fall then how things going to change in your life when you are not fully prepared for that. Success needs proper planning and patience.

Ridhima: what do mean vansh? You think I can’t do anything.

Vansh: when I said that ….i know you are one of shining star.

He had so much faith in her but she was not understanding his words.

Vansh: I am not happy because we are not spending time together….I am not happy because we are missing chunk moments of our life…..what is the use of money and fame when we are not getting happiness. If you know that we can’t buy happiness from money.if you can’t manage so many things together them eliminate some of them and when right time come then continues with them.

He was right that she cant manage all the things at a time. Vansh came with two Ice creams and offered her but she denied. ” now, what is the enmity with ice cream…..have this otherwise it will not wait for you.”

Ridhima with low and sad voice” I am not in the mood of eating this.”

Vansh: take it nah otherwise it will get wasted….

Ridhima: vansh!!

Vansh: Ridhima…see how beautiful is this place.

Ridhima: I know.

Vansh: to itna sada sa mauh kyu bana rkha hai enjoy kro nah….

Ridhima looked at him with lots of emotion and murmured “sorry!!”

Vansh: do one thing, write sorry on your forehead…. why you always start this song.

Ridhima: because I am mad and an idoit. You loves me so much and I always I gave you pain and today you are insulted because of me. Vansh I don’t deserve you. (Tears were peeping from her eyes)

.” Ridhima…I am sorry. I shouldn’t have said all those things to you. I doesn’t mean to hurt you. Please forgive me.”

Ridhima: no vansh! I needed them…you said nothing wrong. I deserve those words only and I am not sad for that….I how much you care for me.

Vansh took her hand in his hand and said ” Ridhima, I know you are hurt but believe me I blabbered that shit due to an emotional break down….I was sad because I was waiting spend time with you and you were dancing with other guy.”

Ridhima: vansh, I was stuck there….I didn’t mean to hurt your feeling. You always cared for me but I failed…you deserve a better girl than me…I am not worthy of you….

Vansh pulled her near toward himself and captured her lips. Ridhima too kissed him back. Both were pouring out their love, care, affection, stress and worries. Vansh her lips when he found her struggling for air and joined his head with her. Both were panting and their eyes were closed.

Vansh kissed her both eyes and said ” Ridhima you know how much I waited for you. And you are saying I should find someone else. You are not my love….you are my life.”

Ridhima (cry): jaan!! I LOVE YOU too…but…but (sobbing) I am bad….I gave you pain only pain…and you deserve all happiness of this world….you are jam and I am jerk.

Vansh whipped her tears and cupped her face whereas she was sobbing. Vansh said ” you are my sweetheart… are only and only one medicine to my all pain… suffering…you know

When you are around me, I feel complete….
And whenever you wrap your arms around me,
it’s just like heaven…..
my all wounds get healed and my all worries end up……
when I catch you around me……
I use to smile when I  see you smiling……
I  love the way your eye talk to me and understand me……
I love the way they convince me how you are in love with me, and how much you adore me…..
I want to feel the warmth of your breath under the blue sky with shining stars……
I want to make the promise, that
I will always trust you…..
I will always stay with you…..
no matters what will be the circumstances …….
I want to sleep holding you in my arms ……
When these your rosy lips touch me…..I feel out of world……and I want this feeling everlasting.

Ridhima tightly hugged him and kissed his ear. ” Jaan you Love me this much….I never thought that one can love me this my….”

Vansh: sweetheart I love you beyond the limits. I know you do mistakes but I will never leave…you will always find me whenever you need me….in any situation…mai tumse gussa hu ya na hu but mai tumhra sath kabhi nhi chooruga….I will never leave.

Ridhima bowed her head down and said ” Vansh!! I promise I will always listen to you without arguing you and will follow your words…pakka wala promise.”

Vansh: Ridhima I am not saying that you lose your originality and stop thinking just follow me…but when I am saying something you should listen me with full attention and then think about what I told you then take decision. Last decision will always yours.

Ridhima: okay!!

Vansh: now you should fully focus on your studies and when your exams get over then join your job.

Ridhima became sad thinking about college incident. Vansh made her to look into his eyes. ” Ridhima, don’t worry you will manage and don’t lose hope.”

Ridhima: Vansh, I will give my all strength to prove you right but still I am afraid…how I will going to manage all this in just one month.

Vansh: just give your 100% and your all potential to your books then see the magic.

Ridhima kept her head on his shoulder. ” vansh, tum itne understanding or mature kaise ho…..I am very lucky to have you in my life…..I don’t know why people fear from you, like seriously they think you ghost….how can people even think like this you such inresistable person. Tumhe se koi bhi pyaar kr skta hai….

Vansh: Ridhima is this the life that made me like this….sweetheart you are not aware about the cruel side of this world. Now we should move to our house.

Ridhima: okay!!

Vansh stand up and looked at his wife who is still on the bench” Ridhima why are you sitting….get up”
Ridhima spread her arms and said ” take me in your arms and I am tired because of crying.” Vansh smiled at his kiddo wife and picked her in his arms . Stared walking.

Vansh: who told you to cry this Much…

Ridhima: I was sad nah…

Vansh: oooooooo…oooh! You were sad …i didn’t know that…good you told me otherwise I was thinking you making river because you were celebrating.

Ridhima frowned at his sarcasm and smacked on his chest” don’t make fun of me….mai bhi badi ho jaungi” said with cute pout.”

Vansh: you are small by height as well as your mind….i love this baby more than my life.(laughed)

Ridhima: what is my fault when you are tall like a multistorey building.

She laughed on her joke and this time vansh frowned at her and made a cute pout.” Jaan don’t make this cute pout otherwise I will bite your lips” said while caressing his lower lip.

Vansh: you are flirting with me….

Ridhima: jaan I have license to flirt with….

Vansh: achha Ji!!!

Ridhima was sitting with all notes and books. She was picking notes one by one and trying to study but after one or two pages she is not able to understand the concept. She looked at stack of books.

Now she started panicking and started feeling uneasy. She was struggling for air and continuously rubbing her chest and taking deep breathes.

Ridhima: how I will manage this much syllabus. These chapters are so difficult so difficlut and I don’t have much time. My vansh, my jaan challenged that mad teacher and I have to keep his head up. He is doing so much for me…i shouldn’t have disappoint him. But I will now.

She again picked notes and tried to study but without any bodies guidance she is not able to clear point. Her eyes get teary on thinking about the situation. She is stuck and not able to find a way.
She picked up her phone and opened YouTube and searcher chapter’s explanation. She started studying with the help of video. She engrossed in her study deeply and didn’t realised when vansh came to her. He also didn’t disturbed her and waited for her to finish her lecture.

After two hours she completed her lecture and stretched her arms to relax. She was surprised when she found vansh in the room. ” vansh, tum kab aaye!”

Vansh: thori der pahale….did you completed your lecture.

Ridhima: yeah!!

Vansh: why are studying from phone…it will make you tire.

Ridhima: jaan I am not able to understand from this book as language is tough in books.

Vansh thought for sometime and the asked ” tell me all the best subject teacher in your college”.

Ridhima told him teacher’s name.” From tomorrow get ready they will give home tuition after the college.”

Ridhima: vansh all are highly reputed professors and they are not teaching profession after the college.

Vansh: sweetheart, it’s my problem….you have to do only one thing that study….and study.

Ridhima nodded. ” you have all the notes or you are need.”

Ridhima: I have all notes…..sejal gave me.

Vansh: sejal was toh angry on you…

Ridhima: yeah, she was but she said she love me and can’t see tears in my eyes…..what is the use of friendship when she is not with me when I needed her. She gave up her anger and helped me.

Vansh: she is precious and never lose her. She is so selfless and caring.

Ridhima: hmm!! I will not lose her and you.

Vansh: now study…i will bring coffee and dark chocolate for you.

Ridhima: vansh I want cold drink and chocolate.

Vansh: coffee will you in waking for late night.

Ridhima: but jaan, coldrink also contain caffeine.

Vansh: but hot coffee will give you fresh feeling.

Ridhima: okay!! In morning I will drink cold dreink.

Vansh: As you wish ma’am.

Ridhima studies late night and vansh also accompanied her even after her denial. Then both slept in each others arm.
In morning on dinning table

Vansh: Ridhima you will study in hall.

Ridhima: why vansh?

Vansh: I am talking about coaching.

Ridhima: vansh I can study in my room.

Vansh: Ridhima, there is no one who going to disturb you…. You will study in hall only and don’t worry everything will be arrange in hall.

Ridhima: I don’t have any problem.

D’suza came with you man.” Sir they want to meet you.”

Vansh: ooo yes!! You both have just sit in our main gate. ( to D’ suza) and you…you will sit in hall till when Ridhima study and have to look after her…is she need something or not. You have take care of her without disturbing her. And one more thing you will not going to leave her alone….koi bhi kitna jaroori kaam ho tum Ridhima ko akele chhor kr nhi jaogi….if you need anything then tell to these two. You both will also not move out from the hall gate. When teacher leave house then you have to leave them to gate then stay out and wait for other teacher. When he will come bring him to hall and wait for him on hall gate….. when he wind up then again take him to gate. Did you all get that…..

All three nodded. He continued ” if I found anything wrong then you will not able breath. Fit this thing in your mind. ” both guard hell scared and looked at him with fear”

Vansh: now move….

Ridhima: vansh what the need of this.

Vansh: Ridhima, I don’t vansh anything wrong with you and I can’t take risk of anything.

Ridhima: Thkk!! professors are ready to teach me?

Vansh: sweetheart they have to…

Ridhima: vansh!!!

Vansh: you don’t worry I manage all this in my way….. You have your breakfast.

Ridhima: hmm

Vansh: listen…you are attending class after so many days so you will find difficulties in understanding so don’t get panic. Even if you don’t able to understand lecture then just listen to your teacher because when you study that thing late then you will able to connect things.

Ridhima: I will try…

Vansh: not try….try to sbhi krte…say I will do….

Ridhima: I will do.

Vansh: that my girl.

Ridhima smiled at him and he also reciprocated. After having breakfast she got ready for college.
She was little bit nervous because she have to face teacher and their taunts. Vansh seen this and came to her.

He hugged her ” Ridhima, Relax koi kuch nhi bolega… are my good girl. These are little things of life, you should cheerfully face them.”
Ridhima didn’t said anything. He broke the hug and cupped her face ” Ridhima, listen to me…look at me sweetheart.”she looked at his face.

Vansh: Ridhima, you are going there for study…not for those teachers so you should focus on you study. Tumhe unki baato se Barak nhi padana chahiye…..”

Ridhima moved her hand and pulled his head down. she kissed him and she badly needed his support. After five minute they broke the kiss. She closed her eyes and joined her head with him. She was slowly caressing his cheeks with thumb to relax her self.

Vansh: Ridhima!! Sejal is with you she will you in understanding and manage those teachers.

Ridhima: hmm!!

Vansh kissed her forehead and said ” All the best…achhes se padana…time waist mt krna or productive study in less time krna.”

Ridhima: bye!!
Did you like vansh’s decision and his character.

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