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They are united – Chapter 1

hey guys!! back with the first chapter of they are united!! hope you like it!! if anyone missed the prologue then go to the link below any confusions for the chapter message me personally and i will get back to you;

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back to the chapter !

They are united !

Everything going well ..everything fine but one death changed it all and it was of kartik’s beloved naira . the day when two hands left each other forever , when they ended up having an incomplete love story will life give kartik a chance to fall in love again or will life betray him and leave him alone to live only for his kids ? is naira alive will she come back for her kids and her love?

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Whereas a girl with dreams , dreams of becoming a boxer just like her idol . filled with cuteness and laughter but who knows that the person who laughs in front of everybody is only the person who has cried the most . she was betrayed , betrayed in love that’s what she thought her hand was left leading her to an incomplete love story too will fate change for her ? will she achieve her dreams ?

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The story starts from the day when kartik asked sirat to get out of his life ! well it is said that when a stranger tells to stay away it’s justified but when a friend tells to stay away it stabs right in your heart and lead into breaking your friendship . if you even patch up again that ‘Get out’ and ‘Stay away from my life’ never goes away does it ? sirat was on finding a match for kartik although kartik knew he will never be able to move on and marry someone else he agreed thinking it to end in few hours because of sirat’s happiness but unknown to him she was actually finding a match for him . when he got to know about it this happened ;

“sirat just get out of my life and never try to interfere in it you get it just get out” ,said kartik speaking in the highest tone ever full of anger shocking sirat and bringing tears in her eyes .

“kartik I am …”,said sirat stammering but before she could complete kartik interrupted

“did not you listen to me get out  you know the meaning of get out right go!!!”,said kartik bursting upon her while sirat just said sorry and ran away with tears in her eyes

While sirat went out of the room wiped her tears and got a fake smile on her face seeing kairav heading towards the room ;

“siratt listen”,said kairav

“yes kairav “,said sirat

“voh actually i got a school project and i needed your help in that  you help na “,said kairav

“yeah sure kairav lets go  “,said sirat faking a smile

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They both went and sirat helped kairav in finishing his project while kartik was sitting in the room while swarna noticed it . she came and sat beside him ;

“what happened  kartik”,asked swarna

“maa see I can’t marry anyone else naira is the only one who will be my wife I know she is not with us but why is sirat always behind me getting married I know she has helped us a lot but why maa”,said kartik

“kartik…actually there is something I have to tell you”,said swarna

“what maa ?”,asked kartik

“sirat choosing a girl for you it was not her decision it was ..maaji’s(suhasini) decision”,said swarna

“i did not understand maa what are you trying to say”,said kartik confusingly

“i mean actually yesterday night i was talking to maaji on phone it was on speaker she was again and again touching upon the topic of your second marriage and sirat heard everything she told maaji that you know right now you getting married is not right because kairav and akshu they need time too but maaji taunted sirat that  ;

‘you toh ran away with your lover destroying our kittu’s life he did so much for you and sirat the truth is this that you only wanted kittu to fulfill your demands  you are not a good friend sirat you are a very bad one you got attached to kairav so much and nw see you left him and he is so much upset “,said swarna narrating what dadi has said shocking kartik …

“what maa you should have told me naa i thought that sirat …shit i made a big mistake maa “,said kartik keeping his hands on his face

“what did you do kartik “,asked swarna

While kartik narrates the incident to swarna and she remains shocked

“kartik you did not o this right i know you must be angry but dont you think you spoke so much kartik indirectly you involved her in your life you remember na you were the one who asker her if she could marry you and now you do this its not good kartik go and apologise to her “,said swarna

“yes maa i will go because of my fault and also of what dadi told her but where where is she?  “,said kartik

“voh um she was with kairav she was helping him in some project “,said swarna

“and kartik if possible we will have to make kairav understand  that sirat is now a wife and a daughter in law she has her responsibilities she has her relationships aisa na ho ki sirat taking care of kairav and spending time here breaks sirat and ranveer’s relationship ‘,continued swarna

“yes maa i will make him understand “,said kartik hugging swarna

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“hmm now go”,said swarna

While kartik went to kairav hoping for sirat to be there but she was not there at that moment while when kartik asked kairav where is she to which kairav replied that she had gone back because she was late and had some work.

Kartik pov

Shit yaar i couldnt even say sorry but sirat never goes like this and what work is therejitna i know that there is nothing in boxing as of now maybe something related to work but  truly I hope ranveer and sirat relationship is fine . the other day on her marriage when I was carrying her in my arms ranveer had some jealousy on his face the other day also ;


The flashback starts with sirat’s boxing match where she was in a dilemma whether to listen to ranveer or to kartik . friends vs lover well it is a tough choice isn’t it . the friend who helped her the most , took care of her maudi and the lover who got a bullet for her .

“sirat I don’t think there is any problem in fighting with a male boxer”,said kartik

“sirat you are not going to fight with him you may get injured”,said ranveer

These words were hovering in her mind the trance was broken by kartik

“sirat  what happened you okay hurry tell otherwise practice will end  “,said kartik

“yes  sirat speak up”,said ranveer

“I will fight we boxer ranveer I know you are scared that I may get injured but if I win against him I will only get more confidence dont feel bad ranveer  but I think kartik is telling the right thing “,said sirat breaking ranveer’s heart

“sirat really that’s what you think what if you get hurt what will you do then  you are really impossible if you wanted to listen to kartik then why are you marrying me why did you agree to marry me I took a bullet for you sirat do you even realise that you were getting engage in front of me to him how much would it have hurted me I really do think that you don’t love me anymore “,said ranveer shouting at her shocking sirat and kartik to the core especially sirat .

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“ranveer listen to me you are completely misunderstanding me I love you and you know that right and yaheen baat kartik ki he is just helping me I was getting engage to him because of kairav and akshu you know na a child needs a mother always I could understand what kairav would have felt without his mother ranveer”,said sirat with teary eyes

“I don’t know sirat what to say but today I know one thing and that is that you love kairav more than me”,said ranveer

“dekho ranveer sirat loves you please try to understand a fight can ruin a relationship “,said kartik

“it will be better if you dont speak  kartik ji “,said ranveer shouting at him

“ranveer see I understand you are mad at me but please kartik is not at fault here “,said sirat defending kartik

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“ofcourse its my fault na than  I should only go “,said ranveer shouting at sirat and going leaving sirat in tears again . while kartik was confused at ranveer’s behavior but he knew where sirat and ranveer’s relationship was heading . it was on the same path where kaira’s relationship headed when mihir came into their lives . while sirat was just in tears she took out her boxing gloves and said one thing to kartik hiding her tears ;

“kartik please dont mind ranveer’s words he sometimes looses his cool “,said sirat

“no sirat you are fine right? i am sorry somewhere its my fault.. “,said kartik but was interrupted by sirat who said that he was not at fault and ranveer just overeacted .

Kartik pov

irs my fault because of sirat and ranveer i came in between them i can understand ranveer’s feelings but i can understand sirat’s too at this point she is my friend and i know that  she silently told me that it was not my fault and was trying to hide her tears . it’s just because of me I just hope they patch up soon

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Kartik pov ends

Sirat pov

Ranveer why did you do this why can’t you understand that kartik has saved me thousand times just because of him today maudi is alive. Does he even trust me ? I don’t know was he jealous or what ? I have to clear things out as soon as possible

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Sirat pov ends

Ranveer pov

Why sirat why are you going to kartik okay I understand that he saved you and maudi but I saved you life didn’t I I was the one who took the bullet for you don’t you even realise that I love you truly I know I overreacted a lot and I am coming to seek sorry from you because of that but what you did was wrong

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Ranveer pov ends

Later that day ranveer came and apologized to sirat to which sirat agreed and to kartik also even he accepted his sorry but the incidents were going through his mind al day long . he could understand what ranveer must be feeling but he just wanted both of them to lead a happy life without any problems .

“krishna ji please remove all the problems from sirat’s life she has already beared so much  in her life  I don’t want that the way mine and naira’s relationship took place please kepp their life simple yet beautiful i can understand what sirat must be going through and ranveer too but i cant do anything i can also understand how it feels to loose your love  (looking at naira’s picture ) you know naira I am not living without you but I am happy about one thing and that is ki finally you must have seen our daughter na she is with you happily I miss you sherni and I love you ek baar aa jaon naira its neing so long since you came as a dream also please your kartik is yearning for you”,said kartik with close eyes and tears falling from his face . when he opened his eyes he found naira standing in front of him he knew it is a dream but he got teary eyes and went near her

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“naira i know you will come for your mendak you listen to me na you are not angry with me na naira because i decided to marry sirat it was only for   kairav he found you in her and she is just my friend “,said kartik

“have you gone crazy kartik  I am not mad at you instead I am proud of you you moved on for your kids “,said naira

“our kids naira and they always love you and miss you come back na “,said kartik with tears

“i will come kartik i will surely come back just wait alittle and yeah sirat and ranveer relationship  is on that edge jahaan mera aur tumhara  tha“,said naira

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“hmm I love you “,said kartik

“I love you too “,said naira vanishing and kartik realizing that yet again it was a dream but naira’s word ; ‘bohot jaldi aaongi’ stuck him hard

Days passed like this , sirat and ranveer got married but ranveer he was still jealous of kartik although sirat had many times clarified that kartik is one of his friends but ranveer still did not get satisfied and kartik was totally unknown to all this . whenever ranveer used to get jealous he and sirat used to engage in a fight sirat never told kartik about it because she never used to find it right as for her she used to think that kartik has already faced a lot in his life and that too because of her . while kartik always used to sense whenever sirat and ranveer had a fight but never used to speak anything .


Naira you promised me that you will come i am waiting for you ..come fast na this mendak is missing you a lot i love you my mrs. Rishikesh !

Kartik pov ends 

precap: ranveer questions !! naira return?


hey peeps!! that’s it for this chapter! next chapter tomorrow! shower with some of your comments:)

hope you all like it <3

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