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Saath nibhana saathiya fan fiction: Gaura and Bhavani’s friendship part4 final

One day later. Gopi and Kokila were away from the house and Gaura thought it was the best time for the next plan. It was time for her to show her real intentions before the family.

“How are you, Hetal?” Gaura asked.

“I am fine, Gaura. And how about you?”

“Me too. I see, you are very happy  that Gopi and Kokila returned alive.”

“Yes, we are. We are so thankful that they are unharmed.”

“You are right, Hetal. For now, they are unharmed. But I can’t promise you how long will that last.”


Hetal stared at Gaura with confusion.

“You are so naive. You and your whole family. The other day me and Bhavani came to you, told you a few sweet words and you immediately believed us that we are really worried for Kokila and her bahu and we have really changed for good. But the truth is that, it is not true and we are here to take our revenge. You and your family sent both me and Bhavani in jail. And you thought you can live happily ever after? Ha, ha. No way. We will get you back for this. You know what? Gopi and Kokila told you the truth. We kidnapped them. And then, we made a plan to come here and pretend that we have changed and so on. We wanted you to start trusting us again. And you really did. You didn’t believe Kokila when she told you that we are the once who kidnapped her and her bahu. Me and Bhavani wanted to see if you can be easily tricked and really, you can.”

Hetal was listening through the whole time and could not believe her ears.

“How dare you, Gaura!” She then said angrily. “It means that you and Bhavani are still the same? You made us doubt Gopi and Kokila’s words! I believed you, Urmila believed you, the whole family fell for your fake words!”

“Oh, Hetal. Don’t shout at me like that. You better calm down because the torture is not over yet. We are just getting started. Now you will do what I tell you otherwise, I may think of something else and you may never see your dear Kokila again.”


“I am telling you. You better listen to what I tell you. You shall follow all my orders if you want your family to stay safe. Understand?”

Hetal did not want to obey Gaura’s orders but she had no choice. She decided that she would never let her family go through pain again. She was ready to do everything that Gaura wants from her.

“Fine.” She then said. “What do you want me to do?”

“You must transfer the Modi mansion to me.” Gaura replied, smiling.”

“What? The Modi mansion? You want to get our house?”

“Exactly. You heard right. I want to be the owner of this house.”

“But why, Gaura, why? Why exactly our house?”

“Listen, don’t talk to much! You do what I tell you or, you know the consequences!”

And then, Bhavani joined the conversation.

“Exactly.” She said. “You must obey Gaura Behen’s words. You know, now Gopi Modi and Kokila Modi are not in the house. If you don’t obey our words they may never return!”

Hetal seemed terrified.

“No, no, please, do not hurt them. Fine, I will do what you want. But Gopi and Kokila must be fine. That’s the only think I want. Our family is nothing without them.”

“Fine. So you better hurry and transfer the Modi mansion to me.” Gaura said happily. “And be careful. If you try to trick us, you will pay for it.”

And Hetal did as she was ordered. She transferred the Modi house to Gaura. Gaura and Bhavani were the new  masters of the Modi family. They treated the family members as servants. Gaura could humiliate Kokila however she liked. And Bhavani kept on torturing Gopi. The others could only watch, without being able to stop this.

Finally, Gaura and Bhavani’s wish for revenge had been fulfilled. The torture for the Modi family had just started. And who knows if it would ever end?

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