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saath nibhana saathiya fan fiction: Gaura and Bhavani’s friendship part3

And somehow, Gopi and Kokila managed to  free themselves and jump off the window, unharmed. The morning had arrived and the sun was already shining. Time was close to 9am so the two women had to hurry.

Time was 8.55. Gaura and Bhavani arrived to the Modis 5 minutes before 9 o’clock as  intended.

‘Namaste.” Gaura greeted them.

“Namaste, Gaura.” Hetal replied. “Please, come in. Do you want to have breakfast with us?”

“Sure, we do. But, we are worried for Kokila and Gopi.”

Bhavani was slightly grinning, but Gaura quickly gestured her to stop smiling and put her sad mood. She did as told and her face expression changed to a very, very worried look.

“We are also worried for them.” Urmila said. “We couldn’t sleep last night because of thinking about them. You know, we tried but sleep just never came.”

And then, suddenly Gopi and Kokila burst through the door.

“Don’t believe anything they tell you, they are lying!” Gopi shouted.

Everyone just stared at them. The family was surprised by the sudden appearance of their lost family members, but were also relieved to see them alive.

“Gopi, Kokila!” Hetal said and hugged them. “You are fine! Thank god you are alive! You know what, Gaura and Bhavani would help us to find you! They are also so worried for you, and especially Gaura.”

“Don’t believe them, Motabhabhi! They are not telling the truth! Nor Gaura or Bhavani are worried for us. You want to know why? Because they are the once that kidnapped us!”

Everyone was shocked.

“What are you saying, Kokila?” Hetal continued. “How is that possible? They both were so worried for you and Gopi. Yesterday they came to us and offered their help. They told us they have changed. Gaura was so worried for you, Kokila.”

“Kakiji, please, don’t fall for their fake words!” Gopi said next. “Maaji is telling the truth, Gaura Maasi and Bhavani  kidnapped us. They have not changed and they are the same evil women as before. I beg you, please don’t fall for their lies!”

“Gopi, excuse me but, such a long time passed. Bhavani and Gaura got released from prison recently, why do you think they have not changed? They may have realized their mistakes and, why would they kidnap you and then try to safe you! I am sorry, Gopi, but this time I don’t believe you. Anyway, we are happy that you are fine.”

Some time later. Bhavani and Gaura were alone.

“I told you, Bhavani.” Gaura said. “I told you that Motibehen, will believe us and not them. She protected us in front of them, saying that we couldn’t have done that. Things happened exactly as I predicted. Now we should use this situation to our advantage.”

“Yes, Gaura behen, you was right. But how we should use the situation to our advantage?”


And while Gaura and Bhavani were plotting against the Modis, at Modi mansion, Gopi and Kokila were discussing the situation.

“Maaji, what are we going to do now? Gaura Maasi and Bhavani misled our family. Now Kakiji and the rest treat these evil women as heroes.”

“Don’t worry, Gopi.” Kokila said. “Kanhaji will help us. The truth always finds a way to come out so, don’t be afraid. We will think of a way to defeat them.”

Kokila was very confident that she and Gopi would be able to win over Gaura and Bhavani. But they didn’t know what Bhavani and Gaura had in store for them. And it was something terrifying. Something they could never imagine. Even in their darkest nightmares.

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