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Muntazir- RiAnsh SS ‘Relieved’ last part

Hii everyone!!! Hope you all are doing good. Here I am with the last part of the SS. 🤧

Ab kon muntazir hai hamare liye wahaan,
Shaam aa gayi hai laut ke ghar jaaye hum toh kya

“I haven’t live my life normally. Thanks to Mumma, Papa and Bhai. Now don’t start fighting that I didn’t take your name first. (Coughs) Look, now toh body is itself loosing control over me. (Chuckles) Life has done so good to me. At least I found my parents!! (Coughs loudly) Now I think I need to stop warna today only I will see god’s face. (Chuckles)”

Claps surrounded the atmosphere, and Vanya was sitting on the stage, with a smile, and firstly with oxygen which was now her permanent friend to be alive.

Ritwik carefully let her come down the stage, and she walked over.

She had never thought, she can be inspiration, she can give her thoughts, on a big platform. Thanks to Riddhima who read her wishlist.

“Muma..can I have some soup please?” Vanya said sitting on the sofa.

“You always want to eat. Do something else too” Ritwik blurted and followed Riddhima to the kitchen.

Riddhima turned the stove on, pouring some water in it while one of the servants handed over her a packet of soup. Ritwik came and sat on the platform of the kitchen with an apple looking at Riddhima.

Mumaa how are you?” Ritwik asked.

“I am always fine. You want some?” Riddhima asked indicating the soup. Ritwik smiled sadly and nodded in no, eating his apple.

“Ritwik…” Riddhima sighed and turned the stove off, her eyes welled up creating a havoc for Ritwik.

“Arre mumma… don’t cry na please…Muma..I hate tears” Ritwik said and stood up adjusting his clothes.

“Never think I forgot you..”
Riddhima cupped his face.

“Haww…how can you think like that? I know I am your favourite even if you are busy with Vanya.Ritwik giggled.

Riddhima patted his arms and left with the soup. Here, Vanya was sitting with Vansh telling him something.

“And then Bhai got dropped out” Vanya said and both of them laughed.

“From where?” Ritwik asked.

“You’re my son, but I only flirt with my wife.” Vansh said and Riddhima too giggled slowly.

“Simple, get me a wife Dad.” Ritwik said and Vansh laughed.

“Is this empty..” Vanya shook her cylinder inhaling her oxygen.

“What happened Vanya..” Riddhima to reach at increases the flow of the oxygen.

“Get the ventilation mask..this won’t work..” Riddhima’s voice choked and Ritwik rushed to Vanya’s room.

“Ritwik is getting it…take long breathe” Vansh rubbed her back and Vanya nodded in yes.

Ritwik came back with the oxygen cylinder and mask and Riddhima made Vanya wear her mask.

It was nearly evening, but a silence has waved the Mansion. All the Rai Singhanias have reached London, and were sitting in Vanya’s room where she was making a painting after fighting from Riddhima that she doesn’t need rest.

Ritwik entered the room with a tray full of coffee mugs along with the servant who came up with some savories. Ritwik sat next to Vanya.

“What is this?” Ritwik asked giggling.

“Self portrait” Vanya barely whispered.

Ritwik turned his face the other side, squeezed his eyes tightly, sighed and turned back. He looked down the window where Riddhima was standing on the garden talking on the phone being highly stressed.

“She wants those seashells rightaway

Ritwik turned to see Vansh standing with a sad smile. Vansh took the other side of Vanya holding his hands.

“Don’t worry… Jabtak mumma nhi aati…mai nahi tapakne waali” Vanya said in her whispery voice and Vansh chuckled sadly.

“Guys! Koi bhi ro mat please. I don’t want this serious gande face of you all. Thoda smile for me” Vanya said and everyone was a little hesitant.

Riddhima entered the room, with a small box. She kept it on Vanya’s lap as tears made way. Vanya opened the box with her shaky hands. She emptied the box and took a paper, and scribbled something and kept it in the box, filling it back with all the seashells.

“Don’t open now mumma”

She whispered handling it over to Riddhima.

The night had came over, and Vanya’s room was having an utter wave of silence. Vansh and Riddhima were holding Vanya’s hands while Ritwik was sitting next to her. Vanya tightened her grip on both of her parents’ hands and looked towards his brother and blink several times, as tears made way throughout.

A tear fell of Vanya’s hand, it was of Vansh. She carressed his face and same for the Riddhima, and hugged the three of them tightly.

Scene shows Vansh sitting in Vanya’s bed with a small teddy bear and Ritwik on his lap sobbing silently. It zoomed out through the window out in the garden where Riddhima was sitting silently looking at the starts.


“So one of you guys always knew the password of MY phone! Smart work Dadda. Let me clear, I am recording this a day before that speech of mine. You 3 got mad for that. Please show this to Mumma on her birthday only. Because I have already done a gift for 3 if you. If you are still in London, like of course you will be in my room. Open my cupboard, the lowest drawer. Keep it away from water.”

Ritwik ran to her room trying not to stumble, while Vansh and Riddhima were looking at the paused video. Ritwik came back with 3 big canvas with their respective names. He gave Riddhima’s to her and Vansh’s to him.

Three of them opened it, to see a painting of Vanya with themselves.

Ritwi played the video again.

“How are the painting!? I am really becoming Picasso. I have one more picture, I don’t think it will be completed or not. Look at this!”

Vanya took a painting, which was half made, there were Riddhima, Vansh and Vanya in the picture.

“I will be back soon.” Vanya said and winked, and the video ended.

“I am waiting for you” the trio said together…..

         Muntazir the hum tumhari             inayat ke,
Tumne kuchh toh kiya, chalo       tabaah hi sahi

So here it ends.

Muntazir means a person, who is waiting for someone. RiAnsh and Ritwik always have waited for Vanya, either when they have never met or when it be her disease.
The ending is little bit from sky is pink types, but I have did changes according to me.

I want your reviews on….




They played their part to keep Vanya happy. Thoughts?

😭 I cried writing this, sab ke kya haal?

Now enough of my bakwaas.

This is my first SS. And my favourite SS. Even though many people didn’t read it, but this SS will always be closest to me.💖

Signing off from Muntazir

Tanvi 💫

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