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Love for Each other (Episode 12)

Surprise !!!!!!?

I am Always There For You

Riddhima : The Answer is YES

Vansh : Who is he ? Where did you met ? Do you ever confessed it to h.. ( Stopped and came back to reality . Riddhima was staring at him )

Riddhima : Well now you say Truth or Dare ?

Vansh : Dare

Riddhima : Ok call this number and say I love You

( She gives him and number )

Vansh : Are you sure ?

Riddhima : 200 %

Vansh dialed the number and put the call on speaker . As soon as the called was connected A male was heard

Vansh : Riddhu this is a male voice

Riddhima :Did I say its a female voice . Now say

Vansh : Riddhu what yaar ?

Riddhima : Speak vansh

Vansh : Hello

The person : Yes . How can I help you

Vansh : I love You

As soon as he said it he declined the call not waiting for the reply .

Vansh : Riddhu why you gave me a male number ?

Riddhima : Do you expect me to give a girl’s number

Vansh : But what will that person think of me . A Gay . Shit

Riddhima : Acha calm down . He will not think anything . I will say him afterwards now lets play

Vansh : What . No I can’t play .

Riddhima : Vansh Please

Vansh : Did anyone ever refused to your puppy eyes ?

Riddhima : I don’t think so

Vansh : Then how will I ?

Riddhima : Okk now your turn

Vansh : Truth or Dare

Riddhima : Truth

Vansh : Who is the person you love ?

Riddhima : Y are you so eager ?

Vansh : When your turn comes you can question now answer

Riddhima : The answer is I love Myself .

Vansh : It means you don’t love anyone

Riddhima : So ready Truth or Dare ?

Vansh : Truth

Riddhima : So why were you interested ?

Vansh : woh i….its ac………actu….actually ( His mind got an answer )Its actually I am very secure about you . I just want my friend to be safe and secure . If anyone tries to harm you then The will face the Real Vansh Raisinghania . . I am Always there for you

Riddhima was really happy to see vansh caring alot for her . Some tears comes from her eyes

Vansh : Riddhu why are crying ? Did I say anything wrong ? Please don’t crying

He gave her his hand kerchief and gave it to riddhima and bought her some water and made her drink it .

Vansh : Are you ok ?

Riddhima : Ya . Its just I got emotional . From childhood I was yearning for a family , love from them . But I couldn’t get . After Siya and Sejal came to my life I felt that someone is there for me . After seeing your family and the love and care you shower on us . I felt I was having family . Now when you are saying that I am Always there for you . I felt very happy . Here after I will not say that I don’t have anyone cause you are there .

Vansh : Do you still want to continue the game ?

Riddhima : No But rather we shall watch some movie .

Vansh : Ok I will bring the laptop .

He went and brought the laptop .

Vansh : But where can we sit and watch

Riddhima : we sit in the bed and watch

Vansh : Are you sure

Riddhima : 200 % sure come and sit

Vansh and riddhima sat on the bed and kept the laptop on the table .

Vansh : So which genre

Riddhima : Horror

Vansh : What movie ?

Riddhima : um………um…..haan got it The Cabin in the Woods (2011) . I didn’t see that movie

Vansh : Ok

The movie started . Riddhima was very scared . She was watching some scenes closing her one eyes . She was scared but vansh was watching all her antics . He was enjoying not the movie but antics . He held vansh shirt tightly without knowing and keeping her eyes closed . For the first time in his life vansh was enjoying watching a horror movie . Usually he isn’t a kind of person who watch movie . But today for her his is watching after 3 years only because of her . The movie was playing riddhima without her knowledge slept in vansh’s arms . After confirming her that she is slept he made her lie on the bed and left the room without disturbing her .

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