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Love for Each other (Episode 11)

Truth Or Dare

A smile crepted on Angre as he witnessed vansh caring a lot for Riddhima .

Angre ( thought ) : I just hope one day forgets his past and moves on .I know One can’t change the past but can change the future . God please make boss understand his feelings for riddhima Bhabi . I know that boss love her but he isn’t accepting it due to his fear and past . I hope one day it happens . ( Don’t I will make your wish happen even if god didn’t make )

He left from there .

In Vansh Room

Riddhima finished her lunch .

Vansh : ok now take rest . If you want any help don’t hesitate to call me . OK

Riddhima : But vansh I am feeling bored sitting inside this room .how will I manage all day all alone .

Vansh : But riddhu

Before he could complete sejal and sia came . Vansh stood up ( such a gentle man giving respect for ladies 😍 )

Sejal : how is your health now ?

Riddhima : I am fine now .

Sia : Bhai we will go till our company and come . Since someworks are pending .

Vansh : Ok but Aryan and Kabir we accompany you both . Since your safety is important .

Sejal : Ok bhai

Vansh : Riddhu you rest I will come back in few minutes .

Vansh left from there and called karyan ( kabir + Aryan )

Vansh : Kabir and aryan both accompany Sejal and sia till their company and bring them back safetly . If my guess is correct then by now he would have known about your and Sia ‘s relationshhip . So I can’t risk their life . I will let some bodygaurds follow them without their knowledge so that they will also be safe .

Aryan : Bhai I am very happy that you care for sia and her friends alot .

Kabir : Bhai you don’t worry about sejal and sia we will accompany them .

Both left from there

Aryan ( to Kabir ) : Bhai don’t you think we should say about his arrival to bhai .

Kabir : But Aryan if we can’t say now as he is already angry and if we say he will not think once to kill him . I will say him till then don’t say .

SiYan and SeBir left towards their office .

When vansh was crossing Ishangre’s room . They both were seeing their wedding album and laughing .

Vansh : ( thought ) I am happy for you both since you both are happy now . I thought I made mistake by getting you both married but now I feel that my decision is right .

He smiled and left towards His room . When he entered he saw that riddhima was on call . So he silently went and sat near her on the couch . Riddhima signaled him to wait a few minutes . Vansh understood and signalled “No Problem ” . After the call ended

Riddhima : Its a clients call . In two days there is a birthday party . I don’t know whether sejal and sia informed the decoraters or not . I will better ask them

Riddhima called sejal ( over phone )

Riddhima : Sejal did you inform the decorators about Mr. Abisekh mehra’s daughter birthday celebration . And what about the measurements.

Sejal: Riddhima Sia informed the decorators and about the measurement I have already took the measurement and gave it to the decorators . By tomorrow the decoration things will be ready and the day after tomorrow they will go for the decoration . Now you please take rest and don’t stress yourself about the work . Myself and sia will see it .

After the call ended.

Vansh : work over ?

Riddhima : Over . Vansh can I ask you something if you don’t mind ?

Vansh : Why are you asking permission . You can ask directly .

Riddhima : Can we play Truth or Dare

Vansh : Ok . Since here only we two are here First your turn

Riddhima: Ok . Now ask

Vansh : Truth or Dare

Riddhima : Truth

Vansh : Do you ever loved or love someone ?( in mind ) God why the hell does I asked her this question . Now what will she think of me . But I didn’t ask anything wrong . Did I ? No I don’t think so its a common question everyone ask . But she must please the answer should me NO . Please god . Wait what am I doing ? what for me If she is Single or Commeted . We are just friends .

Breaking his Riddhima tapped in his shoulder .

Riddhima : Vansh where are you lost ?

Vansh : Nothing . Now you answer

Riddhima : Vansh I already said now its your turn .

Vansh : What when you said ? I didn’t here ?

Riddhima : When you were in your dreamworld .

Vansh : I was just thinking not in the dreamworld . Ok now say

Riddhima : No I will not . Sometimes Valuable Words will be said only once . So I will not say

Vansh : Please say riddhu I will do whatever you say .

Riddhima : Really then Promise me that you will take me shopping .

Vansh : Its just a small thing . I will surely take you for shopping . Ok now say

Riddhima : The answer is ………….

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