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I am so sorry guys. I know I have made u wait for two long days and didn’t reply to u too. I had a project to submit. So I was busy. I am sorry once again. Hope u will like this episode.


At Mehra mansion

Somebody knocks the door and Rhea opens.

Rhea opens the door and gets shocked on seeing Abhi. She gets scared thinking that Abhi still doesn’t believe her and is angry with her.

“dad?” says Rhea.

Abhi looks at her. His eyes were filled with tears. He places his hand on her hand.

“ I am proud of u.” says Abhi.

Rhea gets happy on hearing this. She moves forward and observs Pragya standing behind Abhi who can burst into tears anytime. Rhea asks them to come in and makes them sit.

“ I came here to ask for ur forgiveness. I couldn’t understand how to face u…” Abhi gets interrupted by Rhea.

“ dad, don’t say this. It’s not ur fault. I dug my own pit and u didn’t help me in digging it. So, don’t blame urself.” Says Rhea.

“ that’s right, I didn’t help u to dig the pit but unknowingly I was the one led u u to dig ur own pit. I always thought to keep u happy by giving whatever u asked for, but I forgot to teach u morals and values and show u the right path. I failed u  as a father. Twenty years back, pragya wanted to take u along with her and Prachi but I stopped her and tried to keep Prachi also with me, but I couldn’t. I should have let u go with Pragya or never would have allowed Pragya to leave.” Saying this Abhi looks at Pragya and places his hand on her shoulder.

“ dad? can u make a promise?” asks Rhea.

“ what do u want? Tell me first, then only I will decide whether I can give it or not.” asks Abhi

“ never let mom leave again. Not at any circumstances. I want our family to be always together.” Says Rhea to which Abhi gets impressed and happy and nods in agreement.

Rhea observs that since Pragya has come to her room, Pragya neither said a word nor looked at her.

“ mom?” says Rhea.

Pragya bursts into tears. Rhea hugs Pragya and consoles her.

“ mom, please don’t cry. Look at me, I know I went against u this time. But look at the positive side, when I come back, I can start a fresh life without any guilty.”saying this Rhea consoles Pragya.

“ speaking about fresh life, what is brewing between u and Ishaan?” asks Abhi.

At Srinivasans house

“ love?” asks Mr. Srinivasan.

“ yes, appa. I love Rhea.” Says Ishaan.

“ but bhai, u know how Rhea is, how can u love her? ” asks Mishti.

“ Rhea has changed. Trust me. if she wouldn’t have changed she would have never surrendered. I said I would help her to run away from here. But she denied. Mishti, ur anger is justified. I know she created a havoc in everyone’s life especially in your brother’s and Prachi’s, and don’t forget Prachi s my best friend. And if someone is against her , then I would stand with my friend against them. But Rhea has realized her mistakes. Just give her one more chance.” Tells Ishaan.

“ I am with bhai in this.” Says Shashank.

“ Shashank? U too?” says Mishti.

“ do u remember the way I behaved with u when I misunderstood that u cheated on me, Mishti? But u had forgiven me and gave me one more chance. Just like that give one more chance to Rhea.” Says Shashank.

“ Rhea was given many chances to rectify her mistakes. She utilized none of them.” Says Mishti.

“ looks like someone doesn’t want me to get married at all.” Says Ishaan looking at Mishti with puppy eyes.

Mishti understands that Ishaan meant her and reluctantly agrees to give Rhea one last chance to which both the brothers rejoice.

Ishaan turns towards her parents who leave from there without answering anything as they also doesn’t understand what decision to take.

At Mehra mansion

“ Dad, I really love him. Please think about it” says Rhea.

Abhigya ask for some time and leaves from there.

Rhea observs Abhi has left his phone there so she goes to his room to give the phone.

In Abhigya’s room

“ what are u thinking?” asks Pragya.

“ About Rhea and Ishaan.” Says Abhi.

“ me too. They look so good together. Don’t they?” says Pragya.

“ ur thinking about that?” asks Abhi.

“ I am thinking is this possible or not? Ishaan and Rhea?” tells Abhi.

“ what do u mean? Haven’t u seen Ishaan supporting, protecting and saving Rhea? He will always be there for her and love her.” Assures Pragya.

“ what about his family?” asks Abhi to which Pragya has no answer.

“ Srinivasans  know whatever wrong things Rhea has done. And as far as I know, Meenakshiji liked Prachi for Ishaan and she particularly likes Prachi too. She considers Prachi her own. And Rhea harmed her. After knowing all this, do u really think they will accept Rhea as their daughter-in-law?” asks Abhi.

Just then Abhi sees Rhea standing at the door. Abhigya gets shocked. But Rhea enters with a smile.

“ dad, u forgot ur phone in ur room.” saying this Rhea gives his phone and leaves from there.

Abhigya gets relieved thinking that Rhea hasn’t heard anything but unfortunately that wasn’t true. She goes to her room and remembers all her wrong deeds and her moments with Ishaan, she gets teary-eyed. Ishaan also misses her.

In Aryan-Shahan’s room

“ Aryan, if u won’t feel bad, I want to say something to u?” says Shahana.

“ u r my wife. U can tell anything. If not with me, then with whom will u tell?Go ahead.” Says Aryan

“ after whatever we got to know today form the investigator and Disha maasi, by connecting all the dots I am getting doubting that….…” Shahana gets interrupted by Aryan.

“that my mother has got to do something with my dad and Disha maasi’s separation?” asks Aryan to which Shahana shockingly nods, as Shahana didn’t expect that Aryan will agree his mother to be wrong, at least not so soon.

“ Don’t be so shocked. I love my mom, but  I don’t want to side with any wrong person. I got this doubt because, wherever Disha aunty and my father were there, at every point my mom was also involved even before her wedding with my father which is really suspicious. And by now I understood, Disha aunty is good. Then, a question cropped up? Is my mother bad? I have been seeing Rhea since my childhood. She was brought up by my mom and whatever things she has done to Prachi are same whatever my mom has done to Disha aunty and Bulbul maasi, well, if whatever u said is true. I asked the private investigator to investigate more, but I don’t think something happened twenty years back, will have any proofs now. So there is only one way left to know the truth.” Tells Aryan.

“ what is it?”asks Shahana.

“ the wrong one should confess. Just like the way Ranbhir and u made to rhea to confess, we have to make my mother also confess or if Disha aunty is wrong, she should confess her deeds.” Says Aryan

“ but how do we do that?” asks Shahana.

“ well, Rhea got angry on seeing Prachi here. So if we make two rivals are close, due to their anguish, jealousy  they will do at least one mistake. That will lead us to a clue. ” says Aryan to which Shahana gives a question mark face.

“ u dumbo, what I mean is we have to make Disha aunty and my mom to stay under the same roof. So whoever is wrong will try to harm the other. then we will get to know who really is evil. And then we can think what to do next. Got it?” tells Aryan patting on her head.

“ oh…, got it.” Says Shahana.

“ but how will we bring them under the same roof?” asks Aryan.

“ leave that to me. I have a plan.” Saying this  Shahana reveals her plan to Aryan.

“ are u sure Sunny bhai will agree?” asks Aryan doubtfully.

“ he is my brother. He loves me. he can never say no to me and Prachi.” Says Shahana proudly.

“ well, I love u too.” Saying this Aryan pulls her for a kiss.

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