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Imlie 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Malini And Imlie’s Fight

Imlie 28th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie and Adi perform ring searching ritual. Rupali, Nishant, and Dulari/nakli naani cheer them up. Anu asks Malini how could she lose against a servant, old woman Dulari flipped her side and supported servant instead. Adi and Imlie search ring together, everyone clap for them, Nishant says their team is amazing. Adi hopes others understand it. Malini and Aparna frown hearing that. Adi gives ring to Imlie. Naani says she knew Imlie would win. Adi says she was on his side. Imlie says they both are in same team. Naani says next ritual is suhagraat and they will spend a night together. Anu tells Malini that she has only less time left and she should do whatever she can soon. Malini walks to Imlie and asks if she has cleaned the ring, she should return it. Imlie asks why. Malini says its an ancestral ring and she will give it to Aparna to keep it safely. Imlie denies and says she will wear it always. Malini insists. Imlie warns not to misbehave. Malini says she misbehaved instead when she came between her and Adi, she doesn’t value gold anyways. Imlie says she doesn’t value gold, but its her family ring and she didn’t come in between anyone. They both pull ring and it falls down. Adi picks it and asks what are they doing. Imlie says its lose on her finger and Malini wants to resize it. He fixes it in Imlie’s ring and says its perfect, scolds Malini that she should have tried it once instead of arguing, and goes searches Sundar. Imlie tells Malini that she knows this ring is invaluable to her and wants back Adi, but she can’t as Adi loves me. Malini says she is overproud of her love, even she was and she will fight like Imlie snatched Adi from her, she will snatch back Adi from Imlie. Imlie says when fate couldn’t separate her and Adi, Malini can’t and she shoud stop her tricks or else even she can’t protect her from Adi’s anger as Adi respects their friendship and don’t want to lose it. Malini says she is right, Adi hated her first and then loved, journey of love from hatred is tough but love from friendship is easy. Imlie says whatever she says, Seeta Maiya is on her side and Adi will see her face for sure during muh dikhayi ritual. Malini says let us see then.

After sometime, Imlie speaks to Satyakam over phone and describes how she and Adi performed ritual. Satyakam encourages her. Mithi asks not to spoil their daughter. He says he is teaching her right things and asks if she will go back to Dev’s house again. She says yes as Imlie needs her. He agrees. She says even amma/Dulari is here to support Imlie. He jokes. Imlie smiles. He says he felt very nice hearing her smile and wants to come there. Imlie asks her to continue his important work here and knows he will come here with his gun if needed. Satyakam disconnects call. Malini hears their conversation and once Imlie and Mithi leaves, she dials someone.

Rupali sees Aparna and Radha cooking and asks why are they cooking when they have hired a caterer for the function. Radha says they will not attend the function and neither their relatives will as they already accepted Malini as bahu. Dulari walks in and says sasumaa is very much for her bahu and thinks if guests will attend or not, she need not worry as she has invited all neighbors and arranged pandit for the function. Rupali praises her. Aparna says when they will not bless her, Dulari has to arrange blessings from neighbors. Imlie walks in and asks Rupali if she can wear her sari. Rupali says doesn’t need her permission to wear her saris and asks if she wants to shop for a new sari. Imlie says no. Dulari says she will wear Rupali’s sari as a bahu wears saas’ gifted sari and hence Aparna should gift saris to Imlie. Aparna gives her old saris to Imlie kept for poor. Rupali asks how can she still consider Imlie as a servant. Radha backs Aparna. Dulari enters and comments. Imlie asks her not to scold her maa, thanks Aparna for gifting her saris and walks away. Rupali confronts Aparna that she didn’t have problem with Imlie before she found about Adi and Imlie’s relationship, but now is spoiling the family environment with her hatred. Aparna warns to behave with her. Imlie walks in wearing lehanga choli made by Aparna’s gifted sari. Rupali praises that she turned Aparna’s sari into a beautiful lehanga choli so soon. Aparna says Imlie tricked her and took muh dikhayi sari, how will she get muh dikhayi gift by sasural, new bahu is welcomed by sasural and Imlie is not.

Malini tells Adi that she wants to buy a muh dikhayi gift for Imlie. Adi says why will she as in-laws give gifts and not sister. Malini says Aparna, Radha, and Harish will not gift Imlie, so she wants to gift her. Adi says she thinks of her sister so much and agrees to accompany her. Imlie walks in. Adi says her sister cares for her so much and is taking him to buy muh dikhayi gift for her. Imlie says she doesn’t need any gift and he shouldn’t go. He holding Imlie says he will return before 6 p.m. Malini walks away unable to bear their romance. Adi convinces Imlie. She applies nazar kajal behind his ear and gets closer to him. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.. song plays in the background. She kisses his cheek, and he walks away smilingly.

Precap: Satyakam takes Adi along and shoots him.

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