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Ikko Mikke #RiAnsh Short Story (Intro)

Hi guys, here we go with a new Short story on Riansh hope you’ll will like this also as you’ll liked my previous one.


The word ‘IKKO MIKKE’ is a punjabi word which means ‘THE SOULMATES’

Vansh and Riddhima who are a pole apart. One is an arrogant and ruthless Mafia and other is a kind and childish who live her life to the fullest.

This story will tell you the journey of these pole apart of becoming IKKO MIKKE.

Stay tuned to know the story.

The cover is taken from Google so the credit goes to the respective owner.

He is hot and handsome man. He is an arrogant and ruthless underworld Mafia king who owns many illegal businesses. In day time he is the Owner of VR Empire and in night he is a ruthless Mafia who hates betrayal and who ever tries to betray him is not able to see the next morning. Hates betrayal and lies. Doesn’t believe in love and God.

She is cute and beautiful with beauty and brains. Kind and childish in nature. No. 1 physiotherapist and surgeon in whole India. Love to help people around her. Believes in Bappa a lot. Owner of RK groups of Hospitals. Believe in love and has faith that someone will come in her life and will love her unconditionally ❤.

Hope you’ll liked the character Sketch do give your reviews in the comment section and please do vote. Will post the 1st part soon.

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