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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Samrat’s Suggestion For Sai

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 28th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ninad asks Samrat if he still thinks that there is something between Pakhi and Virat even after marriage. Bhavani asks why is he asking this, it all ended after Pakhi and Samrat’s wedding and she doesn’t think Samrat leaving the house for this reason. Samrat says he has his own reason and he remembers them a lot. Ninad says they will not let him go again, he should accept Pakhi as she has followed all the relationships loyally. Sonali backs him. Mansi walks in. Sonali asks her to tell how Pakhi took care of them. Bhavani praises Pakhi. Sonali says what is wrong if Pakhi spoke to Virat, Sai created a big issue always and humiliated Pakhi. Samrat says Sai’s anger is valid, nobody understands her, but he does as their situation is same. Bhavani says he should understand their situation also, how can he take a decision to leave them, even Virat is taking transfer, how will this family cope up without both sons’ presence. Samrat says Virat must have taken transfer due to his return. Omkar says Virat loves his Jiva and was eagerly waiting for him. Samrat says when relationships are not like before, they should forget old nick names and they should stop calling him and Samrat as Jiva and Shiva. Ninad asks him not to say that. Omkar asks him to think about them and his mothers. Samrat holds Mansi’s hand and says aayi explained him that he should have faced his problem and not left home, now he will solve his problem, he will not force Pakhi to stay with him and will divorce her. Mansi asks if he spoke to Pakhi. He says yes, he told her that she need not leave this house after divorce and in fact he will leave this house. Mansi asks if they are determined to divorce. Bhavani says Pakhi would want to give their relationship a second chance and doesn’t want divorce. Samrat says he spoke to Pakhi and she wants divorce instead as asked if she wants to give their relationship a second chance. Bhavani says he is mistaken, she will speak to Pakhi as she respects her and will not disobey her. He says he or any of their family member will force Pakhi to take a decision, he wants her to take a decision without any pressure, and if he finds someone spoke to Pakhi regarding this, he will leave this house right then and will never keep any relationship with any family member.

Sai sees Virat not yet finished his breakfast and insists him to have it now. He drops breakfast bowl and shouts he doens’t want her care and her. She says he can’t do anything without her and needs her support as he is ill. He says his wish and he doesn’t need her advice or concern. She thinks he never misbehaved with her like this and remembers him telling that he will show a new face to her and will end their relationship, thinks he will take a decision whom he wants to spend his future with and she is not that person for sure, she respects his decision and will go away from his life once he informs his decision. She packs her stuff and seeing Aaba’s photo cries asking how will she handle herself after separating from Virat, Virat says their relationship is just a mutual agreement, but she is habituated to be near Virat; remembering Virat’s rude behavior again, she thinks if he will really take a decision; whenever she thinks of Virat, she feels lonely without him. She cries more thinking she knew about Virat and Pakhi’s relationship and always wanted their happiness, but he loves his brother and will not be even with Pakhi. She tries to console herself saying Virat should be happy and his happiness is not with her, she knew this would happen one day. She wipes her tears and smiling thinks if she is happy, her Aaba will be happy.

Sai walks down smiling. Samrat asks why is she smiling so much as people hide their pain behind smile. Sai says Virat is having fever and don’t know if he will have food or not. He says why she cares for Virat so much. She says even Virat cares for her so much and they respect each other. He asks if she can see her and Virat’s relationship as husband and wife as things are not same for long and situation change, she is like his sister and he wants her to let the things flow on their own and not control it. She asks what does he mean. He explains her again. She thinks if she can forget the commitment Virat made to Pakhi.

Precap: Virat tells Pakhi that he loves Sai and its increasing each day, life gave a second chance to her and she should start a new life with Samrat. She says she wants to start a new life with Virat instead and will whatever he says as cannot live without him. Sai visits same cafe with her friends and notices them.

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