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Dollar Biwi-Riansh/Rihaan OS by Parita

Dollar Biwi-Riansh OS

Hey guys I’m here with a Rihaan/Riansh OS that was requested by Maanvika. I hope you all like it

Riddhima and Vansh had a love marriage here but then Kabir decided to frame Riddhima in front of Vansh. So he jumped off the cliff and after a few days she got to know she was pregnant. She found Vihaan and brought him to the house. This starts when they were about to sleep


Riddhima who felt uneasy and nauseous, came out of the washroom rubbing her chest to calm down the feeling. She stepped out and saw Vihaan sitting in the middle of the bed with his arms wide open and his legs stretched out wide. He stared at the ceiling and keenly looked around the room, finally stopping his head in Riddhima’s direction. Riddhima breathed in and out to relax herself and walked to him.

Riddhima: What are you doing here? Get up! This bed is mine, you can’t sleep here. Get up (anger)

Vihaan: Why? (casually)

Riddhima folded her arms and flared her nose in anger. Vihaan sat upright and looked at her.

Vihaan: That wasn’t mentioned in the contract so I’ll sleep here! This bed (touching it softly) is extremely comfortable so I’ll sleep here only. (smiling wide)

Riddhima: You know what, somethings aren’t supposed to be mentioned in the contract but they’re supposed to be part of your values.

Vihaan: Ooh (he turned around his head to the other side and smirked)

Riddhima: I thought you’d at least be having some decency and values! But I guess I was wrong, you’ll never change will you? So congratulations with the bed, sleep here I’ll go to the sofa!

Riddhima turned around to go when Vihaan wrapped his fingers around her wrist and gently pulled her. The pull was enough for her to fall in his laps where she landed and they both looked at each other, sharing a cute eye lock.

Yeh pyaar hai, ya phir mujhko junoon hai tere

Tere ishq pe sabse zyada haq hai mera 

Breaking the eye lock, Riddhima struggled to get off his hold but it was too tight for her. Giving up, she lay there with her hand around her stomach. Vihaan smiled at her efforts and chuckled within.

Riddhima: What’s your problem huh? What do you want? (she said still looking at him)

Vihaan: You see I’m a gentleman Mrs Pretty Rai Singhania. And me being a gentleman can’t let any woman sleep there on the sofa, and if it you, my dollar biwi, then definitely not. (smiling)

Riddhima: What with you and your smile….always showing your teeth brightly! (pissed) Close that mouth of yours and…and I’m not sharing the bed with you.

Vihaan loosened his hold on her and she got up. As she got up, an idea clicked in her mind and she went to her wardrobe and picked out a stole. She took a rope and tied it exactly where the middle of the bed was, giving two sides. She drew the stole like a curtain and smiled looking at Vihaan who was standing at the corner of the room, shocked.

Riddhima: Now we can share the bed!

Vansh’s POV

Aww my wife is so smart! A partition….love you sweetheart! I’m proud seeing you in such a form against Vihaan but the betrayal, nahh! Although I love sleeping with you in my arms, I’d have to stop myself this time. The betrayal is all that I’m thinking about right now but your face proves everything wrong, is still bothers me.

There’s something that’s not fine with her, she feels restless and too much careful now. What is wrong with her?

Vansh’s POV Ends

Vihaan: Not bad Dollar biwi! I never knew your pea sized and dumb brain could think this much as well. Not bad! (smirking)

Riddhima: (rolling her eyes) Yea of course, you’re the only one who’s been given a donut sized brain right? (sarcastic)

Vihaan: Donut…my favourite! (drooling)

Riddhima: Mine too! (excited) I want to have it now! Go and get it for me

Vihaan: Ordering me! (claps) Learnt a lot from your husband (murmuring)

Riddhima: Go!

Vihaan: Not mentioned in the contract so (interrupted)

Before Vihaan could say another word, a pillow flew across the room and hit his face. He stood there with a straight face and sighed.

Vihaan: And what was that for?

Riddhima: (crying) You never do anything for me

Vihaan being Vansh, went to her immediately and wiped her tears away. He was shocked at her sudden tears fearing he might have hurt her. He tried to pacify her but Vihaan’s actions seemed to make her cry more. Having no other option, he went to the cupboard and fished his wallet out.

Vihaan: I’m going out to get you and myself donuts!

Riddhima: Wait I’m coming too (wiping her tears)

Riddhima quickly followed him and they both sat in the car and drove off to Dunkin Donuts. Vihaan on the way saw Riddhima clutching her stomach and smiling. He found her antics weird but brushed them off. Parking the car, Vihaan got down and went to the shop to get the donut leaving Riddhima in the car.

Riddhima: You know baby, if your dad was here today, he would have celebrated and jumped in happiness. (smiling) But I fear one thing, I don’t want you to be an orphan like me…..your daddy has gone and now I’m in threat. I need you jaan, Vansh please.

Unknown to her Vihaan had heard all that. He kept a straight face and sat in the car handing over the donut box to her. She gleefully accepted it and started having it. Driving back to the house, her words wandered in his mind. Stopping the car, he turned to see Riddhima who had chocolate smeared on her mouth and she was sleeping like a cute baby.

Vihaan got down and picked her up. He gently took her to the bedroom and placed her on her side of bed. He kissed her forehead and was about to leave when she held his hand tightly.

Riddhima: (murmuring) please stay, don’t go.

Vihaan got on his knees and sat beside her on the floor. He place his other hand on her belly and quietly whispered.

Vihaan: I’m really happy baby, this is the best news I’ve got but your mumma is suffering because of my acts. Once I catch that rascal Kabir and his mom, I promise we’ll be together. I’ll take care of your mumma just like a queen and you my princess!

He got up a little and bent over, kissing her belly slightly. He soon fell asleep, determined to catch Kabir and punish them. He always knew his love hadn’t betrayed him rather always saved him. No matter how many words or proofs Kabir told and showed him, it wasn’t enough to break the love and trust he had for her.


Vansh: Dollar biwi, breathe in and out! You can do this (encouraging and holding her hand)

Riddhima: Shut up!!! If you dare say dollar biwi again I swear I’m going to break you in half! (shouting) I can’t!

Doctor: Please push!

Vansh: Please….Pretty mummy, Pretty Rai Singhania you can do this! For our princess!

Riddhima: Ahhhhhh!!!!


Doctor: Congrats, it’s a girl! (smiling)

Vansh took her in his hands and kissed her gently.  After half an hour of adoring her, he took her to Riddhima’s room where she was lying exhausted. Handing over to her, Riddhima smiled at her daughter who had her little eyes closed and her tiny hand fisted around Vansh’s thumb.

Vansh: Dollar….(got a glare from Riddhima)

Riddhima: No!

Vansh: I was saying my dollar beti! (smiling)

Riddhima: Vansh! (chuckling)

Vansh: Not my problem, you said you liked Vihaan better so (winking)

The End

Hope you all liked it and please do comment and support.

@Maanvika hope it was upto your request!


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