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Bigg Boss OTT 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss OTT 28th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 20 8 AM
Everyone wakes up dancing on rock and roll.

8:15 AM
Neha says good morning Akshara. The alarm blared. When you wake up we will tell you the duty. She ignores. Neha says everyone has to do their duty. You Moose and Raqesh will do the kitchen. You can choose between alternate days. Akshara says I don’t want to work. I want to do my work. I am hurt emotionally. Neha says there’s no point in the blame game. Divya comes too. Akshara says he didn’t do right.

Nishant says she said I won’t do anything. Pratik says they said they won’t do anything. Divya says we are not doing anything. Raqesh says food was there. Akshara says people always cooked for themselves. Everyone can eat what they want. Nishant says then do your own dishes. Akshara says I won’t share their work. Neha says Divya is also saying I won’t do anything. Raqesh says then leave the house.

Pratik says to Divya then do your own food and dishes. Divya says sure. Pratik says okay Divya and Akshara will do their own stuff. Neha says okay fine. Shamita says clean your dishes. Akshara says it was there already. It’s not ours. Shamita says okay fine.

9:30 AM
Neha says I haven’t spoken to him. Nishant says it’s not working. Pratik says to Akshara do your dishes. She says that’s not mine. It was there. Shamita says it ended. Akshara says he started it. Akshara says I have worked a lot already. she cries and says I can’t even eat? He says there’s the cooking team. Gaba is your friend. Akshara says I have worked a lot. Pratik says I know. You can help in chopping if you want. Divya says don’t cry.

10 AM
Akshara is upset. Shamita say what’s in your heart. Get it out. If I have hurt you it wasn’t my intention. Akshara says I don’t exist for you in this house. I see your vibe and how you treat me. I have worked from day 1. There are groups on both sides. Shamita says I want you to get out of this state. You are not alone. She hugs her and says cheer up.

Milint says to Pratik I have no grudge against you. Pratik says yes bro. I can’t work. Pratik says you’re working for yourself. Milint says I am ready for the punishment. You can eat what you want. Milint says I can stand in the kitchen. Pratik says it was a competition. Milint says I can’t work for now. I am ready for punishment.

10:30 AM
Pratik says I don’t like hiding tea from them. Shamita says it’s extreme punishment. Raqesh says it’s not. Nishant says it will look like we are bully. Raqesh says this is right. Pratik says I don’t want to hide the tea. I don’t feel like punishing. Akshara says you can stop our food too. He says if you can feel like helping please do. I am no one to stop food. Akshara says he is very clever.

11:30 AM
Moose says who says like this when someone is crying. Nishant tries to cheer her up. He says I asked you if you need space. She says you say this every time. Akshara, Gaba and Divya made me laugh. You are laughing with Neha and Pratik. It looked like I was the only who had the problem. You’re having fun with them. I look the dumb one who’s saying it for no reason. He was shouting on me. And you are all okay with it. I don’t like it. He says what? She says nothing. I don’t like anything. I am worng. He says about what? She says what I said to Neha was wrong. I don’t know what to say and what not to. She cries.

Pratik comes and hugs her. He says don’t cry. He says we are friends. It’s okay. It happens. They cheer her up.

4:30 PM
Pratik says we all welcome you to come face. Team A has Akshara, Milint, Gaba. They play and dance on Money heist’s theme. Neha and Pratik call Shamita, Raqesh, Moose and Nishant. They also dance on Money heist’s theme. Everyone claps. Neha says I see the artist in Gaba out. It was amazing.

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