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Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 41 # pleasure

Hello peeepies aagyi me.. sorry guys epi ready tha bt me post krna bhul gyi thi..abhi yad aya..

I don’t know what i wrote i am feeling as if the story is not getting its proper direction..what are u feeling drop ur honest views guys

Lets start

Scene 1

Riddhima’s pov

I opened my eyes rubbing it lazily..

Sitting on the bed i rolled my eyeballs to analyse my surrounding..

When did i ended up being far as i remember i slept in office only..

I am sure that ajibo garib Raisinghania took me here after i slept..

Hufff😏..i am not gonna forgive u so easily..


Heaven!!! I muttured as soon as hot water droplets touched my bare body..

Putting some strawberry body wash on luffa..i murmured some not so colorful words for my not so pyara Vanshu..

I wanna smash hi face.. sometimes i feel just to beat him black and blue..

And that stupid smirk..i wanna pull off his whole cavity for that..

Wearing the bathrobe i came and stand in front of mirror humming my fav song..

Applying some body lotion on my bare legs..i sang ” sajna hai mujhe vanshu gadhe ke liye”..and i chuckled at my own antics..

You are very very funny riddhu..ummmahhh!! Lob u…i said passing some flying kisses to myself in front of mirror..

As soon as i putted my hand on knot of bathrobe to open it My eyes buldged out from socket and i shouted on top of my voice..

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! ” I shouted looking behind my back..

” Looking s*xy sweetheart ” vansh said lying on bed seductively

“What.. what are u doing here ” i said stammering

” This mansion is mine..u are i can go wherever i want ” he said  passing a flying kiss to me..

” U bastard..what if i have removed my robe ” i said glaring him..

” Oh.. c’mon sweetheart..there is nothing left in u which i haven’t seen..” he said and i instantly threw my comb on him

“Out…out of my room right now..” i shouted and he jumped from the bed..

Since when he became aagyakari raisinghania

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

I laughed at her expression..i really cursed her under my breath for seeing me early..

I wish she hadn’t seen me and..and 🙈gosh..i am blushing by thinking about her..

Although i have seen her many times like that but everytime she becomes my addiction drug..

Moving close to her i pulled her by her waist and she crashed on my torso..

Gosh…i am literally drooling over my own lady..

Her wet hairs uff..her cherry tinted lips are inviting me to taste them..

I badly wanted to rip of her bathrobe and claimed her again mine..but as soon as my eyes locked with her heart sank seeing the emptyness in her..

Once i used to see only love and care but now they are spitting hatered only..

Sliding her harlocks i traced her jaw line sensually..

For a moment she also drown in pleasure but very next moment my junglie billi started hitting me with her not so strong fist..

“Don’t touch me..” she said hitting me again

” I can’t stay away from u ” i said holding her both hands in mine

” I am not a game to play..stop lying ” she said averting her gaze..

Even she didn’t realise when she stopped hitting me..

Joining my forehead with her i pulled her by her neck..

My fingers were doing there job she calmed down once i traced her neck with my fingers

“Riddhima” i whisperd with all the love and care i had for her”

“Vansh” she whispered back with her hurtfull voice

Kissing her forehead i cupped her face with my one palm..

“You are mine Sweet-heart ” i said with my voice full of obsession

“U have to win me back vansh ” she said kissing my knuckles softly..

This is the reason i love her.. despite being angry she knows how to tame my demons..

This is love..we will fight we will quarrel but will stay together always..

We both didn’t realise when i started kissing her neck and face..

I stared at her lips and leaned towards her..

I traced her back peppering feather kisses on her neck..

“Van..vansh..stop” she moaned in pleasure..

Are u even serious sweetheart.. asking me to stop that too moaning..

“This is how u hate someone ” i said chuckling

And thudddd!! Very next moment i found myself on bed..

She pushed me..damn..this woman..

Sometimes i really wonder is blind or lover is blind..

“Riddh-ima ” i groaned in frustration..

“Stop taking me for granted vansh.. just because i love doesn’t mean i will submit u whenever u want ” she said weeping her tears

Damn!! When did this topic came from..

She is my love damn it..not any casual fling..that i will use her..

I can’t able to breath when she is not around me..i will prefer to die rather than using her for my desire..

I pulled her by her hairs not to hurt her..

“I won’t mind shutting your mouth by mine if u dare to say that again” i said keeping my forehead on her’s

“Bta kyu nhi dete phir sach ” she said kissing my forehead..

“Vansh..i can’t stop loving matter what..hating u is something beyond my imagination vansh” she said with a lone tear escaped from her eyes

I instantly grab that lone tear in my palm

“This tears are precious sweetheart don’t waste this on a person  like me..i  am not worthy of it ” i said with a cracking voice..

“Hmm..u don’t deserve my tears ..u deserve my love vansh”..she said weeping the corner of my eye..

I smiled sadly looking at the lady in front of me..

How can someone has this much patience ..

After enduring so much..she is stilling loving me..

“Everything will be fine..plz tell me the truth..” she said with pleading eyes..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

Pushed..very next moment i was pushed by him  slightly

“Van..vansh” i whisperd  he and ruffeld his hairs in frustration

“Just be with me.. I don’t want anything else ” he said shivering

” Untill u tell me truth don’t expect anything from me.” I said and he left the room latching the door with thudd behind me .

I collapsed on the floor sobbing..

Why are u doing this vansh.. can’t u see how much it is affecting your health..

I am not worried about me..but i am scared for u..

I can’t loose the only family of mine..

If i have to hurt u a little to pull u out from this turmoil then i will do..

U only said u have one weakness that u can’t stay away from i will press that only..

Weeping my tears i looked at myself with determined look..

” U are mine vansh..u are mine..”  i said and left the room

Pov ends

Done done dana done ✅

Hope u all like it

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