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Anupama 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Kinjal Confronts Rakhi

Anupama 28th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bapuji picks Anupama’s nameplate and exchanges it with Rakhi’s nameplate and tells Rakhi that house is mortgaged and not sold yet and if they fail to repay her loan, he himself will fix the nameplate. She snatches nameplate from him saying she would do this herself and getting into car thinks this house snatched her daughter from her, she will forced them so much that Anu herself will bring Kinjal to her. Driver moves car but brakes suddenly. Rakhi shouts but then gets out of car seeing Kinjal standing and asks her if she is fine. Kinjal says much happened till today and she used to keep quiet thinking her mom is fun loving, but she crossed her limits and tried to burn her house; every girl wants her maika and sasural nearby so that she doesn’t have to run around, but she brought her maika in her sasural and humiliated her. Rakhi says Anu sought help from her and she lent her help. Kinjal says mummy came to her thinking her as dear one, but she demanded property papers and made even hear a stranger. Rakhi says whatever she did is for her. Kinjal says she wants her to shift from her family, but neither she will nor she will let Toshu shift and will stay on road but not in Rakhi’s penthouse. Rakhi asks why she is so fond of family, what did it give her. Rakhi says her problem is she finds profit and loss in everything, even a best businessman will lose if he/she brings business in family, and if she continues this, she will lose her daughter forever. Rakhi thinks she is doing all this for her and all her words sounds good theoretically but not practically; once she has to stay on road or pay rent, she will run to her and seek penthouse keys.

Sanjay sees Dolly angry and asks what happened. Dolly asks if she is not this house’s maika and why her family is treating her like a stranger; she considered bhabhi as her sister, but she considered her a stranger and didn’t even call her once. Sanjay signals Bapuji hearing their conversation. Vanraj packs his clothes and asks Kavya to pack her clothes too as they are shifting. Kavya says if he leaves, Anu will sell even his property share and will send his parents and children on road.

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