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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Namrata tells Aatish’s truth to the family

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 28th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini coming to help Darsh. Darsh says water wasn’t there, its good you have come. Nandini cleans his face. Charmy says I will go and check the valve. She goes. Nandini cries thinking of Bansuri. Vini prays to KJ. Charmy says you want a brother, if my baby is a boy, then you can tie him rakhi every year. Vini hugs her. Parul asks Vini to come to tuition teacher. Rajvi comes to see. Vini says we will have a race to the car. She runs. Charmy says I have a suggestion, if Chetan and you adopt Vini then, Vini is our family responsibility now. Rajvi says its a great idea, Parul, why don’t you adopt Vini, she will become a Rawal, I will be glad. Parul says if I had a daughter, then she would be like Vini. Rajvi thanks Charmy. Charmy thinks until Darsh and Nandini become her parents, I can’t separate them. Rajvi says Darsh and Nandini will also start their family, right. Parul smiles.

Namrata comes home. She hugs Darsh and says you can see now, how much did I change. Darsh says you are still the same. She apologizes to Shobit. She hugs them. She does the rakhi rituals and do their tilak. She asks them will they give whatever she asks for. Darsh and Shobit worry. Darsh asks why are you saying so. Namrata pours a bowl of water over her head. Her makeup gets removed. Everyone sees the scars of wounds on her face. They get shocked. Darsh asks what’s these bruises. Shobit asks who did this. Darsh says tell me the name of that person. She says Aatish did this, I got habitual now, I m sorry. Everyone is shocked. Namrata says I can’t tolerate this, this is going on since we shifted to Dwarka. Vipul asks what.

Namrata says I can’t keep the marriage now, Aatish came home drunk, he slapped me, I couldn’t sleep all night, I explained myself, but he started hitting me every day, I didn’t know what to do, my confidence ended, I thought its my mistake. Nandini says don’t doubt yourself, its not your mistake, Aatish has no right to raise hand on you. Darsh gets angry. Namrata says I have no courage to face Aatish. Nandini says no need to get scared of anyone, he should be scared, a family gives their daughter to a guy, but a husband can’t even give love to his wife, if Aatish can’t respect you, then he doesn’t deserve you, he has to apologize to you and entire family, many girls undergo such domestic violence, they don’t have courage to raise a voice, its not Namrata’s mistake.

Charmy says Namrata is saying she doesn’t want to face Aatish, we should get him arrested, you don’t try to patch up, you should start divorce proceedings, we will end the matter at home. Nandini asks what are you saying, if we are scared of taking the matter out, will any poor girl get courage to raise her voice, I also think that Namrata shouldn’t stay with Aatish, we will get him punished, but he has to apologize to everyone. Namrata asks Rajvi should I give him another chance. Rajvi says never. She hugs Namrata and cries. Darsh says I will not let Aatish live in peace. He calls someone and asks him to find Aatish. Nandini comes. Darsh asks how dare Aatish do this, we always explained Namrata to behave well with him, I can’t imagine how she lives with him, why does men stop valuing wives after marriage, I understand it now when Namrata is going through, I behaved wrong with you. Nandini stops him. She says I love you. Charmy comes and sees them. Nandini says my love never got less for you. Darsh says why this suddenly today.

Nandini goes to pick Vini. She sees Vini and calls her out. Vini runs. A car speeds towards her. Nandini runs to save her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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