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Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Niketan shoots Prisha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ahana asking what’s happening, tell us, our dad is involved. Balraj asks them to stay there, Rudra asked them to wait. They see Niketan getting Saransh at gun point. They get shocked. Niketan asks them to get away. Ahana asks what’s happening, keep the gun down. Niketan says get my luggage and keep in the car. Balraj asks him to talk to them and leave Saransh. Prisha says nothing will happen to you Saransh. She asks Ahana to tell her dad. Ahana says just shut up, I m talking. She asks dad what’s happening. Rudra says he won’t say, because he kidnapped Saransh, he had hidden him in this house. Mishka asks what, dad, you…. Ahana asks why did you catch him, tell us. Niketan says don’t ask me anything, I don’t have time.

Prisha thinks what to do to stop him. She shows the bag to Rudra. She asks Niketan to tell the truth, why did he hide Saransh. Rudra says he has hidden a lot of things in this bag. Niketan says don’t touch the bag. Rudraksh opens the bag. They see a red saree, bangles and make up items. Niketan worries. Everyone gets shocked. Mishka and Ahana ask what’s this doing in your bag. Niketan says its not mine.

Saransh asks why are you lying, it belongs to him, he hides from everyone and wears these clothes, he becomes a woman, I had seen this, so he had locked me. Everyone gets shocked and see Niketan. Ahana asks is he saying the truth, are you a cross-dresser. Ahana says we will be mocked in the social circle all because of you. Mishka says its so embarrassing. Ahana says I can’t believe it. Prisha shouts enough, what’s this way to talk, if he has some weakness, then you should help, its not a crime to cross dress, he had tolerated a lot all these years, aren’t you ashamed to say this. Ahana asks her to keep quiet. She says don’t lecture us, its our dad’s personal matter. Prisha says Saransh got kidnapped because of your personal matter, if you have humanity left, ask him to leave Saransh.

Niketan says shut up, I m going, no one will follow me, else I will shoot. Prisha says enough. Niketan says don’t do this mistake, Prisha. Prisha says I did a mistake to fight for you with your daughters, don’t take my goodness as my weakness, how dare you point gun at my son, I won’t leave you alive. Niketan warns her. She asks him to shoot her. She says you torture a kid to save your secret, shoot me before I will you. Niketan say I will really shoot. He gets back. Prisha says leave him. Saransh falls aside and faints. Niketan shoots Prisha. Everyone gets shocked. Rudra shouts Prisha and runs to hold her. He asks Balraj to call for the ambulance. Sharda asks Prisha to open her eyes. Prisha says Saransh….. Rudra catches Niketan and says you cheated us a lot, see what you did with Prisha and Saransh, I will not leave you alive. Balraj says Rudra, leave him. Rudra suffocates Niketan. Ahana and Mishka worry. Sharda asks Rudra to see Saransh. Rudra leaves Niketan. He sees Saransh fallen. He asks him to wake up and talk to him. Prisha worries. Niketan gets up. Ahana asks where are you going. Niketan says let me go, don’t know what they will do. Ahana says you deserve it, what were you thinking, you did this with a kid, you have shot Prisha. Niketan says get away else… Ahana asks else will you shoot me also. He points gun at her and cries. Mishka says stop dad. Ahana says shoot me, I won’t move. Police comes. Inspector asks Niketan to drop the gun down. Niketan cries and gets arrested. He is taken away. Ahana and Mishka cry.

Balraj says ambulance will come. Prisha asks Rudra to take Saransh to the hospital. Ahana says Rudra, take both Saransh and Prisha, I will drive, come. Rudra takes Prisha. Balraj takes Saransh. Mishka says how did Ahana change her heart, strange. They reach the hospital. Rudra shouts help, my son and wife, call the doctor. Doctor sends Saransh to the OT. Rudra says I promise, I will give my life, but not let anything happen to Saransh, you will be fine. He sits praying and cries. Balraj says everything will be fine, be strong. Ahana says I will fill the form. She asks what would be Prisha’s age. Mishka asks have you lost your mind. Ahana says come with me. She asks what’s wrong with you.

Mishka says I don’t care, Prisha snatched everything from me, my Rudra, my future, you went on her side. Ahana says behave yourself. Mishka asks why are you doing this. Ahana says to save ourselves, try to see the bigger picture, this responsible behavior is a drama, so that we stay safe, they will die and we will go to hell because of our dad’s mistake, Rudra will do tandav and throw us out of the house, he will blame dad for killing Prisha and Saransh, his secret will come out, our lifestyle will get snatched, we will be called a murderer’s daughter. Mishka worries. Ahana says I m doing everything for us, you also act good. She goes.

Ahana says I have to give you a bad news, Prisha got shot while saving Saransh. Vasu and Gopal get shocked. Nurse says Saransh is fine, you have given him blood on time and saved his life, Prisha’s state is deteriorating.

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