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Summer Palace Horror SS Ronakshi,Mehrya, Asya, Drikshit, AdYa SS Part 6

Summer Palace Part 6

Rohit enters Sonakshi’s room.As he expected she saw her with open eyes.
Sona:Rohit…this time…?
Rohit:I knew that you are worried now.
She was silent.
Rohit:So I decided to sleep near you to give you courage.
She smiled.
He lay next to her.He caressed her romantically.Both were lost in each other.

They looked at each other passionately.

He pecked her palm.

Suddenly somebody knocked at the door.Both Rohit and Sonaksji jerked.
Sonakshi got scared.
Sona:Rohit…who is that?I feel scared.
Rohit also got scared suddenly.

Rohit suppressed his fear.
Rohit:Why are you scared just because somebody knocked at the door?You were here without even closing the door.
Sona:I had forgotten to close the door.But this sound is giving me fear because of what happened to our friends.
Rohit embraced her to console her:Don’t be scared Sona.I am here with you.Right?

Again the door was knocked.
Rohit:Who is that?
“I am Karan”.
Both were stunned:Karan!
They both went and opened the door.
Karan’s face became dull seeing both of them together.
Karan:Rohit..why are you here at this time with Sonakshi?
Rohit-Sonakshi became shy.
Rohit:I just came here to give her a company.
Karan controlled his irritation.
Sona:Karan…why did you come here now?
Karan:I knew that you get scared fast.I just came to check whether you are alright.
Sona:Don’t worry Karan.I am fine.
Rohit:Ok Sona.Take care.I am going.Good night.
Sona:Good night Rohit.
Karan:Good night to both of you.
Karan walked away.
He said in his mind:I had see you enter her room Rohit.I was sure that you will try to romance her.So purposefully I knocked at the door to interrupt your romance.Rohit…I will not let you come closer to her.

Alekha was in her room.Suddenly somebody came in.Alekha was shocked to see that masked person.
Alekha shivered.
Alekha:Who are you?

Suddenly that person attacked her.Drishti who came inside saw it with a shock.She pulled the person backward rescuing Alekha.But that masked person squeezed Drisht’s neck

and pushed her.Drishti fell down and got hurt.That person stabbed Alekha and ran out.
That masked killer’s eyes shone like stars.
Drishti screamed:Alekha…
Drishti hugged her body and cried.
Drishti ran to the main hall where others were sitting.
Rakshit:What happened Drishti?
Drishti:Alekha got killed by someone.
All were shocked.
Asad:What are you saying Drishti?
Drishti:Yes.I tried to save her.But that person attacked me also.
Rakshit went near her and cupped her face:Drishti…are you alright?
Drishti:But I could’nt save Alekha.
Sonakshi:Are you saying the truth Drishti?
Rohit:Or is it a prank?
Drishti:Will anyone do such a big prank?Go to her room.We can see her body there.
They all rushed to Alekha’s room.
Alekha’s body was not there.Drishti was shocked.
Zoya:Here there is no body.
Rohit:I think you were hallucinating Drishti?Relax.
Drishti:No..I am not hallucinating.I really experienced it.That person tried to kill me also.
Mehek:It could be true as I also experienced it.
Drishti:And I had seen we all getting killed in the dream.I doubt whether Aditya,Aliya andYug also got killed and disappeared like Alekha.
Rohit:Oh Drishti…don’t talk about the dream.Dreams can be of any type.Anything can happen in dreams.It does’nt mean that it will happen in real.
Rakshit:It could be true.I trust Drishti.

Drishti was relieved as Rakshit believed her.
Asad:May be.Because Zoya was also attacked.
Rohit:If it’s true then where are the bodies?
Mehek:May be purposefully the killer is hiding the bodies so that the murder won’t be known to anyone.
All were stunned.
Shaurya:Then I think we have to find out the killer.
Zoya:Yes,we need to know who is behind us.Sometimes I feel that the killer is a human being and sometimes I feel that the killer is not a human being.
Asad:Zoya is right.We need to solve this confusion.

Drishti:I felt that the person who tried to kill me was a woman.

Drishti:Yes.I felt like that.But I am still confused.Mehek..Zoya…who attacked you guys?
Zoya:I felt that he was a man.
Mehek:I did’nt realize who attacked me.I am not sure whether it’s a male or a female.
Sonakshi:But why that person is targeting us?What mistake did we do?
Rohit:What if none of the missing people are really dead?

Drishti:What are you saying?I saw Alekha getting stabbed.
Rohit:Yes.She must have only fallen unconscious and the so called killer took her body away.What i she has’nt dead?
Drishti:I really hope that you are right and all of them are alive.
Mehek:I am scared whether we will will be killed one by one.
Everyone got nervous.
Shaurya caressed her face:No Mehek..nothing like that will happen.I am the one who brought you all to this palace.After that only strange things started happening in our lives.I will try my best to solve this mysterious riddle.

Rakshit:You are not alone Shaurya.We will be there with you to reach the truth.
They held their hands together.

All were crying thinking of Aditya,Yug,Aliya and Alekha.

They met some historians who know the history of the Palace.
One person named the young Prince of this Palace.Still you don’t know the history?
Shaurya bowed down in shame.
Tej:Today’s generation is like that.They don’t want to know anything about their ancestors. They just need fame from the ancestors.Pathetic.
Another person named Andy:You are proud of your grand father as he was a great King.But do you know how he was?Do you have the guts to bear the truth?
Shaurya:I am willing to face any bitter truth now.My friends and I just want to know the truth.Only then we can get peace of mind.
Andy:Then listen to the past….The bitter history of your palace…

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