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Shakti 28th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Saya informs Heer about Soumya’s miserable childhood and Harman’s selfless love

Shakti 28th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Saya stopping Heer from shooting herself. Heer looks at her in shock. Virat opens his cupboard and throws all his clothes on the ground, and wrap it. He thinks he has done a mistake and will forget her. He says from today, he will make a new beginning and comes downstairs holding the clothes bag. He asks Parmeet to get it washed. Daljeet asks Gurwinder to give it to laundry and bring strong tea. He asks Daljeet and Sant Baksh if they have not gone for jogging and office. He asks Parmeet to give him food and says he is very hungry. Parmeet asks if you are fine. Virat says I am fine, although we are already troubled in Corona situation and says small ups and downs are always part of life, we shall deal with it. Sant baksh says yes and thinks he has a broken heart and that’s why his behavior is changed. He says he has to play a game to make him same. Saya slaps Heer and asks have you gone mad? Heer says yes, everyone is liar. She says nobody told me anything. She tells that everyone betrayed me and will never forgive anyone. She says Virat had promised to be with me all life, but he forgot all our love in one moment and Mata Rani didn’t stop him and let me get ruined. She asks for whom, I shall live. She says everyone betrayed me, family, Virat and Soumya. She says she don’t want to live and hugs her. Sant Baksh gifts car to Virat and says surprise. Virat gets happy. Sant Baksh gives him car and says think that we have broken remote of controlling you. He asks him to live his life, the way he wants. Virat says I am getting this car as I broke my relation with Heer, says it is a good game. Sant Baksh says it is your father’s love.

Virat thinks he shall accept Dad’s deal and hug him, rather than thinking about Heer. Saya tells Heer that Virat has never loved you and he took revenge from you. Heer says Virat loved me truly, my heart knows and I know what he might have thought? She says Soumya was closer to her and she loved her a lot, and says when she came to know that she is a kinnar then what she must have felt. She says if I would have been in Virat’s place then would have done the same. Saya says no, Virat never loved you and tells that the real love was of Harman and Soumya’s love.

Heer says everything is happening because of Soumya, I loved her and used to call her Gulabo. She says Gulabo left me and never came back. She says she betrayed me. Heer says Soumya’s biggest mistake is that she is a kinnar. She says it is mistake of my family and you all. Saya is shocked. Heer says if you people have told me that I would have told Virat that my father’s wife was a kinnar who brought me up. She says if you had told me then this wouldn’t have happen. Saya slaps her hard and shouts Heer. Chameli and Nutan hear them. Saya says enough, I will not ask anything against Soumya and says you are pointing finger at Soumya’s love. She says your love is weak and asks if love stumbles or ends when the other person’s truth comes out. She says what did Virat say to you about Soumya. I will tell you who was Soumya? Virat comes in his car. Saya says I bear your misbehavior and tells that did you ever think of Preeto and Harak Singh. She says I will tell you who was Soumya and what was her truth. Virat gets down from the car. Saya drags Heer and takes her from the temple.

Virat is coming from the other side and doesn’t see Heer. He goes inside the temple. Saya brings Heer to her house and says I want to tell you, how was Soumya? She says Soumya who brought you up in your childhood and gave you happiness, I will tell you how was her childhood? She shows the dupatta from the trunk and tells that Nimmi used to tie Soumya with the dupatta so that she doesn’t go anywhere and used to rescue her from me. A fb is shown, Nimmi running behind Saya to save Soumya. She then shows Soumya’s doll and tells that this is made by Soumya, her father never gave her anything and her mother never let her play with neighbor friends. She says Soumya used to play with doll. She says Soumya never went to school like her sister Surbhi. She says you got your Dadi’s love, but Soumya never got her Dadi and Father’s love. She says Soumya used to make toys when she is alone. She says you know Soumya hearing others, but if you want to know how was Soumya then hear from us? Roma says everyone betrayed Soumya, but she never got hopeless or hurt. She says she never made us feel that we are different from others, as she got home and family life. She tells that Nimmi never wanted her truth to come out, but Mata Rani wrote Harman in Soumya’s life. A fb is shown, Harman falling in love with Soumya at first sight and then kidnapping her mistakenly, her marriage with Harman.

Saya says Soumya’s life changed after Harman came in his life, but her life was not easy. Saya says Preeto told you many things about Soumya that she was good with everyone and others, but she didn’t tell you about her childhood. She asks her to stop blaming Soumya and takes this out from her mind. She says I will tell you, how she kept the family united. She brings her to Harak Singh and tells that Soumya’s happiness and peace was here. She says Nimmi didn’t want her to marry, but Soumya and Harman got married. She says when she came to know that she was a kinnar, she tried to commit suicide but got saved. She says she told this to Harman, but Harman was mad in love with him and his love didn’t get affected by her truth. She says Soumya wanted to go far from Harman to make his life better, but his love never let Soumya go far from him. Preeto says you are blaming Soumya for your cancelled marriage and asks her to ask Virat, if his love was such, that he broke marriage with you as Soumya was a kinnar. She says she spits on such love and says my son’s love was truthful with Soumya and he fought with the world for his love. She says what your Virat did? He broke marriage with you. Heer recalls Virat telling that he can’t accept her with her truth. She gets sad.

Precap will be in night after episode ends on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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