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Pavitra Bhagya 28th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Reyansh takes care of Pranati

Pavitra Bhagya 28th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Pranati is in the kitchen when Reyansh requests her to help him bring Riya closer to Armaan. She refuses but he does emotional drama to convince her. Love is knocking at the door and calling out to you! A lady asks for Pranati. Reyansh smiles.

Pranati is surprised to see Riya. She excitedly hugs Pranati for agreeing to tutor her. You topped this one after all! Reyansh requests Pranati through gestures. Riya shows her a video which Reyansh had created and shared using Pranati’s name. Riya tells Pranati she dreams of going abroad for further studies. Your yes can help me. Pranati gives in. You can come from tomorrow. Riya happily agrees.

Dadi does tilak of Reyansh using alcohol. She tells him to be Armaan’s Saarthi. She scolds Armaan for not being able to trap a girl. Reyansh can help you. Reyansh says Riya is independent. Dadi tells Reyansh to be his ladder. He will pass. Armaan makes a sad face but Reyansh murmurs to him that Dadi loves on need to know basis. He covers up when Dadi asks him what he said. He tells her to make preps of Armaan’s wedding.

Reyansh is happily dancing in his room when Pranati switches off the music. He complains but she tells him to take interest in his brother’s love story. He thinks she took Armaan’s story too seriously. Pranati asks him what they will do if Riya leaves town. Reyansh says real love can cross all boundaries. He thinks her dreams will be finished if my plan works. Armaan loves her. Pranati tells him that Armaan will have to support her and her dreams. Why should girls always back off? He agrees. I know I should have asked for a girl’s point of view. I dint understand it back then but I can understand it now. She makes it clear to him that Riya’s dedication has won her heart. He says the same. She goes. He wonders why she has faith in true love even after being cheated for years. She is crazy!

Dadi is drunk and singing to herself when Jugnu calls out to her. She is holding a bottle of alcohol in her hand. Dadi freaks out noticing the bottle in her hand. Your mother will not spare me if she finds out! Jugnu refuses to give it back. I had no idea what it was. Such bottles are in every corner so I drank it. Dadi tries to convince her. sleep in my room tonight. I will tell your mother that you want to sleep with me tonight. Dadi bribes her with Chinese food. Pranati comes there. Have you done homework? Jugnu says I was with Dadi. She wanted to put oil in my hair but I told her that my New Ma will do it. Pranati falls for it. Dadi looks at her in shock. Jugnu asks Dadi in a normal tone if she saw a Yamraj. Dadi fumes as she realises that Jugnu was trying to fool her.

Pranati comes to Reyansh’s room. I knew it that Reyansh would have been out partying and Jugnu would have made a mess of everything. She will tomorrow say she doesn’t want to go to school. She is walking barefoot and is about to slip as she steps on an empty bottle lying on the floor when Reyansh holds her. They share an eye lock. Their past moments flash in the background. Pranati asks him how come he is home right now. He says one doesn’t feel like going out to a party every day. Who would have saved you if I hadn’t been here? She says I wouldn’t have slipped if you had gone to a party. He asks her if she means that she ell because of him. She nods. I was about to slip because of the empty beer bottles. He asks her if she came here to lecture him in the middle of the night. She declines and shows him Jugnu’s bag. He notices her limping and looks at the blood marks on the floor. She has hurt herself. He lifts her in his arms and puts her on the bed. She asks him what he is up to. He says it is something which he shouldn’t do. Relax. You are bleeding. Let me take care of it. She politely declines but he warns her to stay put or he will tie her. She points out that he is afraid of blood. He nods. This is why I am cleaning your feet. I will otherwise pass out. You know I had a different affair with your feet. Pranati nods. I know you like my feet very much. Bol Na Halke Halke plays in the background. He smiles. She looks at him for a moment but then looks away as he tends to her wound. Let it be. I will do it. He asks her if it would be a problem if he takes care of it. I am bad but I am not so bad! She asks him if he is fine. You dint go out tonight and are acting weird. Are you alright? He asks her if he reminded her of the old Rey. Do you think I only enjoy fighting all the time? I am not so cold hearted. I wont fight with you without reason. He applies ointment on her wound. She says I don’t think you are cold / stone hearted. He asks her what he is then. Answer me. I am waiting. She asks him if her answer would change anything. He moves closer. It does!


Update Credit to: Pooja

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