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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 28th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Kalyani instigates Arjun against Pinky

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 28th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kalyani telling her husband on call that she has kept all the things in her bag. He asks her to keep the precious things along with Nandu’s stuff. Kalyani says she has kept jewellery also and says when she leaves from here tomorrow, she will take this bag. Asha blames Pinky for spoiling her mood. Sarthak says my mood is spoiled because of her. Arjun calls Pinky. Pinky says hello. Arjun thanks her for everything. Pinky says whatever I have done, is for my family. Arjun asks if everything is fine. Pinky says yes. He says I feel high volts current when I talk to you. Pinky asks if you have done breakfast. Arjun says yes. Pinky asks why did you get drunk last night. Arjun says I…Pinky says I know what you will say, all drunkard says the same. Arjun says I didn’t drink wine in tension, I didn’t know how I got drunk. Pinky says I will say what I have seen. Arjun says someone is trapping me and I don’t know why? He says Nandu is my everything and I can’t lose her. Pinky asks him to tell her. Arjun says Nandu is sensitive and I don’t know how she will react.

Arjun says she will never know and tells that he is sending Kalyani to bring Pinky. Kalyani asks Arjun if someone is taking Nandu from here. He asks her not to use her mind and do the work. Kalyani smirks and goes. Pinky keeps eye on Kalyani and sees her throwing something in the bin. She comes to Kalyani and tells her that she is giving her papers for verification. She says you had told me that you was from Jabalpur, but the address is something else on Adhaar card. Kalyani says I am not educated and don’t know what was written. Pinky goes inside the house. Kalyani calls her husband and says they have to do their work fast, else Pinky will ruin their work. She goes inside the house. Pinky comes out and checks what Kalyani had thrown. She finds the medicine strip and calls the chemist, if they have given sleeping pills. The chemist calls Kalyani and informs her the same. Kalyani asks who has enquired? The chemist tells that her name was Lavanya Kashyap. Pinky calls Arjun. Kalyani picks the call. Pinky tells that Kalyani gave him sleeping pills. Kalyani is shocked and ends the call. She switches off his phone. Arjun comes there. Kalyani tells that she brought Nandu’s stuff from Pinky’s house. She then throws the fake letter and tells that Pinky has written something for Nandu. She reads that Pinky wanted to tell Nandu yesterday night that Arjun is not her real father and she is adopted daughter.

Nandu hears and asks if she is adopted. Pinky is going out being worried and tells that she is going to bring medicine. Nalini stops her and tells that she will bring the medicine. Nandu asks if she is not her daughter. Arjun tells that adoption means, one mother gives birth and other mother bring up the child, like Krishna. Nandu asks if you are not my Appa. Arjun says yes, but you are my daughter. Nandu cries and goes inside. Arjun runs behind her. Kalyani says Naati Pinky was clever, but now Arjun will never see her face. Pinky tells Nalini that she has to meet Arjun and has to tell about Kalyani. She says I have nobody to help me. Ram tells Sarthak about a guy for Pinky. Sarthak likes the pic. Ram tells that Pinky’s alliance was not fixed with him last night as he got married to someone else before. Sarthak asks did they know about Pinky’s first marriage. Ram says yes, they have sent the marriage alliance. He goes. Sarthak thinks this is good that Pinky shall get married to Shukla’s son rather than Arjun.

Nandu goes to her toy room and cries. Arjun says you are Ananya and my daughter, irrespective of who had given you born. He shows her pics when they brought her up from the hospital and tells that if I had not loved you then would I keep your photo in my wallet. He says when you started speaking, you know what you said. He plays the recording in which she calls him Papa. Nandu asks why my real Parents abandoned me? Kalyani hears her and says you was burdened to us, we would have kept you if you was a son. Arjun says you are special and they left you for us. Nandu asks why did you lie to me? Arjun says truth is that I love you very much. Nalini asks Pinky to stop and tells that she doesn’t want her to go. Arjun asks Nandu to talk. Nandu refuses. His phone rings. Arjun asks Kalyani to receive the call. Kalyani’s husband is on call. Arjun picks the call and asks him to give money by 5 pm, else lose his daughter. Arjun gets tensed.

Precap: Pinky catches Kalyani and asks who is she? Kalyani tells that she is Nandu’s real mother and a real bomb is about to blast. Arjun gives money to Kalyani’s husband, when orphanage employee comes and tells that they are taking Nandu with them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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