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Loving again – part 46

The last thing they could do was embarrass away but he acted wisely and without making it awkward for them… he left her and searched for the little viol of pain reliever.

She has been bent slightly to her side clutching her hip, perhaps she had hurt her waist badly on the road back then and now it was going to hurt like this every now and then.

The beautiful moment had ended up really bad and the last thing she wanted on earth was move even slightly.

“here, I’ll help you.” coming behind her he helped her stand up properly.

“No, no I am fine.” she tried to stop him.

“i think you have injured yourself, we will go to Doctor this evening only.” he declared in a calculated way.

His posture was calm but she could feel him being sorry for what had happened by mistake.

Without making any more sound or uttering a word she walked to the bed.

“Thank you, I’ll try to take rest for a while… you also sleep for a while.” she thanked him.

“here… I thought it might help.” he kept the viol beside her on the side table.

“oh thanks.” she tried to act normal but could not look up to him.

“Kavya might be awake, I’ll bring her… she might be missing you,” he said before turning away.

“Kunj… she called him.

“hun…” he answered without turning back.

“it was not your fault…you know it, right.” her voice was dim.

“hmm,I’ll be back in a moment… you want anything ?” he asked her.

“No, I am good,” she replied.

Their relationship was just nurturing and they needed time to not only express the affection but also acknowledge each other’s feelings.

She rolled the lid in the opposite direction and taking scooping out a little of it rubbed gently to the aching bone.

People generally do not show their soft side often but it is their gestures … small gestures that speak their love for us.

He cared for her, he cared for their daughter and he cared for their little world and that was very obvious by his actions.

She was lost in such thoughts when he entered talking with their daughter… clad in her full-sleeved grey color hoodie in which she looked like a little iceman she was giggling on his tactics.

She often felt she was not good enough for her, at times in her own grief she forgot her … her eyes welled up on the memories.

“Princess wants to play with Paa…so what we are going to play with… we will play with the teddies or with your colorful ball… or we can ride the horse.” he was giving their daughter options and her heart was in tears.

Keeping away the viol she dried her cheeks with the back of her palm careful about the stingy remains of ointment.

“Bua has already given her the milk mix so no need to worry about her for the next few hours,” he told her as he took a seat on his side.

“give her to me and have some sleep … actually, I’ll go to some other room and you sleep here,” she suggested seeing his tired eyes.

“No need to go anywhere, stay here only…I’ll sleep anyway.” leaving their daughter on the bed to freely wander between them he lied down and pulled the comforter to himself.

“but she will keep disturbing you.” Twinkle expressed her worry.

“she won’t, besides I missed her voice… let me sleep with my family,” he answered closing his eyes.

By now Kavya has spotted her mother and climbed on her and hugged her… giggling when she touched her sides and smiling when she kissed her soft cheeks.

Mother and daughter had completed their sleep now it was time for Paah to take a few hours of rest.

Not more than ten minutes and soft snores were being heard in the background indicating how tired he was …

She stared his face in the dim-lit room and her whole being lighted with the realization of how much she loved this feeling of not being alone.

A moment passed with the little girl trying to turn her attention to her and when her every attempt of slapping her face, pulling the strand of her hairs and clutching on to her clothes went in waste she followed her mother’s eyes and finding the object of her mother’s attention she got the idea.

Leaving her mother’s lap she walked to the person sleeping peacefully and just when she haunched in front of his face to perhaps caress or scratch his cheeks Twinkle got her…

“let your Paah sleep…here come to me.” she pulled her in her lap.

But the kid has gotten something in her mind and now she only wanted her father… and after every small minute, she used to run in his direction.

Now It was a tough situation for Twinkle since her back had restricted her movements and she could not walk somewhere and injure her any more than it was… But he too needed his sleep.

Her brain was not helping her at all about what should be done to stop her very much awake and the fresh kid who wanted to wake up her father at any cost.

Finally, she thought something and pulling the cushions and the pillow kept in the backside of bed she created a little wall to her side and kept the baby to the side.

Now she was in the middle of Kunj and her baby and could restrict her movements to some extents.

And it worked but there was this small fear of Kavya falling down if anything goes wrong but she had tried to keep enough space for her.

Calming her brain down she too lied down and covered her daughter in her arm cage… though it was a useless trick when her daughter has already slept a lot she started softly pressing and rubbing her head and back… at times it worked and she slept so she tried her luck.





Her momentary sleep was disturbed by the sudden rush in the corridor… she could hear hustles and she could see people running to the opposite room.

“what was happening here?”

It took her a moment to analyze everything and she stood horrified, the Male nurses who were handling him were seen tensed on the entrance and the Doctor was telling them something.

“What happened Dad?” she reached out to her dad who was standing beside the doctor and she looked as if he will fall at any moment.

Her question went unnoticed and little did she care about it when she herself could see some flat curves on the electric graphs of those hundred machines attached to his fiancée’s body.

An equally flat human was lying lifelessly wrapped in the white gauzes and bandages… Perhaps she needed the only support and so leaving the corridor she spotted a lone corner and sitting on the chair she prayed the almighty to save him…

If not for her then for his parents and for his family…

She asked his pains to fall upon her but an end for them…

She traded her life for his to the biggest trader of the universe.

She could see her mother trying hard to stop her tears who’s lips were seen moving in some silent prayers.

It was just a few months long relationship after weeks of his persuading… he had tried a lot to pull her out from her depression.

He was someone who was okay with the anti Depressants his would-be wife was prescribed for some unknown time…

Who saw her as a strong woman despite the pieces of her broken self she was trying to fix desperately.

And he became the hope many don’t get often… or it was she who finally noticed his constant support.


They were about to get married after Diwali…How could it happen to them…


Questions and Thoughts which were frantic, horrible, and nerving could not let her pray in peace and this loss of concentration further killed her.

Next she saw them closing the door of the room from inside… perhaps some medicine world miracle was on its way.




She felt a weight on her body, the source of warmth had increased to the extent that it was starting to behave a burning cage.

She opened her eyes and since she was on her left side she spotted the small bed clock closing its minute hand to 5…8:05 am.

Her eyes were hurting and she knew it had swelled due to all the hours she was in the bed… starting to leave the bed she finally noticed his arm around her.

It all happened in a moment… she saw his arm around her body and then sensed his breath on her neck as she shifted slightly.

Now it was again something…

In a moment she was reminded of something very important… “where was her girl?” the pillow wall was no where in sight.

Shifting his hand to the side she woke up and saw the baby had climbed down the low height bed with the help of… perhaps the Pillows itself.

She was very much engrossed in the flowers of a corner chandelier that were touching the floor with pale lights through them.

She stepped down to her and walked as fast as she could in that condition.

“i am sorry baby, I am really sorry.” she mumbled taking her in her lap and the baby started wriggling to come out and touch the current interest.

“Twinkle, Kunj… soft voices got her attention. “you guys up dear?”

“one minute bua , coming,” she answered in a low voice not to disturb him.

“morning Bua… she wished the lady and encouraged her daughter to come out of the room.

“Twinkle, wake him up… Bhabhi received Neha’s call, I think something is serious.




Hey guys!

 Life is so unpredictable, you can wait for something, you can hope for good, you can try for the umpteenth time and it will not take a single moment to turn you down. The last few weeks were tough for me and my family and that explains the absence of new chapters.

I don’t know whether its Karma, whether it is something related to the past life or whatever it is but Whenever something bad happens to you even if you were so positive, you were good-willed, your heart was pure then it only hurts and hurts terribly.

Anyways, the good will come for sure or it may be possible that the meaning of good will change with time.

How was the chapter, do tell me, I’ll wait for your feedback.

And again

Stay safe and Stay positive.

With love





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