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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 29th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Gudiya steals Guddu’s books

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 29th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Gudiya and Bantu looking at Guddu’s face as he tastes Ghuya. Guddu says what a taste, it is really tasty. Gudiya asks Sarla if it was Ghuyan/Arbi/Colocasia roots. Sarla says I came to know that it is your favorite vegetable, but thought you might not have eaten its kofte, so made it. Guddu says I don’t keep it in my mouth. Radhe says sorry. Guddu says I really like it, I will give the list of things to Sarla Chachi which I don’t like, so that she cooks those things and says I may like those things. Matai looks out from the window. Sarla says Matai is innocent, not to know that guddu dislikes Ghuyan. She tells that she will send tiffin with him for Matai. Guddu finishes the food. Sarla gives him tiffin. Guddu comes home and asks Matai, why he changed his loyalty. Radhe tells Gudiya that the food is not made by Sarla, but Annapurna Mata. Gudiya tells that she will not eat the food as Amma made food for Guddu and says she is sitting on Satyagrah. Sweety says kofte is good with lemon. Bantu goes to eat food. Sarla asks them not to force Gudiya to eat food. Gudiya says she shall have food and sits to eat.

Guddu teases Matai and shows the tiffin. He asks what is the reason for joining hands with Gudiya. Matai says what might be the reason? Guddu looks at him. Matai says you are playing with old man, being hanuman bhakt. Guddu gives him tiffin and says he will find out the reason. Matai takes the tiffin and thinks Gudiya trapped him badly. Gudiya thinks everyone has thrown the weapons before the enemies and asks Bantu to use his mind. Bantu says I am famous among my friends for becoming 1+1= 11. Gudiya is upset as Guddu is having breakfast in the morning. Bantu gets an idea and tells that he will go to college, but how he will go if he can’t study. Gudiya gets an idea.

Guddu eats the food and tells Radhe that he likes his books very much since childhood. He says he has an exam 2 days after. Radhe says he is like me, I will take him to Pahadi Baba. Pappu says your family is there. Guddu says he didn’t want to miss his exams and took admission beforehand. Radhe says guddu is like me. Guddu likes the parathas made by Sarla and appreciates her. Sarla says she is making gobi paratha for him. Gudiya says she can’t eat food infront of him. Sarla gives her plate and asks her to go. Gudiya goes to haveli and asking Bantu to keep eye on the window. Guddu likes the food. Sarla asks Pappu to get something down. Pappu asks where is the table? Sweety says it is on the terrace. Pappu comes to the terrace to take the table/stool and goes.

Gudiya steals his books and thinks how to get down now and asks bantu. Bantu asks her to come down through the door. Gudiya says it is locked. Bantu asks her to jump. She says if she jumps then voice will be heard by them. Sweety asks Pappu to take out her earrings from her saree pallu. Bantu tries to take stool. Sarla stops him and asks Pappu to get Achaar for Guddu. Pappu takes the achaar bottle and gives to guddu. He asks Sarla why she didn’t give the achaar to them. Sarla says it wouldn’t have been left then. Bantu asks Pappu to keep back the stool at its place. Radhe says I have some work, let it be here. Sarla asks where is Gudiya? Radhe says she took her breakfast to her room. Guddu and Matai are leaving from Sarla and Radhe’s house. Matai is leaving. Sarla stops Guddu. Bantu shouts and tells that Matai Dadda left and Guddu is here. Gudiya hears him.

Sarla gives almond halwa to Guddu and asks him to eat it before his exams. Guddu thanks them and says he is feeling home like experience. Bantu shouts and asks if Guddu bhaiya is leaving. Gudiya hopes they come home fast. Matai stops to have pan. Guddu comes and asks him to come home. Gudiya thinks she will be beaten up if caught with books. She thinks what to do? Matai opens the lock and pulls the bolt. Guddu looks on. Gudiya waits for him to open the door.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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